Monday, January 25, 2016

Bradshaw Not Backing Down

The entrance of Russ Carnahan into the lieutenant governor’s Democratic primary does not appear to be clearing the field.  Brad Bradshaw is moving ahead full stream.  (See his website here.)

For starters, he just showed up on the TV buys… with orders in both Kansas City (see it here) and St. Louis (see it here).  Perhaps a few early ads will cut into Carnahan’s mammoth lead and convince Dems that this could be a viable race?  Remember when MOScout polled this hypothetical race back in September Carnahan led Bradshaw 45% to 11%.  See it here.

Also, I was forwarded a letter that Bradshaw sent out making the case for his candidacy.  In it he rips into Carnahan… “Russ has an F-rating from the NRA, the lowest rating in Congress until he was defeated.  Worse, this will cost Koster point in rural Missouri where Koster will be put in a ‘side-by-side’ picture with Russ… The other ‘side-by-side picture’ will be with President Obama.  As the Republican Party has already pointed out, Russ voted 99% of the time in lockstep with Obama policies…”


The Hit on Wasinger

David Wasinger hasn’t even launched a campaign, and the knives are out.  Here’s one reader taking him down…. “Regarding David Wasinger posturing to run for an unnamed statewide office – how about state auditor? The record shows he's an expert at gaming the public treasury for his own benefit, as Tony Messenger wrote during his days as a Columbia Daily Tribune columnist covering Wasinger as a curator of the University of Missouri…”   See the Messenger column here.  And Terry Ganey’s take here.

This quick search of old clippings comes even before a roll-out.  One wonders if Wasinger really wants to wade into the rough and tumble world of politics.  We’ll see….


Tranel Conflicted?

Grumbles now come to my in-box about UMSL’s Mark Tranel “penning a study for CitiesStrong while not disclosing his paid position as City Collector for Bellefontaine Neighbors. Tranel was appointed to this position by the Mayor of Bellefontaine Neighbors who is an active member of the St. Louis County Municipal League.  Given the legislatures’ significant response in reforming the courts and municipalities following Ferguson, the DOJ's report, and the Ferguson Commission's report, this effort and Tranel's conflict have ruffled some feathers [in the legislature]…”

See Bellefontaine Neighbors City Collector Mark Tranel here.


Kander Owns Voter ID

I polled the Voter ID issue last week because it appears that Roy Blunt’s campaign expects to use the issue against Secretary of State Jason Kander.  Indeed the issue polls well (67% to 29%) and is solid across all demographics.  Even Dems are evenly split.  See it here.

But it seems that Kander isn’t distancing himself from the usual Democratic position against Voter ID.  One observer thinks: “He believes he already owns it with a number of votes as a member and very things he has said and done as SOS.”

And Kander embraced his position on Friday when his campaign sent out a fundraising email titled: “220,000 could be disenfranchised”

“Missouri’s state legislature is trying to put a measure on the ballot that weakens our state constitution, supposedly to crack down on ‘voter impersonation fraud.’

But, believe me, the only imposter here is this bill. This measure, which would require Missourians to have a very specific government-issued photo ID in order to vote, is posing as a way to prevent voter fraud - even though there has never been a reported case of voter impersonation fraud in Missouri.

Here’s what it would actually do: potentially disenfranchise 220,000 eligible Missouri voters -- with minorities and the economically disadvantaged who have been legally voting for years being the most affected….

Even Missouri State Rep. Bill Kidd admitted that while disenfranchisement ‘may be an unintended consequence’ of this measure, it wasn’t an intended one…”


Senate 15 Gossip

One interested observer of the Senate 15 Republican primary says, “I've heard [Rep. Andrew] Koenig will formalize his relationship with Victory Enterprises…  In reality Koenig is a notorious micromanager who continues to run the campaign from his kitchen table. [This] sets up a scenario where a motivated Rick Stream could capitalize on fundraising opportunities with the STL business community and hire Axiom & Barklage for the win. [This] has some conservatives nervous that Koenig will not do what it takes and is squandering a golden opportunity to capture front runner status…”


Hearing of Interest

House’s Government Oversight and Accountability Committee: Monday Noon at HHR4.

Rep. Jay Barnes will present HB 2228 which “specifies that state employees shall receive ten consecutive work days of paid leave upon the birth or adoption of a child.”  Governor Jay Nixon mentioned this in his SOTS address.  Last week’s MOScout poll found Missourians approve of the proposal 42% to 40%.  See it here.


Senate’s Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee: Tuesday 9AM in Senate Lounge.

The first wave of House ethics bills will get a hearing.  In an October MOScout poll, Missourians were much less concerned about a legislator to lobbyist “waiting period” (9%) than a lobbyist gift ban (50%) or campaign contribution limits (25%).  See it here.  Also a hearing will be held on HCS HCR 58 which “disapproves the regulation filed by the State Tax Commission on December 29, 2015, that establishes new values for certain agricultural and horticultural property.”


Senate’s Progress and Development Committee: Wednesday, 2PM in SCR 2.

Sen. Joe Keaveny will present SB 653 which “bars discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.” Governor Jay Nixon mentioned this in his SOTS address.  Last week’s MOScout poll found Missourians approve of the proposal 53% to 38%. See it here.



Jeff Roe on Sunday morning TV… See it here.


Post-Dispatch’s Elisa Crouch writes about the slow but visible progress being made in some of St. Louis City’s lagging schools.  See it here.


Sikeston Standard Democrat bemoans the troubles befalling Noranda.  See it here.


Promotions at the St. Louis Regional Chamber… Hart Nelson has been promoted to Vice President of Public Policy and Greg Laposa has been promoted to Vice President of Education Strategies.


MOFreedom Alliance launches an online straw poll for the secretary of state position today.  See it here.


eMailbag on Webber Kendrick Budget Swap

Another example of how the Boone delegation continues to play it smart. Rep. Stephen Webber helps Rep. Kip Kendrick secure a Boone Dem on House Budget before Webber advances to Senate. Where he'll likely be on Appropriations. Boone increases its strength in budget process keeping an eye on the important $.


Lobbyists Registrations

James Atkins added Tegsco, LLC dba Autoreturn, and Kansas City Southern Railway Company.

Becky Dunn added Missouri Food Bank Association.


$5K+ Contributions

Ingrid Burnett for Missouri - $5,200 from John Burnett.

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from retina Contracting Inc.

Citizens for Steve Stenger - $10,000 from Express Scripts Inc.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Jeffrey Brincat.

Progress KC PAC - $25,000 from Kansas City Southern Railway Company.

Progress KC PAC - $25,000 from Polsinelli.

Missouri Club for Growth Political Action Committee - $250,000 from Rex Sinquefield.

Civic Progress Action Committee - $13,000 from Emerson Electric Co.



Happy birthdays to former Rep. Michael Corcoran and Gracia Backer.



Power couple Richard Moore and Susan Henderson Moore are infanticipating…..