Monday, December 8, 2014

Ferguson Poll Crosstabs

Some interesting – or perhaps predictable – splits occurred in the Ferguson poll.  See the crosstabs here.

While the broader public was timid on some of the proposals, the desire for legislative action was strongest among Democrats and African Americans.

60% of Democrats versus only 28% of Republicans, and 64% of African Americans versus only 37% of whites, supported the proposal to make a special prosecutor mandatory in cases of excessive police force.

Like a redefining of the parameters in which police can use excessive force was supported by 57% of Democrats and 67% of African Americans, but only 22% of Republicans and 33% of white.

Putting body cameras on police was the proposal which drew support across the board – 80% of Democrats and 63% of Republicans, 77% of African Americans and 70% of whites.


African American opinions did move completely in tandem with Democratic opinions however when it came to the question of Governor Jay Nixon’s handling of the crisis.  Democrats were slightly more sympathetic to the governor.  Democrats registered a 31% approval versus 55% disapproval, while 18% of Republicans approved and 67% disapproved.  African Americans were harder on the governor. 12% of African Americans approved and 76% disapproved.  Among white voters 25% approved and 59% disapproved.


Rowden on Ethics Agenda

Rep. Caleb Rowden will be testifying at the “Koster Ethics hearing” this morning.  He’ll present a plan for ethics reform.  The theme is transparency, and finding functional areas where we can shine a brighter light on the work we are doing, and help reaffirm the people’s trust in the process.  This will include: no more ‘issue development’ committees; changes to how and when out of state travel is reported; one year revolving door ban; changes to crack down on dark money; and increased accountability on gubernatorial appointments. The plan this year is to pass a series of smaller ethics bills, to avoid one big bill that can be killed.  Look for Rowden to pre-file the bulk of his ethics agenda either later this week or next week.


Freshman Tour Itinerary

The freshman legislators will be traveling the state over the next few weeks, seeing parts of the state they may never have seen, and visiting institutions.  One observer notes that there doesn’t seem to be any overall theme.  And, in the KC area he asks, “Interesting that KC Southern got highlighted along with Cerner and not much else... Did the Civic Council get shut out?”


Monday, December 8

Lunch  at Great Circle – St. James.

Tour of Fort Wood – Ft. Leonard Wood.

Dinner at The Tower Club – Springfield.

Overnight Springfield.

Tuesday, December 9

Small Business and Technology Center The Efactory – Springfield.

Jordan Valley Community Health Center – Springfield.

Lunch at Missouri Southern – Joplin.

Restoring a Community - Tornado Drive Thru – Joplin.

Kansas City - VA Center Public-Private Veterans Care Group – Kansas City.

Reception and Dinner at Kansas City Union Station – Kansas City.

Overnight KC.

Wednesday, December 10

Breakfast at Westin Crown Center – Kansas City.

Kansas City Southern Knoche Yard – Kansas City.

KCS Locomotive Service Track & GE Facility Presentation & Tour – Kansas City.

Lunch at Sprint Accelerator – Kansas City.

Cerner Corporation – North Kansas City.

Dinner at Remington/Augustine Hall - MO Western State University.

Walter Cronkite memorial Tour – Spratt Hall.

Overnight St. Joseph.

Thursday, December 11

Breakfast at and Tour of 139th Airlift Wing of the Missouri National Guard.

Lunch at Thomas Hill Energy Center – Clifton Hill.

Truman State University.

Community Step-On Bus Tour.

A. T. Still University Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health .

Dinner at Truman State University.

Overnight Jefferson City.

Friday, December 12

Missouri Gaming Commission – Jefferson City.

Missouri State Highway Patrol GHQ – Jefferson City.

Lunch at Missouri Supreme Court – Jefferson City.

Missouri State Capitol – Jefferson City.

Monday, December 15

Linn State Technical College – Linn.

Lunch at and Tour of Doe Run Mining Facility – Boss.

Dinner in Cape Girardeau.

Overnight Cape Girardeau.

Tuesday, December 16

Cape Girardeau Veterans Home – Cape Girardeau.

Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center – Cape Girardeau.

Lunch at Coretex – St. Louis.

KIPP School – St. Louis.

Arch Grounds - St. Louis

Dinner - St. Louis.

Overnight St. Louis.

Wednesday, December 17

Express Scripts – St. Louis.

Danforth Plant Sciences – St. Louis.

Lunch at Peabody – St. Louis.

Paraquad – St. Louis.

Tour of Old State Capitol (DNR) – St. Charles.

Boeing St. Charles Missile Systems Facility – St. Charles.

Tour Missouri Association of Rehabilitative Facilities.

Dinner Pio's Restaurant – St. Charles.

Overnight St. Peters.

Thursday, December 18

Breakfast at St. Charles Community College – Cottleville.

Lunch at and Tour of Ameren Nuclear Plant – Mokane.

Tour Boone County Hospital.

University of Missouri System Event .

Missouri State Historical Society Event – Columbia.

Dinner at University of Missouri.

Overnight Jefferson City.

Friday, December 19

Fulton State Hospital – Fulton

Missouri School for the Deaf.

Jefferson City Correctional Center.


Firefighter Shake Fist at Nixon

Statement from Mark Woolbright, a District Vice President of the International Association of Fire Fighters and a fire fighter in St. Louis County, the failure to protect fire fighters after the Grand Jury decision.

“When the emergency calls came in during the protests on November 24 Governor Nixon failed to deliver on his promise to protect the community and fire fighters with National Guard troops. Governor Nixon turned his back on fire fighters when it mattered most – when they were needed to help save areas of the Ferguson and adjoining communities from further damage.

“Governor Nixon’s failure meant fire fighters were not dispatched in many circumstances to save businesses and homes in locations where protests turned violent with increased danger.  Where fire fighters were dispatched to do their jobs, in a number of cases they were attacked and gun fire was present at the scene, and they had to abandon their hose lines and equipment to take cover.

 “It turned out that the Governor’s words were nothing more than empty promises and pathetic political posturing of the worst kind. As a result, fire fighters were often found in unsecured and dangerous positions. Because of such, the normal risk of firefighting was taken to an all new heightened level.

“In conclusion, it was extremely unfortunate the Ferguson community citizens and business owners of Ferguson were left with little or no fire protection, thus leaving nothing more than ashes and tears from their measurable loss.”



St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman is in Kansas City today and tomorrow talking up his attorney general bid.  And in other Zim News… he wrestled a property tax settlement from a retirement facility owner.  See it here.


It’s Claire McCaskill contra Rex Sinquefield in USATODAY.  McCaskill: “I don't think (Missourians) realize the extent to which he is putting huge numbers of elected officials ‘on his payroll.’” Read it here.


Redditt Hudson, who ran unsuccessfully for Senate 13, pens an opinion piece in the Washington Post reflecting on his time as a policeman.  “The problem is that cops aren’t held accountable for their actions, and they know it. These officers violate rights with impunity. They know there’s a different criminal justice system for civilians and police. Even when officers get caught, they know they’ll be investigated by their friends, and put on paid leave… And excessive force is almost always deemed acceptable in our courts and among our grand juries. Prosecutors are tight with law enforcement, and share the same values and ideas.”  Read it here.



On KCPL Hiring Klindt

Jason Klindt leaving the ranks of the political profession is a blow to Republicans and not just in Missouri.  The guy was unbelievably talented.  And a lot of elected in a lot of states would agree…”


Lobbyist Registrations

Trent Watson added Multistate Associates, Inc. On Behalf Of United Rentals.

Ryann Summerford deleted Planned Parenthood Advocates In Missouri

Kathryn Ann Harness added NHS Management LLC; and deleted Northport Healh Services Inc., and Worth Harley Davidson.

Thomas Robbins added The Britton Group LLC.

Nancy Giddens and Shannon Cooper deleted Zerger & Mauer LLP

Sherry Doctorian deleted Truman State University.

Scott Swain deleted Steve Carroll & Associates o/b/o Xcaliber International Ltd., LLC.

Edward Quick deleted Jackson County.


$5K+ Contributions

MO Society of Anesthesiologists Political Action Committee - $30,000 from Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City.

Friends of Rick Stream - $65,000 from Friends of John Diehl.

Schmitt for Missouri - $10,000 from Parson for State Senate.

Citizens for a Better Columbia - $12,728 from Citizens for a Better Columbia.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays Patrick Bonnot and Alderwoman Linda Rallo (the big 5-0).



Rep. Elijah Haahr and his wife, Amanda, welcomed twins over the weekend.  Scarlett (4 lbs 13 oz) and Alexandra (5lbs 3 oz) arrived five minutes apart.