Friday, January 9, 2015

Senate Committees

Here’s what we have from the Senate on committees.  Pro Tem Tom Dempsey is taking Pensions from Veteran Affairs where it was a bit of an odd add-on, and tacked it onto General Laws.  And Public Safety was added to the Transportation Committee.


Committee on Administration, 5 members.

Committee on Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources,

Committee on Appropriations, 11 members.

Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment, 11 members.

Committee on Education, 8 members.

Committee on Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections, 11 members.

Committee on General Laws and Pensions, 7 members.

Committee on Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight, 8 members.

Committee on Gubernatorial Appointments, 11 members.

Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government, 11 members.

Committee on the Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence, 7 members.

Committee on Progress and Development, 5 members.

Committee on Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics, 7 members.

Committee on Seniors, Families and Children, 7 members.

Committee on Small Business, Insurance and Industry, 8 members.

Committee on Transportation, Infrastructure, and Public Safety, 7 members.

Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and Health, 10 members.

Committee on Ways and Means, 7 members.


Administration Committee: Tom Dempsey (Chair), Ron Richard (Vice-chair), Mike Kehoe, Joe Keaveny, and Gina Walsh.

Gubernatorial Appointments Committee: Dempsey (Chair), Richard (Vice-chair), Ed Emery, Brian Munzlinger, Rob Schaaf, Dave Schatz, Eric Schmitt, Kiki Curls, Paul LeVota, and Jamilah Nasheed.

Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee: Richard (Chair), Dempsey (Vice-chair), Bob Dixon, Doug Libla, Wayne Wallingford, LeVota, and Walsh.


The chairmanships will be worth watching next week. It’s said that Sen. Mike Kehoe is interested in moving from Transportation to Commerce.  If that happens one thought would be Sen. Doug Libla taking Transportation.  The other obvious opening is General Laws, where Brian Nieves departed.  That could be an opportunity for Sen. Rob Schaaf.  We’ll see…

The overall theme though to watch for is what vice-chairs the sophomore class gets.  There’s aren’t enough slots to give them chairmanships, so attaining vice-chair of a committee puts them on the path to chairing it in two years.  In this analysis Sens. Wayne Wallingford and Gary Romine might stay as vice-chairs of Ways and Means, and Education respectively so they could ascend to those posts in January 2017.


Wright Exits Lobbying

From: Phil Wright

Date: January 7, 2015 at 11:56:12 AM CST


Subject: Farewell

After 24 years as a political and governmental advocate, I recently changed careers and am no longer a state lobbyist in Missouri. I am now providing instructor led (St. Louis and USA) and online communication and sales training to home service contractors (plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and roofers) for Success Academy, the training department for Direct Energy Services.

My wonderful wife and business partner LuAnn Madsen, with the assistance of Dr. DK Hirner, JD will continue lobbying for and representing UCM, as well as our other clients and business interests.

Just so there's no question, LuAnn and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary November 26, 2014, and our relationship has grown even stronger during this time of transition.

I will very much miss working with each if you, and thank you for the camaraderie and shared passion of purpose towards protecting and improving public higher education.

Best wishes for success in 2015 and surviving the legislative session!

~ Phil Wright


Neth Reflects on Relational Win

From: Myron Neth

Date: January 8, 2015 at 4:19:24 PM CST


Subject: Exit Message

This is going out to numerous people who I have met or come into contact with during my time in the Missouri Legislature.

As y tenure has now ended as a Missouri State Representative I have reflected on my time campaigning for and being in office.  Although my time was relatively brief, it was an experience that was life changing and worthwhile. I have always believed that relationships are key in life. As I made many new friends and connections- this makes it a relational win.

t was always my intent to be a good partner in what we tried to accomplish, even if on different sides of an issue or problem. I felt fortunate that I have learned a long time ago not to take too much personally and that everyone is just trying to do the best they can given their passion or what they are paid to do.

It is my hope that although I may not have a legislative title going forward, such connections will not be dismissed and might continue in some form or another as situations allow.



Myron Neth

"Newly Former" State Rep. 



Eli Yokley tweets that he is applying for membership to the Press Corps, and that Missouri Times’ membership will be discussed in light of UnveilinGate.  See the tweet here.


Potential GOP AG candidate Josh Hawley is in St. Louis today meeting with conservatives… including former Speaker Tim Jones and former state senator Jane Cunningham


Sen. Jill Schupp was appointed to the Missouri Children’s Trust Fund Board.


President Barack Obama will propose making two years of community college free in his State of the Union speech.  See it here.


Help Wanted

Missouri Press Association seeks Executive Director.  “The Missouri Press Association, one of the most active and storied newspaper associations in the country (our Hall of Fame includes Twain and the Pulitzers), seeks an executive director to lead the organization and further the cause of an independent and thriving press. The duties include member relations and development; government relations and lobbying; sales, marketing and fundraising; community and industry relations; public speaking; programs and event planning; and staff, P&L, and administrative management.”  See the ad here.


St. Louis Association of REALTORS seek Political Fundraising and Community Relations Coordinator. “One of the major functions of the association is political advocacy and community outreach which requires fundraising for the REALTORS® Political Action Committee. Reporting to the Director of Government and Public Affairs, the Political Fundraising and Community Relations Coordinator will be responsible for cultivating 50 major donors (contributions of $1,000 or more) and fundraising for the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC).”  See the ad here.


Gray Passes

US Senator Claire McCaskill tweeted ‏@clairecmc: My dear friend & Kansas City political legend Pat Gray passed away tonight.Truly one of a kind with a special heart.My love to his family… Pat Gray's biggest secret? He was an idealist. Funny, smart, loyal, kind. Gosh I will miss him.


New Committees

AGC of MO PAC was formed.  Its treasurer is Leonard Toenjes; its deputy treasurer is Denise Hasty.  This is one more aspect – you’ve probably seen the lobbyist registrations changes, and the combining of PACs in the $5K+ contributions below – of a new merger between the Associated General Contractors of St. Louis and the Associated General Contractors of Missouri.


The Buchanan GOP PAC was formed.  Its treasurer is Judith Ausman.


Barbie Banks started a committee, Barbie Banks For Columbia, to run for Council Person Ward 1 City Of Columbia.  It’s a non-partisan election.


Lobbyist Registrations

Kenneth Menges added Sheet Metal, Air, Rail And Transportation (Smart Transportation Division); and deleted United Transportation Union.


$5K+ Contributions

AGC of MO PAC - $44,623 from AGC of St. Louis Political Action Committee.

AGC OF MO PAC - $19,422 from Associated General Contractors of MO PAC.

Civic Progress Action Committee - $13,000 form Emerson Electric Co.

Civic Progress Action Committee - $7,500 from Ameren Services Co.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to Rep. Caleb Jones, and Steve Murray.

Saturday: US Senator Roy Blunt (65), Trevor Fox, Randy Jotte (55), Cy Dashtaki, Carmen Schulze, and Jaci Winship.

Sunday: Rep. Judy Morgan (67), Scott Intagliata (54), and Darin Cline.