Friday, September 18, 2015

Cornejo Gets Judiciary Chair

Rep. Robert Cornejo has been appointed chairman for the Select Committee on Judiciary.  He takes the place of Rep. Kevin Austin who vacates the chairmanship in his ascension to Assistant Floor Leader.

One reading of the move is that it’s a reward to Cornejo who made a “tough vote” in switching from a No to an Aye on right to work.

Cornejo’s district is presumably anti-RTW, so it took some courage for him to flip his vote on the override.  Rep. Bill White gets the vice-chairmanship.

Additionally, Rep. Joe Don McGaugh was appointed chair of the Civil and Criminal Proceedings Committee.  And the new vice-chair of that committee is Rep. Rob Vescovo.  Vescovo, a freshman, and Jefferson County representative who voted for right to work.  His appointment, together with Cornejo’s, could be read as a sign of Speaker Todd Richardson helping out reps who were willing take some heat in the right to work debate.


Butler Again

Vescovo will face the same Democrat he faced in 2014.  Robert Butler is running again.  Butler has strong labor ties.  He was one of several future House candidates in Jefferson City during the Veto Session to meet lobbyists, and drum up support.

The case for Butler rests on a belief that presidential turn-out will be very helpful to Democrats in 2016 – and he has the right to work issue to use against Vescovo.


Tepid Revenue Growth

At the mid-point of the month, state tax receipts are only up about 2%.  We’ll see if we get a little more steam in the second half.


Brownback’s former COS Joins Ogilvy

From Politico’s Influence: Veteran AT&T lobbyist Tim McGivern is joining Ogilvy Government Relations. The former chief of staff to GOP Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas when he was in the Senate and House has been with the telecom giant since 2000. He also previously worked at the U.S. Telecom Association.



Nicholson to GPSIMPACT

On Facebook Sean Soendker Nicholson writes: A bit of personal news: I will joining the ranks of Progress Missouri alumni as I join the GPSIMPACT team next month…  It's hard (harder than I expected) to step away from my current role after four years of fun, but the time is right and the team we've built will continue to do amazing, important work… Progress Missouri will remain strong and influential because of the great team that remains, the new talents that will be brought into the fold, and the ongoing investments from people who understand the power of an independent, aggressive, agile communications hub...


Marcel to England; Kline to Schupp

Sen. Jill Schupp’s chief of staff Violet Marcel is returning home to England.  Marcel previously worked for the House Democratic Caucus.  Taking her place will be Jill Kline who had previous stints with the Department of Economic Development, and Tightline Strategies.


Till Takes Over for Galloway

Chris Galloway, who has run MOChamber’s GovWatch for years, is leaving the state for an opportunity.  In his place, Chris Till is being promoted.  See his bio here.


Jung to AG’s Office

According to the Missouri Accountability Portal, Frank Jung has left the Auditor’s Office where he was General Counsel, and is now at the Attorney General’s office.

His LinkedIn page describes his new job as “semi-retirement,” a capstone to a long career in Jefferson City.  He’ll be “working part-time for the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services as General Counsel.”  Before working in the Auditor’s office, Jung was General Counsel for the Missouri Gaming Commission.  That followed his time as deputy General Counsel for the Office of Administration.  He started in state government with the AG’s office back in 1989.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Shamed Dogan Reception – Flotron’s home – 5PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Peter Levi added Mobilitie LLC.


$5K+ Contributions

Greitens for Missouri - $25,000 from Jeffrey Hutchens.

Grietens for Missouri - $5,001 from Jerry Jared.

Koster for  Missouri - $50,000 from Simmons Hanly Conroy.

Koster for Missouri - $12,500 from Robert Blitz.

Citizens for Will Kraus - $10,000 from August Busch III.

Raise Your Hand for Kids - $10,000 from Maxine Clark.



Happy birthdays to former Reps. Chris Carter (34) and Don Calloway (36).

Saturday: Alex Salsman.

Sunday: Former Reps. Rachel Bringer (44) and Michel McGhee (68).