Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quarters Spreadsheet

Find a spreadsheet in the Special Reports sections.  It’s here.  It has all incumbents with their cash on-hand, amounts raises and spent, and debt.


Initial Thoughts

More on Tuesday, but here’s what some of the top races looks like…


Governor’s Race – No big game-changers here.  Eric Greitens had the best quarter of the Republican field, but John Brunner evened the cash on-hand with a single check.  Catherine Hanaway’s fundraising continues to underwhelm.  She added a mere $700 to her cash on-hand total.  Peter Kinder’s $300K was more than double Hanaway’s raise.  And if you back-out Brunner’s self-fund dollars, Kinder was second in the Republican field to only Greitens.

Democrat Chris Koster remains in front with $5.7 million in the bank – and just as important without a primary opponent.

Lieutenant Governor’s Race – Bev Randles only raised $5K, yet her expenses continued unabated.  She started the race with $1 million from Rex Sinquefield.  Her cash on-hand now has declined to $645K.  Two more quarters of this trend and she’ll be down to $300K.  In other words, she’ll need a second infusion from Sinquefield if she plans to have enough money by the summer to go on the air.  Her Republican opponent, Sen. Mike Parson, dug out another solid quarter and has reached the $1 million mark.

Attorney General – Teresa Hensley lost ground to Jake Zimmerman this quarter.  She needs to make something happen this next quarter.  There’s a $900K gap right now and if it’s still there in June, Zimmerman will swamp her on TV and radio.  On the Republican side, Josh Hawley also lost ground to Sen. Kurt Schaefer.  He faces the same predicament that Hensley faces.

Secretary of State – Jay Ashcroft took this round from Sen. Will Kraus, but still trails cash on-hand by $500K.  On the Democratic, Robin Smith’s candidacy is looking like a missed opportunity for Dems.  She only raised $48K and now has $68K on-hand.

Treasurer – While Sen. Eric Schmitt hit $2.1 million in the bank, his Democratic opponents are both under $100K.


Senate 15 Primary Election - Both Rick Stream and Rep. Mike Leara had a no-fundraising quarters, finishing with $38K and $2K cash on-hand respectively.  Rep. Andrew Koenig raised $11K and now has $77K on-hand.

Senate 19 General Election – Rep. Stephen Webber raised over $100K and now has $486K on-hand.  Rep. Caleb Rowden is more than a few steps behind, raising $60K with $120K on-hand.  However, most observers expect heavy involvement from the Republican Senate campaign committee as they try to hold this seat.  So a cash differential now is not very meaningful.

Senate 23 Republican Primary – Rep. Anne Zerr raised $56K and now has $242K on-hand.  Her primary opponent, Bill Eigel, raised $84K and now has $218K on-hand.  This one has hardly gotten started as it’s going to be a real battlefield between the pro-RTW and anti-RTW forces.