Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sanders Sets Return Date

Forget the rumors, says Team Sanders.  Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders put out a statement yesterday to quash rumors that his absence was related to anything other than bereavement.

I want to thank all those in the community who reached out to offer their condolences on the passing of my father. As I have said before, he was the reason I got involved in public service. Both in the weeks leading up to his death, and in the weeks following, I have chosen to spend as much time as possible with my family, who have been the greatest comfort of all.

In my absence county business still goes on, and items need to be signed. That was the sole reason for the very simple and purely technical executive order issued last week. I understand that previous county executives have taken similar steps.

I will return to county business on Monday, September 21.

Thank you, again, to those who have been supportive and encouraging in this difficult time.

Mike Sanders


Silvey Gets Commerce

Sen. Ryan Silvey was appointed chair of the Senate’s Commerce Committee.  It’s a committee with a wide-ranging portfolio, but is often in the spotlight because it traditionally gets the bills dealing utilities.

The vacancy was created with Sen. Mike Kehoe’s ascension to floor leader.  That position traditionally chairs the Rules and Ethics Committee.

Silvey’s appointment is a nice vote of confidence in him from Pro Tem Ron Richard.  And will solidify speculation that Silvey is on track to be the Appropriations Chair in January 2017.


Anti-Climatic RTW Vote

After all the threats, and Humphreys money, and web ads, and rumors of promises or punishments, the right to work override vote in the House was remarkably similar to the vote taken during session.  A few Republicans flipped but with 96 Ayes, the override effort came up short.  See the Public Radio article about it here.

Of note is the talk about a slight change in strategy for pro-RTWers.  It appears that they’ll reintroduce the measure in January, but be open to some of the amendments that were shunned this session.  And they’ll aim to see if a slightly watered down version can bring the final dozen they need.


The peerless John Combest links to press coverage of the Veto Session.  See his links here.  One of them is the AP’s run-down of various votes.


Where Not to Spend $$$$ This Cycle?

So as the David Humphreys looks how to spend his $500K seeking revenge against Republican representatives who voted against right to work, he might have his consultants look at the failed Rex Sinquefield effort last cycle.

Rep. Paul Fitzwater, for example, was one of the “flimsy sixteen.”  Sinquefield’s group dropped $180K into this district, and Fitzwater won with 79% of the vote.


In The Halls

A half-dozen or so self-gagged protesters dismayed by the “prosecution” of Ron Calzone were making the rounds yesterday.  Apparently the being required to register as a lobbyist is a step toward totalitarianism….


One registered lobbyist chuckled: it’s not the $10 fee that’s Calzone’s problem; Calzone’s real problem is that Ron Richard can’t stand him…


Rumors of Senate Moves

Word is that Sen. Bob Dixon’s staffer, Eric Jennings is headed to the Missouri Bar.

And, I’m told that Jamey Murphy will be back in the building, staffing Sen. Paul Wieland.  Murphy causes a minor stir a few years ago as staffer to Jim Lembke when he ranted on Twitter about Sen. Kurt Schaefer’s role in the redistricting plan which was unfavorable to his boss.


Next Session

A few items buzzing in the hallway discussions while waiting around for votes yesterday dealt with how the Senate will operate next year.

First, will Democrats create some kind of pain next session express their displeasure at the use of the PQ at the end of last session?

Second, will Pro Tem Ron Richard continue the Senate tradition of ruling on points of order in good faith, or will he implement the House tradition of always ruling in the majority’s favor?

And finally, on Sen. Bob Onder’s move to assistant floor.  One observer thinks that it’s brilliant.  Onder has been aligned with a clutch of ultra-conservative “trouble-making” senators like Ed Emery and Rob Schaaf.  Does bringing him into leadership help moderate the rebels, giving a voice on the inside so they don’t have to resort to filibuster threats so often?


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Sen. Bob Dixon Breakfast – JCCC, Jefferson Room – 7:30AM


Lobbyists Registrations

Mark Rhoads added Relx Inc.; and deleted Reed Elsevier.


$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Peter Kinder - $5,001 from Anthony Keele.

Ashcroft for Missouri - $10,000 from CNS Corporation.



Happy birthdays to Sen. Mike Parson (60), Rep. Tom McDonald (69), Scott Gee (51), Ryan Burke (30), William Webster (62), and Margaret Kelly.