Wednesday, July 29, 2015

McCaskill on Jeff City Culture

Jo Mannies reports that US Senator Claire McCaskill spoke out on the news of sexual harassment in Jefferson City. Read it here.

Pull Quote:  McCaskill emphasized that she supported the plans of legislative leaders to conduct training sessions to emphasize the correct behavior for legislators and interns. But referring to lawmakers, she added dryly that it was sad that “they would need a class to know that this kind of conduct is not appropriate.”

But McCaskill, speaking in general, contended that the state’s weak ethics laws feed the inappropriate atmosphere in Jefferson City. “In some ways, that’s what hasn’t changed,” she said. “The culture of free dinners, of committee hearings in restaurants with free liquor…The one thing that is not going to change is that there is an insular feel of the place. When you’re there, you don’t feel like you’re as accountable.”


Nixon Calls Specials

Governor Jay Nixon called special elections on the three vacant House seats yesterday.  One observer: “It is a smart move. The two Senate seats are not open yet so I suspect he never calls those. The LeVotas apparently control the 29th apparently so there is a possibility a LeVota or a LeVota ally gets in there because it is more of D seat than an R seat.  And calling the Diehl seat gives one more override vote in the House. Nixon will not like either of those things but it is a better alternative than refusing to call anything.”


House 29

According to the Jackson County Democrats the members who compose the nominating committee are the committeemen and committeewomen from Blue Township Sub District's 5, 7, and 8, Ward 23, Ward 24, and Brooking.  That puts Paul and Meghan LeVota on the nominating committee.

On Facebook Geoff Gerling announced “I am running for the Missouri House of Representatives in the 29th District… This is the district my family has owned a home in since 1988, where I was schooled at Raytown High, where I worked multiple jobs, where I became who I am today…”


House 36

According to the Jackson County Democrats, the members who compose the nominating committee are the committeemen and committeewomen from Wards 10, 19, 20, 22, 25, and 26.  One source expects the Curls camp to control this nomination.


House 89

Cole McNary formed his campaign committee.  If he doesn’t get the committee nomination, look for him to run as an Independent ala Tracy McCreery and then switch back to Republican after he’s returned to Jeff City.

And one reader rolls their eyes at the idea of Dean Plocher as state representative, noting his ties to what has been the St. Louis County municipal mess… “[Plocher] is also the judge in Pine Lawn…”


Tweet of the Day

Richard Callow ‏@publiceyestl: This is hard. Should I hope for the GOP AG candidate who really believes what he says or the one who doesn't?



Ahead of this weekend’s House Republican summer caucus in St. Louis, the House Republican Campaign Committee is starting to show big checks.  Expect to see many more in the coming days…


From Politico’s Morning Energy: HOUSE TO APPROVE REINS ACT-AGAIN: The House today is set to again pass a perennial Republican bill aimed at increasing Congress’s oversight on regulations across the board… The White House threatened again last night to veto the House bill, which it called a “radical departure from the longstanding separation of powers…”

Amendment watch: Ten amendments, including seven from Democrats, will be considered…. One amendment from Missouri Republican Jason Smith would make any Obamacare-related rule subject to congressional approval…  See it here.


Payers and Providers report that Missouri not likely to expand Medicaid soon. Former Sen. Charlie Shields, now CEO of Truman Medical Center, is quoted - “Of the 41,000 who are uninsured that we care for, we estimate that at least three-fourths of them would be covered if Missouri were to expand Medicaid…”   See it here.


It’ll be interesting to see where state revenues end up this month.  Individual income tax receipts has been solid (over 5%+), a sharp increase in refunds may bring a flat month to revenues.


New Committees

Grant Gorman formed a committee to run for Circuit Judge Circuit 11 Division 2 St Charles County.  His treasurer is Ernie Dempsey, pops to Pro Tem Tom Dempsey.


Susan McClintic formed a committee to run for House 47 as a Democrat.  The current incumbent is Republican Rep. Chuck Basye.  McClintic is the former president of the Columbia Missouri National Education.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Mike Colona Golf – Sunset Hills Golf Course – STL – 11AM.


$5K+ Contributionastern MO Laborers Education & Benevolent Fund - $9,044 from Quarry Workers Local Union 829.

Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri 2665 PAC Fund - $6,000 from Riverview Firefighters Fund.

Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri 2665 PAC Fund - $6,000 from Professional Firefighter of Eastern Missouri,

Schmitt for Missouri - $10,000 from Anheuser Busch Companies.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $50,000 from Missourians for Mike Cierpiot.

Friends of Peter Kinder - $25,000 from Norman Harty.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc – FEAPAC of Missouri.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc – RightCHOICE Managed Care Inc.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc – Republican Services Inc.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc – Noranda Aluminum Inc.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $15,000 from QC Holdings Inc.



Happy birthdays to former Rep. Vicki Englund (41).