Thursday, December 17, 2015

Patriots for America Continuing Ethics Violations

Two readers – from different parts of the state – sent me the anti-Greitens mailer.  It echoes the same narrative on the website – see it here.  The group behind the website and mailer – Patriots for America has still not filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission despite the obvious activity to oppose a gubernatorial candidate.

The Law

130.049. An out-of-state committee which according to the provisions of subsection 10 of section 130.021 is not required to file a statement of organization and is not required to file the full disclosure reports required by section 130.041 shall file reports with the Missouri ethics commission according to the provisions of such sections if the committee makes contributions or expenditures in support of or in opposition to candidates or ballot measures in this state in any election covered by this chapter or makes contributions to any committee domiciled in this state. An initial report shall be filed no later than fourteen days prior to the date such out-of-state committee first makes a contribution or expenditure in this state.


Follow-Up on Accountability Committee

The immediate response from the unveiling of the Humphrey’s Accountability Committee is a mix of bristling and blistering.  Rep. Ron Hicks railed, “They want a bunch of robots.”  You have to be with them on every issue or you’re no good.

It appears that the ads will harden the position of the twenty on this issue rather than push them toward compromise, but we’ll see….


Of the twenty state representatives targeted by the Humphreys’ Accountability Committee very few face an opponent as of today.  Of course filing doesn’t open for two more months…

16 have no announced opponents: Reps. Galen Higdon, Nick King, Kevin Corlew, Bill Kidd, Sheila Solon, Jeanie Lauer, Bart Korman, John McCaherty, Kathie Conway, Chrissy Sommer, Ron Hicks, Becky Ruth, Elaine Gannon, Kevin Engler, Dave Hinson, and Paul Fitzwater.

Two are running for a new office: Rep. Anne Zerr (tough primary in Senate 23) and Linda Black (St. Francois County commissioner).

One is not running for re-election: Rep. Sue Entlichter.  There will be a crowded primary to replace her.

And one – Rep. Shane Roden – has an announced opponent.


HuffPo on Rex

There’s a profile of “Mega-Donor” Rex Sinquefield on Huffington Post. See it here. In the article Republicans Sen. Rob Schaaf and former Sen. Scott Rupp both bemoan the no-limits campaign contributions for which they voted years ago.

Pull Quote: Since 2008, Sinquefield has contributed at least $35 million to candidates, political parties, political action committees and ballot initiative campaigns, according to state campaign finance records.

Sinquefield’s contributions to candidates and political action committees have helped to create an unprecedented Republican Party supermajority in the state assembly. His donations to ballot initiative campaigns have succeeded in putting significant restrictions on taxes at the local level. But with Democrat Jay Nixon in control of the governor’s mansion, Sinquefield’s main agenda items of eliminating the state’s income tax, expanding charter schools and private school vouchers, and crushing labor union power by passing so-called right-to-work legislation have remained just out of reach….

But it is unlikely that labor can match the spending of Sinquefield or the other mega-donors supporting Republicans. Since Missouri ended its contribution limits in 2008, all labor unions have contributed a combined $24 million in the state. That is $11 million less than the amount contributed by Sinquefield…

In recent elections, Sinquefield’s money has been used to target primary Republicans who have strayed from his anti-tax, anti-labor line…

While unsuccessful in recent elections at unseating Republicans in primaries, Sinquefield’s committees and contributions have boosted more conservative candidates to victory in open-seat primaries. Both the tactics and outcomes mimic those of national conservative groups like the Club for Growth and Senate Conservatives Fund that challenge and -- more often than not -- lose against incumbent Republicans in primaries, but succeed in nominating their candidate in open-seat primaries. These outcomes still have the effect of dragging the party further right…


Shamed for Fusion

Rep. Shamed Dogan’s legislative agenda aims to restore “fusion voting” with HB 1771.

“Fusion voting would candidates to run for office in multiple political parties' primary elections and if nominated, to represent multiple parties in the general election. Fusion voting was once widespread throughout the United States, but became rarer as state legislatures began banning fusion voting after minor political parties began to have success with the process. I hope to add Missouri to the list of seven states that currently allow fusion voting so that Missourians will have more choices in their elections.”


KC Chamber Announces New Head

I'm very pleased to announce the selection of Joe Reardon as the next President and CEO of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

I think he is an exceptional choice.

As former Mayor/CEO of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas, Joe led - and won - the national competition for Google's first high-speed fiber network. Once Google announced it was expanding into Kansas City, Missouri, he and KCMO Mayor Sly James worked together to maximize the benefits to their two communities…

Although Joe's start date with the Chamber has not yet been determined, it will be sometime in the first quarter of 2016. Meanwhile, we're planning a thoughtful and thorough transition, and I have committed to the Chamber's Board that I will continue to serve as President and CEO until Joe is aboard…

James A. Heeter

President and Chief Executive Officer

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce


McCaskill for Kander

Senator Claire McCaskill sent a fundraising blast email for Jason Kander yesterday…

Friend: When Jason Kander announced his campaign to defeat Sen. Roy Blunt, pundits across the board said Missouri had a safe Republican seat.

They’re not saying that anymore…

We can win in Missouri. Jason can beat Roy Blunt and help take back the Senate. But we can’t do it without you….

Thank you for helping send another commonsense Missouri Democrat to Washington.



Wilson Passes

Boone County Democratic activist Bruce Wilson died.  See the obituary here.

Sarah Wood Martin on Facebook reflects….

I first met Bruce in 2002 when I was volunteering as a college student. The great thing about Bruce and Nancy is that they genuinely enjoy young people being involved. I have called Bruce so many times over the years asking for favors including "I need a very large parade vehicle" and "can you give this candidate five minutes if they show up at Murry's". He always came through for me. Bruce not only leaves a void in local politics, but at Mizzou tailgates and all over Mid-MO. He knew everyone on a first name basis, from the waitress to the Governor.

Bruce used to tell me, "you sure do eat a lot for a little girl," and then he'd try order more food for me. I wouldn't be where I am today without several Boone County Democrats like Bruce and Nancy and Olin and Phyllis Fugit supporting (and feeding me) me as a college volunteer and campaign staffer…



On Twitter former Sen, Tom Dempsey announced: “I'm officially a Florida!”  The Gate Way Group for which he works has been establishing a presence in the Sunshine state.


The small weekly newspaper in Southwest Missouri, the Webb City Sentinel, is for sale. Owner for the past 36 years is nearing retirement. To inquire, send message to


Eapen Thampy takes on big government in a CCTV America debate over federal asset forfeiture.  See it here.  He mentions the Camp Zoe controversy in the second half of the episode.


New Committees

Access Clean Energy was formed a campaign committee to support “Clean Energy Measurers” on the November 2016 ballot.  Its treasurer is Andrew Linhares, the staff attorney for Renew Missouri.


Federal Filings

The 7th District Congressional Republican Committee’s December filing showed no receipts and $1,921 cash on-hand.

Dairy Farmers of America Inc – DEPAC’s December filing showed receipts of $22,096, and $932,504 cash on-hand.

Missouri Democratic State Committee’s December filing showed receipts of $81,111, and $11,038 cash on-hand.

Monsanto Citizenship Fund’s December filing showed receipts of $40,911, and $241,101 cash on-hand.


Help Wanted

Legal Services of Southern Missouri seeks Executive Director.  “The next Executive Director will lead LSSM as this pre-eminent legal aid organization seeks to preserve and enhance high quality of legal work for clients, continue a leadership role in southern Missouri and throughout the legal aid community, and nurture newer generations of LSSM staff… Salary based on experience ranging from $120,000…” See the ad here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Emily Lewis added Missouri Bankers Association.

Meredith Kenyon, Amy Volkart, and Andrew Wheeler added Missouri Hospital Association.

David Hale added David Hale & Associates, and Love Inc of Columbia.

David Kent added Heartland Credit Union.

Amy McLard added Heartland Credit Union; and deleted Missouri Corporate Credit Union.


$5K+ Contributions

People for Solon - $5,001 from CHIPP.

Friends of Nick King - $5,001 from CHIPP Political Account.

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Stephen Smith.

Friends to Elect Brandon Ellington - $5,001 from CHIPP Political Account.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from William French.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,500 from Matthew O’Reilly.

Conway for State Representative - $5,001 from CHIPP Political Account.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Kenneth A Schwab.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Jo and Wayne Scheer.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Richard Scrivener.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $25,000 from Rivertown Enterprises Inc.

Citizens to elect Kurt Schaefer Attorney General - $20,000 from Supporters of Health and Research Treatments.

Hawley for Missouri - $10,000 from C Boyden Gray.

Friends of Wayne Wallingford - $6,000 from MO Optometric PAC.

Missourians for Peter Kinder - $5,001 from Pfizer Inc.

Citizens for Kevin Corlew - $5,001 from Carpenters Help in the Political Process (CHIPP).
Committee to Elect Shalonn ‘Kiki’ Curls - $10,000 from CHIPP.



Happy birthdays to former Reps. Sam Komo, Talib El-Amin, and Barney Fisher, and Kristian Starner.