Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nixon Withholds

Governor Jay Nixon instituted $46.1 million of budget withholds in reaction to the court ruling that sliced $50 million of tobacco settlement revenue.  See the Post-Dispatch article here.

See the list of withholds here.


This is more bad news for the new stadium.  The Jefferson City cliché is that “budgets are about priorities.”  And legislators will tick off the list of cuts and ask if a new stadium is more important than those items… services for asthma, foster children, alcohol and drug abuse… “A stadium is more important than these?”, they’ll ask


Martin Jabs Keller?

Writing in the Washington Times (see it here), Ed Martin blames consultants for Scott Walker’s downfall and takes a swipe apparently at Gregg Keller

Here in St. Louis, a prominent consultant was hired to do grassroots/conservative coalitions … paid thousands of dollars but that needle never moved (except down)….


Emery Recouperating

From Sen. Ed Emery’s Facebook: After a successful mitral valve replacement surgery, Senator Emery is recovering nicely and looks forward to continuing his recovery at home later this week.


Koster Sues Charter

Here’s the press release: Attorney General [Chris] Koster today announced his office has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Charter Communications for violating federal and state telemarketing and No-Call laws…. The Attorney General's Office received 350 No-Call complaints about harassing practices by Charter's telemarketers. Many consumers complained about daily calls from Charter, and some consumers received up to three calls a day. The calls were an attempt to sell Charter's cable, internet and phone services…

Charter to Koster Contributions

4/29/2015 - $2,000

10/11/2013 - $2,000

9/24/2012 - $2,000

12/21/2009 - $1,350


Hancock Profiles Richardson

In the Kansas City Star, Jason Hancock writes about Speaker Todd Richardson.  He describes Richardson’s “reputation as an honest broker and a policy wonk, winning friends on both sides of the aisle…”  See it here.

But it’s his handling of his predecessor’s behavior that will likely draw the most attention from the article.  ““Rumors in Jeff City are pretty common. I approached John and I asked about it, and he told me it was not true. It was a very busy time for the legislature, so I went back to work.”

That pretty much sums up the problem in Jefferson City.  How do we expect the interns to feel safe in an environment where an alleged perpetrator can wave off any potential investigation?

One reader unloads: This ain't a damn Banana Republic or a parlor game. Appoint a real committee with broad authority. Figure out who knew what when. Figure out the best course of action when you have a powerful guy doing this stuff. I am sure your average women gets a lot of comfort by Richardson saying John "told me it was not true" and it was a busy time….

If the guy never wants to run for office again fine but I will bet you any amount of money to the charity of your choice that if he ever is in a competitive race you will read those quotes. The unfortunate thing is I really believe he is better than this.


Curtman for Eigel

Senate 23 Republican candidate Bill Eigel posted a video on his Facebook page which has Rep. Paul Curtman endorsing him.  Curtman is going with Eigel over his two House colleagues – Reps. Anne Zerr and Mark Parkinson.  This indicates a move among the right to coalesce – if possible – around Eigel to prevent Zerr from moving to the Senate.  They are angered by her anti-RTW position.


Randles Cuts Spending

Lieutenant Governor candidate Bev Randles has struggled to raise money outside of her initial $1 million infusion from Rex Sinquefield.

Her last quarter showed on $7K raised (and $900K on-hand). She appears to be trimming her expenses accordingly.  She only spent $3K last quarter.

In her July quarter Turning Point Public Affairs LLC was paid $38K; Connect Strategies LLC was paid $4,800; East Meridian Strategies was paid $4,000; Victory Enterprises was paid $3,500; and campaign worker Pershard Owens was paid $9K.  None are listed on her October quarter.


New Judgeship Open

The Twenty-First Circuit Judicial Commission (St. Louis County) is accepting applications for a circuit judge vacancy newly created by the Missouri General Assembly. The commission encourages qualified individuals to apply for judicial office. Qualifications for circuit judges may be found in article V, section 21 of the Missouri Constitution… The members of the Twenty-First Circuit Judicial Commission are: Christy Bertelson, Rev. Anthony Witherspoon, Richard Wuestling IV, Matthew Rossiter and Lisa Van Amburg, chief judge of the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District…  See it here.


Cyber Security

There’s increasing concern about cyber hacking and the vulnerabilities to the electrical grid.

November 2, St. Louis Business Journal is hosting a panel discussion on the 21st Century Energy Grid -- modernizing the energy grid to produce cleaner energy, increasing energy efficiency to reduce energy costs, and protecting the modern grid to stop hackers and cyber-attacks. Along with panelists to speak on grid infrastructure, policy and innovation, Ameren Missouri's President Michael Moehn will also be on the panel.   See event details here.


Nation Censured

Chesterfield mayor, Bob Nation, was censured by his city council.  See it here.

Pull Quote: In a “Resolution of Censure” the council expressed “its profound disappointment” with Nation for a profanity-laced encounter July 1 with an unidentified city official…. Nation’s actions, the resolution says, violated a city harassment ordinance prohibiting “verbal conduct which has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.”  Nation is specifically charged with the violation of the “No Harassment Policy” and “Violation of the Conduct Policy.”


Arsonist Hits Black Churches in St. Louis

Post-Dispatch has the story.  See it here.

Pull Quote: A reward of up to $2,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the culprit in a string of fires that have now hit six predominantly African-American churches in and around St. Louis.


Smith Blasts Nixon

The press release:  Today, Congressman Jason Smith called Governor Nixon's proposal to transfer private land to state control in Oregon County "a clear misuse of funds."  Governor Nixon's Missouri Department of Natural Resources plans to buy the land in Oregon County with money set aside in a lawsuit settlement to restore land damaged by lead mining. The problem is that the counties damaged in the lawsuit are nowhere near Oregon County…  "It's ridiculous. This land grab is being done in secret. I have to question the legality of these actions," Smith said.



IAFF leader runs up big dinner bills.  See it here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Sean Grove added BJC Healthcare.

Megan Shackelford added St. Louis Building and Construction Trades Council.

John Gaskin III added Missouri Secretary of State.

John Watson and Ronda Stegmann added Missouri State Employee Retirement System.

Cecile Landrum deleted Citizens for Modern Transit, Coalition of Service Providers of St. Charles County, Missouri Sheriffs Association, Missouri Coalition of Children Agencies, Kansas City Missouri, Independent Colleges and Universities of Missouri, Gamble and Schlemeier, Missouri State Alliance of YMCAs, Missouri Association of Councils of Government, Special School District of St. Louis, Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education, Kraft Foods Group Inc., Harden Healthcare, Missouri Beverage Association, Missouri Railroad Association, Missouri Small Telephone Companies Group, and Missouri Association Of County Development Disabilities Services.


$5K+ Contributions

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Maxine Clark.

Koster for Missouri - $25,000 from UA Political Education Committee.

MO State Council of Fire Fighters PAC - $15,000 from Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters.

Stacey Newman for State Representative - $5,001 from CHIPP Political Account.

Friends of Michele Kratky - $5,001 from Carpenters Help in the Political Process (CHIPP).

Lavender for State Rep - $5,001 from CHIPP Political Account.

Gina Mitten for State Representative - $5,001 from CHIPP Political Account.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Ben Harris, and former PSC Chair Kevin Gunn.