Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hatfield Files Suit Against RYH4K Petition

Stinson Leonard’s Chuck Hatfield filed a suit on Friday in Cole County on behalf of plaintiff Jim Boeving alleging that Secretary of State Jason Kander’s summary language and Auditor Nicole Galloway’s fiscal note for the Raise Your Hand for Kids’ initiative petition are both “insufficient” and “unfair.”  It also says that the proposal violates the Missouri Constitution.

In particular, the suit includes the charges that: the summary statement “completely fails to include the inflation adjustment” to the tax; the reference to “certain” cigarettes is too vague; it “fails to inform voters how funds deposited… may be spent”; this proposal includes a new tax, not merely an increase in existing taxes; that the revenue projections are not accurate for several reasons.

Hatfield is a registered lobbyist with Cheyenne International LLC, one of the so-called “Little Tobacco” companies.  In this situation, they are the makers of “certain” cigarettes which face a higher tax if voters would approve the proposal.

These suits are pretty much always part of the obstacle course for getting a proposal on the ballot. However, there may be hints at the opposition’s messaging plan… “In reality, the funds may also be used for purposes other than early childhood health and education including ‘smoking cessation and prevention programs for Missouri pregnant mothers’ which may include funding to entities that provide emergency abortions…”

In a sags which already has some curious bedfellows, could Little Tobacco be looking to the Pro-life community as allies against early childhood funding?

We’ll see….


Senate 15 Fluid?

What’s up with former Rep. Rick Stream, and should the Republican establishment start to worry?

One observer notes that the last quarter fundraising was not existent… “Stream got outraised by Rep. Andrew Koenig last quarter, has less than half of Koenig's COH, and has debt from his County Exec race which will be used against him in the primary because some of that money is owed to Democrats. Koenig’s door-knocking prowess and very conservative record make him a viable candidate even assuming Stream eventually raises more money…”

Do establishment GOPers fear a Senator Koenig?  And if so, how about a Draft Dogan movement?  Rep. Shamed Dogan takes in a substantial share of the Senate district.  If Stream doesn’t have the fire in the belly for a run, maybe establishment Republicans should pass the torch to Dogan.  We’ll see…


Slicing and Dicing the January Quarter – House Numbers

House Top Twenty Cash On-Hand

Stephen Webber          $486,963

Todd Richardson        $481,404

Caleb Jones                 $251,078

Anne Zerr                    $242,286

Lincoln Hough            $195,148

Eric Burlison               $175,258

Denny Hoskins           $121,209

Caleb Rowden                        $120,454

John Rizzo                  $104,601

Sheila Solon                $103,996

Mike Cierpiot              $103,033

Tom Flanigan              $102,442

Elijah Haahr                $98,445

Don Gosen                  $94,603

Lynn Morris                $81,578

Andrew Koenig          $77,556

Tony Dugger               $75,741

T.J. Berry                    $75,708

Noel Shull                   $72,454

Jeanie Lauer                $70,378


Top Ten GOP Fundraisers

Todd Richardson        $246,358

Caleb Rowden                        $60,252

Anne Zerr                    $56,549

Elijah Haahr                $56,125

Kevin Austin               $48,550

Sheila Solon                $44,981

Denny Hoskins           $44,279

Caleb Jones                 $42,200

Eric Burlison               $33,210

Mike Cierpiot              $31,762


Top Ten Dem Fundraisers

Stephen Webber          $108,694

John Rizzo                  $35,331

Deb Lavender             $28,221

Lauren Arthur             $21,715

Kim Gardner               $19,996

Tommie Pierson          $19,621

Josh Peters                  $18,391

Bob Burns                   $17,251

Jake Hummel              $17,051

Joe Adams                  $15,426


House Dem Top Ten Contributors

Jake Hummel              $4,660

Jeanne Kirkton            $3,500

Judy Morgan               $3,250

Stephen Webber          $3,000

Gina Mitten                 $2,250

Jeremy LaFaver           $1,750

Joe Adams                  $1,300

Rochelle W Gray        $1,125

Bill Otto                      $1,000

Joe Runions                 $1,000


House GOP Top Ten Contributors

Todd Richardson        $51,500

Caleb Jones                 $6,000

Elijah Haahr                $5,000

Tom Flanigan              $4,807

Holly Rehder              $4500

Sue Allen                    $4,360

Travis Fitzwater          $3,000

Noel Shull                   $2,750

Bart Korman               $2,075

Mike Cierpiot              $2,000

Sue Entlicher               $2,000


House Republicans

Average COH: $41,912             Median COH: $24,409

Average Fundraising: $14,742   Median Fundraising: $9,435

Average Contributions: $999     Median Contributions: $100


House Democrats

Average COH: $39,017           Median COH: $27,362

Average Raised: $13,203        Median Raised: $10,166

Average Contribution: $652   Median Contribution: $185


Top Twenty Senate COH

Eric Schmitt                            $2,103,756

Kurt Schaefer                          $2,071,695

Mike Parson                            $1,025,398

Will Kraus                               $667,885

Ron Richard                            $580,745

Scott Sifton                             $536,474

Ryan Silvey                             $490,382

Jamilah Nasheed                     $326,358

Jay Wasson                             $310,766

Jason Holsman                        $224,388

Mike Cunningham                  $220,474

Gary Romine                           $210,396

Dave Schatz                            $206,892

Joseph Keaveny                      $192,446

Mike Kehoe                            $186,064

Doug Libla                              $184,837

Maria Chappelle-Nadal           $181,009

Gina Walsh                             $173,417

Dan Brown                             $136,160

Jill Schupp                               $114,231


Top Ten GOP Fundraisers

Kurt Schaefer              $645,755

Ron Richard                $212,875

Mike Parson                $211,034

Eric Schmitt                $185,067

Mike Kehoe                $161,600

Ryan Silvey                 $119,090

Wayne Wallingford    $71,745

Will Kraus                   $67,412

Gary Romine               $48,400

Jay Wasson                 $40,600


Top Eight Sen Dem Fundraisers

Jason Holsman                        $86,925

Scott Sifton                             $80,192

Jamilah Nasheed                     $72,638

Gina Walsh                             $55,855

Kiki Curls                                $46,466

Jill Schupp                               $36,298

Joseph Keaveny                      $29,250

Maria   Chappelle-Nadal         $9,325


Top Ten Senate GOP Contributions

Ron Richard                $31,575

Jay Wasson                 $30,500

Mike Kehoe                $18,000

Bob Onder                  $10,620

Brian Munzlinger        $10,000

Eric Schmitt                $5,045

David Pearce               $1,850

Dave Schatz                $1,540

Paul Wieland               $1,300

Bob Dixon                  $749


Top Eight Dem Contributions

Jamilah Nasheed                     $12,000

Scott Sifton                             $5,500

Jill Schupp                              $2,500

Maria Chappelle-Nadal           $1,600

Jason Holsman                        $1,350

Kiki Curls                                $1,300

Gina Walsh                             $1,000

Joseph Keaveny                      $200


GOP Senate

Average COH: $398,459                    Median COH: $184,837

Average Fundraising: $88,232            Median Fundraising: $27,100

Average Contributions: $4,890           Median Contributions: $400


Dem Senate

Average COH: $223,140                    Median COH: $186,000

Average Fundraising: $208,474          Median Fundraising: $50,000

Average Contributions: $3,181           Median Contributions: $1,500



Speaker Todd Richardson will deliver the Republican response to Governor Jay Nixon’s State of the State address tomorrow night. See it here.


According to LinkedIn, David Poger is now Senior Political Director for U.S. Congressman Lacy Clay.


The Missouri Ethics Commission ordered Ted Hoskins, mayor of Berkley, to repay the city $3,365 after it found that he violation the municipal’s code.  It states that “no city official or employee shall vote on or participate in any decision making process if the official or employee has a direct financial interest in the outcome of the matter under consideration.”

MEC found that there was probable cause that Hoskins and Lee Etta Hoskins violated this when Hoskins requested a refund of attorneys’ fees he incurred during a city investigation.  See it here.


Bruce Franks formed a campaign committee to run for House 78 as a Democrat.  Rep. Penny Hubbard is the current incumbent. An RFT article mentions a Bruce Franks who’s an activist. – Franks is a battle rapper — stage name "Ooops" …


Lobbyists Registrations

Kristian Starner added Hollywood Casino, Penn National Gaming, Argosy Casino Kansas City, Amgen, BJC Health Care System, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company D/b/a At&t Missouri and its Affiliates, Missouri Restaurant Association, Gate Way Group, Civics Proficiency Institute,  Missouri Pork Association, Kaleo Pharma, Astella Pharma US Inc, Connections Academy, Missouri Propane Gas Association, Health Management Systems, Heartland Health, Noranda Aluminum, Port Authority of Kansas City, and Missouri Ambulance Association.

Megan Shackelford added The Kelley Group.

Alison Dreith added NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.

Julie Murphy added Kit Bond Strategies, and Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics.

Cecilia Jones added Concerned Women for America of Missouri.

Greg Johnston added Lafarge North America Inc, LafargeHolcim Inc, and Aggregate Industries Management Inc.

Michael Stern added Chubb – North America; and deleted Ace Group – North America.


$5K+ Contributions

Committee for the Future - $10,000 from Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

Friends of Glen Kolkmeyer - $8,128 from Kolkmeyer for Senate.

Treece for Mayor - $10,000 from CHIPP Political Account.

Missouri Farmers Care - $10,000 from Missouri Pork Association.

Friends of Alan Green - $5,001 from CHIPP Political Account.

Ashcroft for Missouri - $50,000 from Ethelmae Humphreys.

Ashcroft for Missouri - $50,000 from Sarah Humphreys Atkins.

Greitens for Missouri - $25,000 from Harold Baznos.

Ashcroft for Missouri - $50,000 from David Humphreys.



Happy birthdays to Reps. Michele Kratky and Michael Butler, Scott Faughn and Deb Dubin.