Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sinquefield Gives Randles $1 Million for LG Run

Yesterday Bev Randles announced that she had formed an exploratory committee to run for Lieutenant Governor.  It was also reported (see Jo Manniesarticle here, and the $5K+ Contributions below) that donor Rex Sinquefield dropped $1 million into the new committee.  Mannies writes that it’s the single largest donation to a candidate in Missouri history.  (Because if you’re going to go big, go big on the LG’s race?)


Here is Randles’ statement: “During the past several months, elected officials, community leaders, and grassroots activists throughout the state of Missouri have encouraged me to run for statewide elective office. After thoughtfully considering those calls to serve, today, I filed paperwork with the Missouri Ethics Commission to form an exploratory committee and gauge support for a potential run for the Republican nomination for Missouri lieutenant governor… Over the coming weeks and months, I look forward to speaking with people all across our state about my vision for a better Missouri for all, and continuing to garner support for a potential campaign.”

The bio notes that she is chairman of Sinquefield’s Missouri Club for Growth organizations.

Her husband, Bill Randles, ran for governor in 2012, losing in the primary to Dave Spence.  (Spence won 60% of the vote to Randles’ 16%, and Fred Sauer’s 15%.)

Sinquefield has now placed massive bets on each slot of the Republican slate.  Let’s review.  Governor: Catherine Hanaway, $750K down-payment plus $10K weekly stipend; LG: Bev Randles, $1 million; Attorney General: Kurt Schaefer, $250K; Treasurer: Eric Schmitt, $250K; Secretary of State: Will Kraus, $100K.

Quick take from a lobbyist: “She still has the potential to be a rock star but the million from Rex is a problem. His money is becoming poisonous…”


Kinder Responds

Kinder statement: “I've taken on and defeated bankrolled challengers before. In 2012, I fought through two tough elections and carried 109 of 114 Missouri counties despite being heavily outspent. This year I worked with and campaigned for Republicans throughout Missouri to increase our historic majorities in the Legislature, and I am proud to have led the conservative cause in our state throughout my career. It has been an honor to serve as Missouri's Lieutenant Governor, and I look forward to the 2016 campaign.”

From Kinder close advisers: “Peter's resolve to run for reelection is undeterred by the donation. Peter is very competitive and all this contribution does is cement Peter into the race and motivates Peter to work extremely hard.”

Drebes: I bet against Kinder in 2008 as a Democratic wave splashed over the nation and Missouri.  Every other Republican statewide candidate fell that year, every other one but Kinder. I try not to make the same mistake twice, so you won’t find me betting against Kinder regardless of how much Sinquefield drops in.


McCaskill Weighs In

US Senator Claire McCaskill release a one-sentence statement/question: “The question Missourians really need to ask is this - do they really want a government completely owned by one St. Louis billionaire?”



Is Sinquefield a billionaire?  I always thought the answer was no.  Sure he was worth hundreds of millions… but a full-blown billionaire, I doubted. However, I'm thinking now, that if he has had his money in indexes like he preached, he may be a billionaire – now that the stock market has doubled under President Barack Obama


Reichard to MO Dental Association

Katie Reichard, who staffed Sen. Brad Lager for the past eight years, is headed to the Missouri Dental Association.  She’ll be their Legislative and Regulatory Director.  She swaps spots in a sense with Patrick Baker who moves from MO Dental to Sen. Mike Parson’s office.


Kleinsorge to Schatz

Word is that Dan Kleinsorge will join the staff of Sen-elect Dave Schatz. Kleinsorge has been the executive director of Missouri Farmers Care.  MFC was one of the prime movers behind the “right to farm” amendment.  No word on who is on tap to succeed Kleinsorge at MFC.


Nasheed Hunting for New Chief

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed is said to be on the lookout for a new chief of staff with Eric Vickers, her current right-hand man, headed to the private side.


Chappelle-Nadal Hunting for New Aide?

It looks like Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal is looking to fill a hole in her office also.  Former Rep. Mike Vogt is gone, and there’s an ad on the Senate webpage saying to send resumes to Chappelle-Nadal staffer Christine Brauner.… “The Missouri Senate is accepting resumes for a legislative position to work in an office of a state Senator. This is a highly responsible, professional legislative position that focuses on proposed legislation and policy development. This position requires excellent written and communication skills, and analytical skills. The successful applicant must be able to deal with constituents in a professional and courteous manner and respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. The employee in this position must also be able to work independently with minimal distractions, along with an ability to handle multiple tasks.”  See the ad here.


Klein to Regional Chamber

Anne Klein started yesterday at the St. Louis Regional Chamber as Vice President for Education Strategies.  “Since 2012, she has been Assistant Director of the St. Louis County Department of Parks & Recreation, advising the County Executive on policy issues that affect the strategic direction of the administration.  Formerly, Anne was Director of Sustainability in the Office of the St. Louis County Executive.  Her career has also included positions as:  Senior Project Manager for the Community Program Development Corp.; Director of Policy Development for St. Charles County Government; and Director of Government Affairs for the Home Builders Association here in St. Louis.”


Help Wanted

St. Louis City Treasurer seeks Director of Information Technology.  “Directs and leads the organization's strategic direction and technological development for future growth. Works in consultative fashion with other department heads as an advisor of technologies that may improve efficiencies and effectiveness of the Office. Responsible for overall management of IT department including support, and enhancements of various custom and third party software applications. Manages and maintains all hardware, telecommunications, and networking environments; ensures integrity of data systems. Creates and maintains Information Technology policies and procedures…”  See ad here.


Events Calendar

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Orientation of New Senator’s Staff.


Lobbyist Registrations

Patrick Lynn added Mid-America Retail Food Industry Joint Labor-Management Committee, Noah’s Arc Foundation Missouri, Citizens Rx, The Kelley Group, and Clean Air Missouri.

Caitlin Kerber added Patek and Associates.

Richard Martin added Uber Technologies Inc.

James Moody and Chris Moody added Alkermes Inc.

Jay Hardenbrook added AARP Missouri; and deleted Missouri Budget Project and Missouri Policy Matters.

Richard Winders added Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives.

Nike L Thompson terminated his lobbyist registration.  His clients at time of termination were: County of Boone, New Bloomfield Farms, and Schneider Properties.


$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Randles - $1,000,000 from Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to former state senator Jeff Smith (41), and Heidi Geisbuhler.