Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Syria Hysteria

Rep. Mike Moon’s letter to Speaker Todd Richardson in which he asks for a special session to put “a stop to the potential Islamization of Missouri.”

Governor Nixon seems intent on allowing the relocation of Syrian refugees in Missouri.

I do realize that the refugees we should be scrutinizing most is one who professes the muslim faith. Unless I'm mistaken, a practicing muslim can do whatever is necessary for the "good" of the faith - telling "fibs" is a smallpart of what they might do. And, from what I've seen, a practicing muslim comes in all flavors (black, white, brown, yellow - American, African, European, etc. etc.).  A “white” lie could allow an individual to pass through the vetting process.

In this instance, we cannot afford to be too careful - especially given the fact that immigration officials report they cannot properly vet the refugees (before or after they've entered the country).

If my information is correct, Afghan refugees sent to Pakistani and Iranian refugee camps returned to their homeland when it was safe to do so. I see no reason not to follow that example because once they're on U.S. soil they'd have no reason to leave.  Our preference, as a nation, should be to place the refugees in camps so that they can be properly cared for and returned safely home when the time is right.

Unless appropriate legislative action is taken, Governor Nixon may very well proceed with the acceptance of the refugees.  For the safety of Missourians, we can ill-afford to wait.  I ask that you begin the process of calling the General Assembly into Special Session in order to tie the Governor's hands, putting a stop to the potential Islamization of Missouri.

Mike Moon

Barnes: Turning Our Back is un-Christian, un-American

Meanwhile another House Republican, Rep. Jay Barnes, wrote about the refugee situation last month on his blog.  See it here.  Yesterday he reaffirmed that he stands by his post.

I understand the fear associated with Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Unlike previous refugee groups, ISIS could slip members into those fleeing.  (Those who denied the Jews on the St. Louis refuge claimed it was a ship full of communists.) It’s also obvious that the United States should not have to carry the heaviest load. At some point, it’s hoped that they will be able to return to their homeland.

I know this won’t be popular in all quarters in this time where a temporarily popular presidential candidate has promised to reject all Syrian refugees without exception. But I’m not willing to abandon America’s heritage as a refuge for persecuted religious minorities. Nor will I stand silent while others advocate actions that would enable modern-day Hitlers to perpetrate another Holocaust.

There has to be an appropriate screening system in place. We have to be discerning. Our nation has the right of self-defense to turn away those who would do us harm. Further, we can’t take everyone. But to suggest that we turn our backs on all refugees, including those who can prove their innocence and good will, is both un-Christian and un-American. Those refugees (Christian and Muslim) who can pass a thorough background check should be welcome in Europe and the United States – like the Jewish passengers on the St. Louis should have been welcomed ashore when fleeing Hitler.


MEDA Pays Firm for IP Work

Missouri Energy Development Association (MEDA) filed a non-committee expenditure report.  According to the filing, they spent $19,522 for legal expenses for a statewide initiative petition.  According to MEDA’s website, their member companies are Ameren, Kansas City Power & Light, The Laclede Group, Empire District Electric, Missouri American Water, Summit Natural Gas, and Liberty Utilities.


Community Gun Buyback in STL City

Not sure how I missed this when it first started, but there’s a grassroots crowdfunding effort to initiate a gun buyback program in St, Louis City.  See it here.

The happy hour tonight to support the effort is at the Royale.


MEC Actions

The Missouri Ethics Commission handed down a few decisions.

They fined Charli Cooksey, who ran for St. Louis City School Board, $2,400 for inaccurate finance reports.  See it here.

They fined James Tindall, who ran for the Jackson County legislature, $4,250 for improperly signing a check, and inaccurate reporting.  See it here.

They fined Sarah Schwenk, the treasurer of Save Our Plaza, $5,000 for several violations including improperly signing a check, and poor reporting. See it here.


Tweet of the Day

Maria Chappelle Nadal ‏@MariaChappelleN: If construction on the stadium & NGA begin w/out alpha, beta & gamma testing, every politician for the respective projects is NEGLIGENT!



Alex Stuckey reports that Missouri owes blind residents $19 million.  See it here.

Pull Quote: The Western District Court of Appeals determined Tuesday that a previous calculation of damages owed to about 3,000 blind residents receiving state benefits was too low. The new figure is around $19 million, up from a previous court's decision of less than $200,000, said John Ammann, an attorney representing the blind… But the Missouri Council of the Blind asserts that the state has been miscalculating the monthly pension amount dating back to the early 1990s. Council representatives tried to talk to the state for years, but nothing came of it, said Chris Gray, council executive director.  So, they filed a lawsuit in 2006.


Politico reports on the juggernaut that is the Republican Governors Associations and puts Missouri in the category of “major pick-up opportunities.”  We’ll see…. Read it here.


According to the Senate website, Drew Dampf is now with Sen. Mike Kehoe’s office, and Diane Lindsay has joined Sen. Dan Hegeman’s office.


Governor Jay Nixon appointed the Michael Noble as Circuit Judge for the 22nd Judicial Circuit, which covers the city of St. Louis. He takes the place of retiring John Garvey.


New Committees

Greg Mueller has started a campaign committee to run for House 91 as a Republican. Mueller is currently on the Webster Groves City Council. See his website here.  His treasurer is LK Wood II.  The incumbent, Rep. Jeanne Kirkton, is termed.


Mark Twain Federated Democratic Club, a PAC, was formed.  Its treasurer is David KlassenHere’s a resolution for Klassen.



Federal Filings

RGA Reinsurance Company Federal PAC’s October report shows $9,194 in receipts, and $146,658 cash on-hand.


A reader notes, “The McCaskill fund you referenced yesterday was a joint fundraising committee. Her main one – McCaskill for Missouri – has $516,939 on-hand…”


eMailbag: on Drebes Editorial

I am glad you sad something. These people have lost their minds…


Have we really sunk to the point where leaders in both parties are too cowardly to lead the dialogue around the xenophobic rage that seems to permeate the State of Missouri?  Our "leaders" no longer lead…   Also, immigration has been shown study after study, and region after to region to grow the economy and population…


I am absolutely appalled and disgusted with the response to the Syrian refugee situation… And the mean and mindless anti-Muslim rhetoric that goes along with it…


I kind of admire your stance on the Syrian refugees in a small way.  I completely disagree with it, but you’re coming from the right place…


Price of being an American? That means you must have served. That is part of the price. What branch? We are roughly the same age, I must have missed you at boot camp... and most importantly, where do you think these people go? How many can live with you?


$5K+ Contributions

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from UFCW District Union Local Two.

Progress KC PAC - $7,500 from Stinson Leonard Street.

Koster for Missouri - $25,000 from Missouri State Council of Machinist PAC.

MO Soybean Association State PAC - $22,250 from Missouri Soybean Association.

Missourians for John Brunner - $5,001 from Ross Ausburn.

Missourians for John Brunner - $6,500 from Jerry Sumners Sr.



Happy birthdays to Reps. Randy Dunn and Brandon Ellington (35), Tim Person, and Neal Boyd (40).