Monday, November 23, 2015

Senate 23 Poll

This week’s MOScout poll went back to the Republican primary in Senate 23 to see what the impact would be of Rep. Mark Parkinson’s exit. See the full results here.

The conventional wisdom was that it was bad news for Rep. Anne Zerr and both Parkinson and Bill Eigel would be drawing from the same base of supporters.

The poll showed that without Parkinson, Zerr was still leading Eigel 25% to 19%. With a huge 56% undecided.

I polled this race about six weeks ago when Parkinson was still in.  Here are the results from October 4:

Anne Zerr - 26%

Mark Parkinson - 19%

Bill Eigel – 10%

Undecided - 45%


So it looks like Eigel immediately picked up about half of the Parkinson supporters; Zerr got no one from his dropping out; and the rest of the Parkinson’s earlier supporters went to “undecided” camp.

While Zerr still leads, this week’s poll appears to show that Eigel can win over the the undecideds if the main issue of the race is Zerr’s right to work vote and pro-labor sympathies. The poll says that 50% of Republican primary voters in Senate 23 have an unfavorable opinion of labor unions.

On the other hand, the poll also shows that these primary voters believe economic development should be the top priority for a state senator.  Zerr, as chair of the House Commerce Committee, should have the advantage on this issue.

Also, worth mentioning: One reader noted that I did not include “homeland security” as an option for a “top priority.”  It is traditionally a federal issue, not a state issue, although the recent uproar over refugees has many state legislators trying to make it a state issue.


IP to Bar Syrian Refugees In Missouri

“Be it resolved by the people of the State of Missouri that the constitution be amended:

Article I is amended by adding one new section, to be known as section 35, to be read as follows:

Section 35. The state of Missouri shall not accept refugees from Syria.”

See it here.

The petition was filed by Lisa Pannett who a few years ago was concerned about St. Louis County’s “homosexual agenda.” See it here.


Republican Legislature to Hold Hearings on Syrian Refugee

The press release from Friday: House Speaker Todd Richardson and Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard today announced a joint hearing that will thoroughly examine the various programs the governor could utilize to provide assistance to refugees. The House Budget Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee will hold the hearing Monday, Nov. 30 at 10 a.m. in House Hearing Room 3…

Saturday Night Live’s gave advice on how to handle the political quarrels that occurs around Thanksgiving table.  See it here.


NOR Watch

The Noranda stock continues to slide, closing last week at $.71.   One observer though thinks if there’s going to be some kind of economic package for the aluminum giant, it will again happen over that the Public Service Commission – not the legislature.  Their reasoning is that while Noranda has been brilliant at playing defense during the past half-dozen years in the building, their ability to get bills passed may be negligible.  Every sponsor of a bill that they’ve killed will be happy to pay them back.  We’ll see….


Humphreys Hearts Rubio?

A tipster says that David Humphreys will be hosting a fundraiser for Marco Rubio on December 18. “Sen. Ron Richard, Speaker Todd Richardson and Rep. Caleb Jones, and all the other legislators who have endorsed Rubio are pulling it together…”


White House to Honor Dugan

The press release: On Monday, November 23, the White House will recognize nine individuals from across the country as “White House LGBT Artists Champions of Change.” These individuals were selected by the White House for their artistry in advocating for the LGBT community.  The program will feature remarks by Senior Advisor to the President Valerie Jarrett and Secretary for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro… To watch this event live, visit on Monday, November 23, at 1:00 PM ET…

Jess Dugan—St. Louis, Missouri

Jess Dugan is an artist whose work explores issues of gender, sexuality, identity, and community. She has been photographing within LGBT communities for the past decade and is deeply committed to the transformative power of photographic portraiture.  Her work is regularly exhibited internationally and is in the permanent collections of several major museums.  Her current project, To Survive on this Shore, combines photographs of transgender and gender-variant older adults with interviews about their life experiences in regards to gender, identity, age, and sexuality, and provides a nuanced view into the complexities of aging as a transgender person in the United States.



According to the House website, Kennette Goodman is Rep. Rochelle Walton Gray’s new legislative assistant.


Majority Whip, Sen. Brian Munzlinger, announced that Sens. Ed Emery and Gary Romine, were named deputy whips.  "An expanded whip team can help better meet the needs of the caucus through increased communication," said Munzlinger. "They will also help make sure we are represented when quorum calls are made during filibusters, and they can help raise issues important to certain regions and interest groups."


The Hill reports on the FCC’s battle over city-run internet services.  See it here.  Pull Quote: A group of major technology companies is putting its weight behind the federal government's decision to preempt a pair of state laws that blocked the expansion of city-run Internet service.  The Internet Association, which represents companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo and others, filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the Federal Communications Commission's decision this year to override two state laws… In February, the Federal Communications Commission voted to nullify laws in Tennessee and North Carolina that, in part, prevented Internet services run by local municipalities from expanding beyond their borders…


NYTimes says new start-ups don’t ignore the need to lobby.  See it here.  Pull Quote: The efforts by Hello Alfred underscore how today’s tech companies — even the youngest ones — have accepted lobbying as an essential part of doing business. In addition to knowing the language of computer code, founders are speaking the language of Washington, keenly aware of the potential regulatory battles that could be on the horizon.


eMailbag: on Likelihood of Tax Cuts in 2017

Be careful what you wish for. Chris Koster supported the tax cut and now it may end up causing him more damage than anyone.  


Federal Filings

Missouri Republican State Committee’s November filing showed $55,809 in receipts and $23,826 cash on-hand.

Owner-Operator Independent Drives Assn Inc Political Action Committee’s November filing showed $4,492 in receipts and $90,097 cash on-hand.

Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc. Political Action Committee’s November filing showed receipts of $64,204, and $1,077,202 cash on-hand.

Centene Corporation Political Action Committee’s November filing showed receipts of $43,596, and $754,695 cash on-hand.

Ann PAC’s November filing showed receipts of $2,500, and $49,239 cash on-hand.  This is Ann Wagner’s Leadership PAC.

Enterprise Holdings Inc Political Action Committee’s November filing showed receipts of $173,377, and $1,248,469 cash on-hand.

Hallmark Cards PAC’s November filing showed receipts of $5,810, and $140,841 cash on-hand.

Emerson Electric Co Responsible Government Fund’s November filing showed receipts of $24,838, and $121,993 cash on-hand.


Lobbyists Registrations

David Winston, Shawn D’Abreu, Scott Penman, Heath Clarkston, and Harry Gallagher deleted U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.


$5K+ Contributions

This data comes from the Missouri Ethics Commission website, which appears to be down right now.



Happy birthdays to former Rep. Cynthia Davis, Sam Wiles, and Brian Bunten.