Friday, October 2, 2015

Old Schaefer Video

Someone sent me a link yesterday of a video of the mighty Jason Rosenbaum interviewing Kurt Schaefer in his first run for office.  See it here.

This is part of what makes Rosenbaum mighty.  He’s young, but has already assembled an impressive backlog of work.  And now seven years later this old video – and others – will be given second and third looks by folks.

Schaefer was a Republican running in a Democratic district against an incumbent, and he sounds like it.  Asked by the mighty one (around the 6 minute mark) about his stance on abortion, Schaefer tries to play it straight down the fairway.  He talks about “settled law” and that he supports “the status quo.”  That’s hardly an unreasonable position; it’s just no good in a Republican primary….



Former Speaker John Diehl is no longer listed on the Husch Blackwell website.  See it here.


According to the Missouri Accountability Portal, Darrell Moore has left the Auditor’s office, where he was chief litigator, and is now with the Attorney General’s office.  Moore is the last of Tom Schweich’s senior staffers to leave that office.


Casting a Wide Net for MCTA ED

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Referrals for Executive Director MCTA

EFL Associates has been engaged to assist in our recruitment efforts for an Executive Director for the Missouri Cable Telecommunications Association ("MCTA") and we are asking for your help in identifying qualified candidates.

Please forward this information to your network of contacts in an effort to "cast the net wide" and reach candidates with the leadership capabilities, organizational experience and relationship skills necessary for this unique role.

The Executive Director:

  *   Strong connections, partnerships and knowledge of Missouri, the region and/or the cable broadband industry.

  *   A proven track record of external leadership responsibility in an organization blending visionary, relational and operational capabilities.

  *   An ability to build meaningful relationships with key constituencies including the Missouri legislature, staff, vendors, partners, the Board of Directors and others.

While we are conducting a national search, knowledge of Missouri communities, politics and culture is preferred as is knowledge of the cable broadband industry.

To view the full position description or make a referral, please contact me at


File Under ‘Strange Bedfellows’

Former Sen. John Lamping and lobbyist Jane Dueker filed initiative petitions that appear to be to be exactly the same.  See them here and here.

It would reduce the Missouri House of Representatives to by forty members to 123.


Baringer Kick-Off Coming

On Monday Alderwoman Donna Baringer will hold her kick-off for House 82 at Pietro's Restaurant (5:30PM).

Her invite boasts a bevy of politicos… Mayor Francis Slay, Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Sheriff Jim Murphy, Sens. Joe Keaveny, Rep. Michele Kratky, and Aldermen Larry Arnowitz, Shane Cohn, Carol Howard, Beth Murphy, and Joe Vaccaro.

Baringer appears to be lining up good support, but one observer how important these type of endorsements are… “Baringer sits in a district which has rapidly shifted. The age demographics have shifted younger…That isn't going to fly in S. City like it used to…”


Body Camera Lobbying

From Politico’s Influence: In just a few months, outfitting police officers with body-mounted cameras went from an obscure science project to a sweeping political consensus for dealing with social strife over police tactics, backed by millions in federal funding. The biggest manufacturer, TASER International, has sold more than 52,700 of them to 3,500 police departments, a 153 percent year-over-year increase, according to spokesman Steve Tuttle. The Arizona-based company hired a new lobbyist this week, Timothy Bromelkamp, a former Pentagon and congressional staffer now with his own shop, to monitor federal grants that are  available for local offices, and to explore equipping federal agencies such as Customs and Border Protection, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, U.S. Marshals and the Forest Service, Tuttle said. Taser spent $80,000 on lobbying so far this year, up from $60,000 in 2014.


In Missouri Taser International’s lobbyist is Armstrong Teasdale’s Shanon Hawk.  She registered with them in April of this year.


Axiom Hires

The press release: Axiom Strategies announces today the addition of a Chief Operating Officer, Rob Phillips and two talented political consultants as Vice Presidents, Chris Grant and Matt Langston.  Chris, from the northeast, and Matt, from the south…

Christopher Grant resides in Washington D.C. with significant ties to New York and the northeast having served as Chief of Staff for New York Congressman Chris Collins for over eight years…

Matt Langston has extensive experience with political campaigns and grassroots politics from Texas to Florida, most recently serving as the Chief of Staff for Texas State Senator Don Huffines. He also managed Senator Huffines' historic defeat of a 24 year incumbent John Carona in North Dallas….

Axiom Strategies is a political consulting, and digital voter contact firm based in Kansas City with offices in Austin, Washington D.C. and San Francisco…


eMailbag on Redistricting

It wouldn't take grotesque districts for the Dems to have a shot at redistricting.  It is a painfully partisan process in MO.  Operatives talk around the fact that the Rs have a super-majority in both chambers, but the only MO statewide seat they hold is Peter Kinder…  If you bring Senators into the mix you have a 6-2 Dem statewide margin.  How do you get two R super-majorities from a state with overwhelming support for statewide Ds?  By getting creative with the math and the sheers...


Today’s Events

Powered by Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Sen. Dave Schatz Golf – Sullivan Country Club

Rep. Tim Remole Golf – Heritage Hills Golf Course – Moberly

Saturday: Rep. Jack Bondon Cider & Donuts – Dunn’s Cider Mill – Belton – 10AM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Bruce Wayne Holt added BWH Governmental Solutions; and deleted International Union Of Painters And Allied Trades, International Union Of Painters And Allied Trades District Council# 3, and International Union Of Painters And Allied Trades District Council#58.

Barbara LaBass deleted Laclede Gas.

Richard McIntosh deleted Naphcare Inc.

Dustin Brighton deleted Stateside Associates.

Anton J. Bockelman deleted PROMO.


$5K+ Contributions

Smart Solutions Continuing Committee - $65,000 from Justus for Missouri.

Friends of Caleb Rowden - $5,001 from Friends for Munzlinger.

Citizens to Elect Jamilah Nasheed - $10,000 from CHIPP Political Account.

Hawley for Missouri - $6,200 from Cecil OBrate.

Hanaway for Governor Inc - $25,000 from Herzog Contracting Corp.

Missourians for John Brunner - $25,000 from John B Brunner.

Missourians for John Brunner - $6,000 from Jerry Sumners Sr.

A Better Missouri with Governor Jay Nixon - $10,000 from UAW V Cap.

Raise Your Hand for Kids - $10,000 from Kate Banks.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $15,000 from Centene Management Company LLC.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $12,500 from Drury Development Coroporation.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from Right Choice Managed Care Inc.



Happy birthdays to Reps. Eric Burlison (39) and Tim Remole (58).

Saturday: Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Rep. John Rizzo (35), Emery’s Josh Foster (25), and Zora Mulligan (39).

Sunday: Former Reps Jerry Nolte (60) and Randy Asbury (57), and Kander’s John Scott.