Friday, January 22, 2016

Barnes on Nixon SOTS

Rep. Jay Barnes reviews Governor Jay Nixon’s State of the State speech finding some good, some bad, and some strange.  See it here.


Barnes backs Nixon’s call to “expand family-friendly policies like parental leave for state employees.” Barnes notes he filed a similar bill last week.  And Barnes like the 2% pay increase for state employees that Nixon included in his budget proposal.


Barnes declares Nixon’s appeal to expand Medicaid as “dead on arrival.” And the result, he writes, is that “Nixon’s budget is built on a bed of straw.”

Barnes also pans Nixon’s proposal to add $10 million in the budget for the Missouri Technology Corporation.  “State government is not an investment bank – and shouldn’t operate like one either. Deciding which companies and entrepreneurs to favor with capital is something that private investors should do with their own money – or with money that people have entrusted to them. It’s not something that should be done with taxpayer dollars.”


Barnes offer this analysis of the fantasy sports industry: “Nixon says daily fantasy sports are unregulated gambling. If Missouri’s going to legalize it, Nixon says we need to regulate it.

I happen to agree with his legal analysis. Daily fantasy sports are far more a game of chance than poker – and poker is considered gambling. The strange thing is – if Nixon’s legal conclusion is right, then the General Assembly doesn’t have the authority to legalize it because our state’s prohibition on gambling is in our state Constitution, not our state statutes. If fantasy sports websites want certainty in Missouri, a question for the ballot is the only way they’re going to get it.”


Barnes looks ahead to the future of some more ethics bills…. “In floor action, I anticipate the House will take up and pass three more ethics bills – a ban on lobbyist gifts, a prohibition against candidates using their campaign funds for exotic investments, and a bill to ensure that state laws against self-dealing also apply to members of executive task forces charged with recommending policies that involve spending your money.”


eMailbag: Why Nixon’s Targeting Fantasy Sports?

Pay back for the Rams? Jerry Jones is an investor I DraftKings.  Are [Jay] Nixon’s comments that surprising?”


Dem Budget Committee Swap

There’s been some minor shuffling of committee positions, but the biggest change this week was Minority Leader Jake Hummel removing Rep. Stephen Webber from the Select Budget Committee and adding Reps. Michael Butler and Kip Kendrick.


Rex for Randles

It looks like Rex Sinquefield will be helping out Bev Randles some more in her Lieutenant Governor’s race.  He gave her an initial $1 million donation.  That sum has eroded steadily with each quarter and now is in the $600K range.

But coming February 11… fundraiser hosted jointly by Sinquefield and David Humphreys in the Central West End in St. Louis City


House Reps for Parson

The press release: State Senator Mike Parson, a Republican from Bolivar who is running for Lieutenant Governor in 2016, has announced endorsements from 30 members of the Missouri House of Representatives.  Endorsers include: Sue Allen, Nathan Beard, Mike Bernskoetter, Sandy Crawford, Charlie Davis, Tony Dugger, Kevin Engler, Sue Entlicher, Paul Fitzwater, Tom Flanigan, Lyndall Fraker, Diane Franklin, Don Gosen, Dave Hinson, Denny Hoskins, Mike Lair, Bill Lant, Warren Love, Steven Lynch, Jeff Messenger, Rocky Miller, Lynn Morris, Dave Muntzel, Don Phillips, Craig Redmon, Bill Reiboldt, Don Rone, Lyle Rowland, Nate Walker, and David Wood.



The Riverfront Times writes about Rex Sinquefield’s pro-pot son who has contributed to the legalization effort.  See it here.


As we head into the final week of the month, the state tax receipts are looking sluggish again.  We’ll see if the final week brings some relief, but right now individual income tax receipts are negative….


One theory on why Rep. Courtney Curtis hasn’t filed campaign finance reports for the past two quarters is that he isn’t planning on running for re-election.  If that theory holds, that subtracts one pro-RTW vote for those working to corral an override majority. We’ll see….


Help Wanted

Paraquad seeks Government Affairs Coordinator.  “Responsible for coordination of lobbying and legislative initiatives, developing and implementing strategies, serving as organization’s lobbyist and monitoring relevant policy activities…”  See the ad here.


New Committees

Following up on the rumor about earlier this week, yesterday David Wasinger filed a committee to run as a Republican for an unspecified “statewide office” in 2016.  This could add a little spice to the Republican side of the ballot.  We’ll see where he ends up….


Manny Abarca formed a campaign committee to run for House 19 as a Democrat.  This is John Rizzo’s seat; Rizzo is running for Senate.  According to LinkedIn, Abarca works for Congressman Emmanuel CleaverSee Tony’s KC about the primary brewing in House 19.


eMailbag: On Nixon SOTS

“[Jay Nixon] could have been, and should have been, talking about cannabis [legalization].


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Saturday: Rep. Chrissy Sommer Paint Reception – 110 Pint West Blvd. – St. Charles, 1:30PM.

Sunday: Rep. Alan Gray Birthday Reception – Knockouts Bar & Grill – Florissant – 3PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Scott Swain added Liberty Utilities.

James Atkins added Uniform Law Commission.

Chris Moody added Penman and Winton.


$5K+ Contributions

Civic Progress Action Committee - $7,500 from Ameren Services Co.

Returning Government to the People - $41,000 from Fred Sauer.

MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PAC - $80,000 from Cheyenne International LLC.



Happy birthdays to Reps. Lynn Morris and Andrew McDaniel, Jay Hahn, Mike Lodewegen, Michelle Colbert, Anne Marie Moy, and Rev. Osagyefo Sekou.

Saturday: Former Rep. Ken Jacob, Jordan Overstreet and Kyle Aubuchon.

Sunday: Rep. Jim Hansen, Crystal Williams, Travis Brown and Bill Skaggs.