Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rowden Out and In

Rep. Caleb Rowden – as rumors suggested – announced in an email to his caucus that he was dropping his bid for floor leader.  Instead he will focus his energy on Senate 19.

Excerpt from his email

In conjunction with this growing internal desire to continue to serve mid-Missouri, my friend and Boone County colleague Caleb Jones let me know he was not planning on running for the 19th District Senate seat. All of this dialogue came to a head last week when my wife and I made a decision that we think is in the best interest of our family and in the best interest of the community we love… I am writing you today to let you know I do not plan to continue my run for Majority Floor Leader and will be announcing my candidacy for the Missouri Senate. It is not a decision I came to hastily… Please rest assured that I will approach my campaign for Senate in the way I have undertaken my campaigns and service in the House: with a relentless work ethic, endless passion and intensity, and a determination that will ensure victory just as my past campaigns have…

Rowden Fall-out: Floor Leader

Rep. Mike Cierpiot remains the favorite.  The best guess is that Cierpiot and Rep. Robert Cornejo will split the votes which were pledged to Rowden.  That leadership vote will happen this weekend at their summer caucus.

Rowden Fall-out: Senate 19

In Rowden, Republicans get someone who know about running a tough race.  Still Democratic Rep. Stephen Webber remains the favorite. This is a Dem leaning district, and without the factors that Republicans seized in 2008 – a Republican without a record running as a moderate and a Democrat with a DWI problem – it should flip back Democratic.

Rowden Fall-out: Caleb Jones

Most intriguing is the question of where Rep. Caleb Jones’ future lies.  He has been mentioned as a potent lieutenant governor candidate.  But some think he’d be disinclined to run against Sen. Mike Parson.  We’ll see.  The best guess is that Jones improvises his future.  He’s young, and well-liked and doesn’t need a panic race in 2016.


Talk on LeVota Successor

Who knows who knows what they’re talking about in the jockeying for Senate 11…

Here are the cables from the tipsters…

Cindy Circo and Theresa Garza Ruiz are good friends, I don't see them running against each other but either of them are viable candidates. Eileen Weir would be very strong as well.


Jessica Podhola is the name emerging… Huge labor backing, plus women’s progressives… Weir doesn’t want it and Garza has no support…


It's likely to be former State Rep. John Mayfield. A Baptist minister no less might be just what we need at this time.


It would be Circo’s if she wanted it.  It helps that Victor Callahan like her.  I’d say he will be king maker in the 11th. [But] Circo from what I’m hearing will pass and support Theresa Garza Ruiz.  Everyone thinks a woman would be the way to go instead of another guy (Rizzo).


Follow-Up on Specials

One reader tut-tuts the idea that a special election in Senate 23 is good for Rep. Anne Zerr.  On the contrary they see it the opposite: take it out of the committee’s hands and to the voters.

Also a reader reminds me that Rep. Kevin McManus’ seat (House 36) will be vacant too as he just won a city council seat.


Jeff Co Dems Go Local

Former Rep. Jeff Roorda formed “Friends Of Jeff Roorda” to run for Jefferson County Coucil, District 4.

And Ashley Jost reports that former Rep. TJ McKenna decrying the negative campaigning (“flat out disgraceful”) says he won’t be running for state representative next cycle but will instead run for Public Administrator of Jefferson County.  His old House seat, District 114, is a potential pick-up for Dems as presidential turnout should help their candidate – whoever it is.


Cole County to Join Non Partisan Court Plan?

Former Supreme Court Justice Chip Robertson is leading the charge to have Cole County adopt the Non Partisan Court Plan.  See the press release hereAnd the website here.

Pull Quote: In the November 2014 election Cole County was bombarded with largecontributions (over $300,000) from a political group in Washington DC attacking a Judge who had served Cole County since 1994.  Fortunately, the voters of Cole County were too smart to be tricked by the political committee’s false attacks and they were unsuccessful…. The Nonpartisan Court Plan would remove much of the politics from the process…


Most GOP Sens Endorse Parson for LG

Sen. Mike Parson announced his Senate endorsements yesterday for his revised statewide bid – now for lieutenant governor. He rolled out thirteen fellow senators’ endorsements.  That’s all the Republicans senators except Sens. Mike Cunningham, Bob Dixon, Ed Emery, Bob Hegeman, Will Kraus, Bob Onder, Jeanie Riddle, Rob Schaaf, Kurt Schaefer, Eric Schmitt, and Ryan Silvey.


eMailbag: House 89

Out here in conservative West County, Cole McNary does not have a "clean cut image".  I do not believe he would have a chance of being selected by the Republican Committee because of his highly publicized allegiance to the controversial Firefighters Union and his overwhelming loss for the Monarch Fire Protection District Board in 2013… I don't know if you know this or not, but Dean Plocher was very interested in running for State Senate 24 when Lamping was recruited.  Dean stepped back to wait his turn and folks do remember that…


eMailbag: More Coming?

LeVota may not be in end on intern gate.  Potentially on both sides of the aisle.  Will be interesting to see if a few more women (not all interns) feel that the climate has changed and come forward with their instances of harassment?


Help Wanted

Missouri Public Service Commission seeks Senior Counsel.  “Duties include: litigation of public utility cases (telecommunications, electric, natural gas, water and sewer) before the PSC on behalf of Commission Staff.  Cases involve matters such as utility rates, utility operation financing, mergers and regulatory law enforcement of Commission rules and laws… Starting salary range:  $55,416 - $57,744…” See the ad here.


$5K+ Contributions

Citizens to Elect Jamilah Nasheed - $10,000 from Slay for Mayor.

MO Democratic State Committee - $10,000 from Enterprise Holdings Inc PAC.

Reinvest STL - $10,000 from Sigma-Aldrich.



Happy birthday to Dale Ludwig.