Friday, July 18, 2014

Senate Primary Predictions

The updated Senate Primary Guide can be found in the Special Reports section.  Find it here.  Below are my picks to win.


Senate 2 – Bob Onder

Senate 4 – Joe Keaveny

Senate 16 – Dan Brown

Senate 24 – Jay Ashcroft



League of Women Against Ballot Amendments

Press release:  The League of Women Voters Missouri announced its strong opposition to three Missouri constitutional amendments on the August 5th ballot: Proposition 1 Freedom to Farm, Proposition 5 The Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and  Proposition 7 the Transportation Tax.


The “Freedom to Farm” amendment states that food and animal producers should be free to engage in farming and ranching practices. The League believes that if passed, industrial pork producers, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, and pet breeders would be difficult to regulate…


The “Right to Bear Arms Amendment establishes an “unalienable right” to keep and bear arms in the state of Missouri. The League believes that state and local authorities will be hampered in their ability to regulate firearms...


The “Transportation Tax” Amendment imposes a ¾ cent sales tax for building and maintaining roads, bridges, other transportation infrastructure and some public transportation projects. The League believes that the burden of this regressive sales tax increase would fall most heavily on the poor, working class families, and seniors…



Stream Quietly Preps

While Charlie Dooley and Steve Stenger beat each other silly, Rep. Rick Stream is quietly raising money… the invite to his July 30 event has the major legislative players on-board… Hosts: State Auditor Tom & Kathy Schweich, along with co-hosts: Representative Sue & Mike Allen, The Honorable Jane & Gary Cunningham, House Majority Floor Leader John & Kelly Diehl, House Speaker Tim & Suzanne Jones, Senator John & Caryn Lamping, Senator Eric & Jaime Schmitt, along with special guests: The Honorable Mike Gibbons, and  Former St. Louis County Executive Gene McNary



Campaign Committee Accounts

House Republican Campaign Committee raised $75,478; spent $232,960; and has $384,404 on-hand.  The Republicans’ Missouri Senate Campaign Committee raised $129,550; spent $57,304; sent $150,000 to campaigns; and has $281,317 on-hand.


The Democrats terminated their House and Senate campaign committees and are working through the state party.


MO Democratic State Party raised $224,299; spent $182,893; and has $455,198 on-hand.

MO Republican Party raised $16,776; spent $45,000; and has $16,979 on-hand.



UCity to Take Normandy Kids

Post-Dispatch reports that the University City School Board reversed itself and will accept the transfer students from Normandy.  See the story here.  “Eighty children who’d transferred out of Normandy schools into the neighboring University City district under a Missouri Supreme Court ruling last fall will be re-enrolled, relieving their parents of the angst of having to put them back in Normandy schools.”



Wash U Suit

Washington University has sued Healthcare USA saying they’re owed about $2.5 million for Medicaid services they provided.  One observer says that if Wash U wins, “it could make state contracting more difficult.  HCUSA gets paid by the state and eventually this kind of thing will hit the state's budget (probably in the next re-bid).”



Sauer Suit

Fred Sauer – who’s quickly becoming a bit of a state political gadfly (see his website here) – sent this press release: Fred Sauer filed a legal action (Case No. 14AC-CC00293) against the Missouri Public Service Commission on June 6, 2014, in the Cole County Circuit Court alleging that the Public Service Commission violated Missouri's Sunshine Law for failing to comply with Mr. Sauer's March 31, 2014 Sunshine request for public records that show the amount and price of wind and solar energy Ameren Missouri purchased from Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm in 2012.  All of these values were redacted from the required yearly Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Report by Ameren…


However, the Public Service Commission has allowed Ameren to hide the true cost that Ameren pays, and subsequently passes onto Missouri consumers, to comply with the RES.  A search of every Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Report submitted by Ameren shows large amounts of blacked-out sections that prevent anyone from finding out how Ameren is complying with Missouri's Renewable Energy Standard…



Burke to Social Services

According to the Missouri Accountability Portal, Brittany Burke is now a special assistant professional in the Department of Social Service.  See it here.  She was previously the deputy press secretary.



Messer Presser

Watch a news report from yesterday’s press conference about missing Lynn Messer here.



eMailbag: Moon Upset Coming

“I’ll bet you a Moon Pie that Julie Ruzicka wins in 157!   She’s a nice lady and Don’s popularity down there likely snuffs-out Mike Moon’s incumbency advantage.  Low turnout will probably help Mike though.  It's an interesting district.  They've elected some very, very moderate Reps (Ruzicka, Dake & Goodman) so Moon seems too extreme for that area.”



Help Wanted

Jackson County, Missouri Public Administrator's Office seeks Staff Attorney.  “Immediate opportunity for an attorney in a county office serving guardianship, conservatorship and decedent estates in Kansas City… Essential skills include the ability to exercise good time management, communicate effectively and handle a high volume of work accurately. Salary range $47,000 to $52,000…”   See the ad here.



Fundraising Calendar

Today’s fundraising events from Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Kathy Swan Golf – Dalhousie Golf Club, Cape Girardeau.

Rep. Mary Nichols Reception – Syberg’s Restaurant, 2430 Old Dorsett Rd., Maryland Heights – 6:30-9 p.m.



$5K+ Contributions

Committee to Elect Allen Moss - $25,000 from Allen Moss.

Missourians for Better Transportation Solutions - $7,500 from James Fitzpatrick.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from AT&T.

Missourians for Safe Transportation & New Jobs Inc - $10,000 from Lockton Companies LLC.

Missourians for Safe Transportation & New Jobs Inc - $50,000 from Kiewit Infrastructure Co.

Missourians for Safe Transportation & New Jobs Inc – $20,000 from Assocated General Contractors of St. Louis.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $20,000 from AT&T.

Connect KC - $25,000 from Burns & McDonnell.



Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to Rep. Charlie Davis (49), Becky Cook (64), Gary Otten, Jim Gwinner, and Brian Murphy.


Saturday: former Sen. John Griesheimer (62), and lobbyist David Overfelt.


Sunday: Sen. Brad Lager (39), and Dick Fleming.