Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ashcroft in 2016?

John “Jay” Ashcroft filed a campaign committee to run for a “statewide office” in 2016.  Ashcroft lost a very close state senate race last year to Sen. Jill Schupp, after winning a three-way Republican primary.

There’s no indication which office he has his eyes on, but it could upset the Republicans' tentative slate as defined by Rex Sinquefield’s  six and seven figure dollar checks. Despite Ashcroft’s recent loss, the name ID contained in his last name would make him a potent primary candidate for any of the offices.

As a reminder here’s where Sinquefield’s money is:

Governor: Catherine Hanaway, $1,000,000.

Lieutenant Governor: Bev Randles, $1,000,000.

Secretary of State: Will Kraus, $100,000.

Attorney General: Kurt Schaefer, $250,000

State Treasurer: Eric Schmitt, $250,000.

They are not all unopposed of course.  Auditor Tom Schweich is seen running for governor; and incumbent LG Peter Kinder is expected to run for re-election.


House Committees

In HR1, the temporary rules for the House, see it here, we get a peek at the new committee structure for the House.

Here they are…

Administration and Accounts.

Agriculture Policy.

Appropriations - Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources.

Appropriations - Education.

Appropriations - General Administration.

Appropriations - Health, Mental Health and Social Services.

Appropriations - Infrastructure and Job Creation.

Appropriations - Public Safety and Corrections.

Appropriations - Revenue, Transportation, and Economic Development.



Children and Families.

Civil and Criminal Proceedings.

Conservation and Natural Resources.

Consumer Affairs.


Economic Development and Business Attraction and Retention.


Elementary and Secondary Education.

Emerging Issues Education.

Emerging Issues.

Employment Security.

Energy and the Environment.


Fiscal Review.

Government Oversight and Accountability.

Government Innovations.

Health and Mental Health Policy.

Health Insurance.

Higher Education.

Local Government.


Professional Registration and Licensing

Property and Casualty Insurance.

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

Professional Registration and Licensing.



Small Business.


Trade and Tourism


Utility Infrastructure.


Ways and Means.

Workforce Development


These will all then funnel up their legislation to the select standing committee. The new “select” committees to which the smaller committees will report are: Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Financial Institutions and Taxation, General Law, Insurance, Judiciary, Labor and Industrial Relations, Social Services, State and Local Governments, Utilities.




Here are yesterday’s opening speeches from the leader of each chamber…

Speaker John Diehl’s.

Pro Tem Tom Dempsey’s.

But the one that stole the show was Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal introducing a remonstrance of Governor Jay Nixon.  It calls for Nixon to resign or face impeachment.  Hear the audio of it here which includes Chappelle-Nadal’s brief statement as well… “a fish rots from its head…”


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

MO Democratic Party – Senate project – Bleu Restaurant, Columbia – 5-7 p.m.


Lobbyist Registrations

Sherry Doctorian added The Travelers Protective Association of America.

John Parris, Kim Tuttle, Ericka Leonard, Jacqueline Bardgett, John Bardgett, deleted The Partnership For Downtown St. Louis.

John Bardgett and Steve Tilley deleted Healthcare Fraud Shield.


$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Koster - $10,000 from Burns & McDonnell.

Wieland Now - $10,000 from Grow Missouri.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to Sen. Mike Cunningham (68), and Sen. Gina Walsh’s Janson Thomas.