Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Veto Session Starts at Noon, folks….


The Fundraising Circuit

Last night it was bar-hopping on High Street in a circuit one participant described as “lobbyist speed dating.”  The lobbyists with their checks went from place to place, just block from the Capitol to different events hosted by various legislators.

On the lips of folks…

The surprise move by Mike Sanders to abdicate his office as Jackson County Executive (see more below)….

Sen. Ron Richard won the Senate pro tem vote hours before, with Sen. Mike Kehoe ascending to floor leader and Sen. Bob Onder becoming assistant floor leader.  On its face, the new leadership looks like another step toward a Republican leadership that will push harder to get its priorities across the finish line, even at the costs of marginalizing the power of individual senators.  But sometimes these things don’t end up as expected….

No one thinks that right to work will garner the necessary override votes in the House.  One representative whispered that the anti-RTW Republicans were hanging tough together with just two expected to flip.  That’s nowhere near enough to override…

Scott Pearson said that he hasn’t left the office of Rep. Kevin Austin yet, but his final day is at the end of the month…

And on a related note, the Republicans will vote on their assistant floor leader position this morning, and Austin is considered the favorite to get the job…


Sanders Steps Down?

Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders quietly ceded his office to chief administrative officer Mary Lou Brown.  One person says that its related to his father’s passing, but the chatter going on last night has a lot of people thinking it could be related to the previously reported FBI investigation.  That’s total speculation, but that’s what the JeffCity politicos are saying.  We’ll see…




I hereby appoint Mary Lou Brown as Acting County Executive until further notice.


Tweet of the Day

Sen. Ryan Silvey ‏@RyanSilvey: This is my 11th Veto Sesh. There is more bullying this yr than I ever remember. Do what you think is right & the rest takes care of itself.


New Committees

SecureMOFuture, a political action committee, was formed.  Its treasurer is Jane Conder.  It appears to be the vehicle to oppose a tax increase for Mehlville Oakville Schools.  See the website here.  See Elisa Couch’s Post-Dispatch article on the state of Mehlville schools here.


And – A Swig of Beer News

Bud to swallow Miller?  Wall Street Journal reports: SABMiller said it had received a takeover approach from Anheuser-Busch InBev, a deal that could create a $245 billion giant that would dominate much of the global beer market. "SABMiller will review and respond as appropriate to any proposal which might be made," it said in a statement, without giving any terms. The company cautioned that there can be no certainty an offer will be made. AB InBev confirmed it had made an approach.  SABMiller has a market capitalization of about $75 billion based on its closing share price Tuesday. Its shares soared nearly 23% in response to its announcement about AB InBev's takeover interest.


eMailbag on RTW

Why are RTW advocates never asked to play their argument all the way through?  Their campaign is a national effort focused on implementing RTW in every state under the premise that RTW states will have an edge over non-RTW states.  What they never seem to highlight is that with each state that adopts RTW, the promise of a "competitive advantage" becomes more empty.  What comes next, competing with Malaysia?


Help Wanted

Missouri Senate Research seeks Legislative Analyst/Staff Attorney.  “The successful applicant will draft legislation, staff committees of the Senate, prepare legal opinions, analyze legislative proposals, and develop policy alternatives… Salary begins at $47,000, commensurate with experience…” See the ad here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Mike Cierpiot & Sen. Will Kraus – Downtown Diner, 127 E. High – 7:30AM

Sen. Gary Romine Breakfast – JCCC –8AM

Sen. Paul Wieland Breakfast – JCCC – 8AM

Sen. Dan Hegeman Breakfast – JCCC – 8AM

Rep. Denny Hoskins Breakfast – JCCC – 8AM

Rep. Dave Hinson Breakfast – JCCC – 8AM

Rep. Tom Flanigan Breakfast – JCCC – 8AM

Former Rep. Rick Stream Breakfast – JCCC – 8AM

Rep. Eric Burlison Coffee – Café via Roma – 8:30AM

Veto Session at Noon 16

St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman Reception – CJ Mugg’s, St. Louis – 5PM


Lobbyists Registrations

Steven Carroll added Alcalde & Fay.


$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Peter Kinder - $10,000 from Larus Corporation.

Missourians for Peter Kinder - $10,000 from Rhodes Development Co. LLC.

Koster for Missouri - $25,000 from Red-Card Systems LLC.

MO Cattlemens Association PAC - $25,536 from Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from James Connolly.

Unite Here Tip Missouri State and Local Fund - $10,000 from Unite Here (per capita).

Eastern MO Laborers Education & Benevolent Fund - $40,300 from Construction & General Laborers’ Local No. 660.

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Thomas E. Schwartz PC.



Happy birthdays to former Sen. Joan Bray (70), Nicole Brown and Jim Kottmeyer.