Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nixon Go Tolls

Governor Jay Nixon asked the Department of Transportation to provide a plan for using tolls on I-70.  See the letter here.  Nixon wants the analysis by the end of the year… that is, in time for legislative session.

Some transportation funding advocates blame Nixon for the failure of the transportation tax by putting it on the August ballot.  So, this being an apparent “Plan B,” perhaps they are mollified.  However, initial support for the idea, if it exists, was largely invisible.

Reasonable lobbyist: “MODOT can clearly show how the road bed is crumbling and that smooth top layer will soon go with it.  We could also increase both safety and commerce by adding another lane each direction.  Missourians are not going to raise taxes.  Three failed tobacco tax increases in twelve years is great illustration of that.  Missourians rejected a toll road proposal in 1992 42%-57%, but the ability for public-private partnerships has advanced since then and it’s time to evaluate it again…”


Marcel to Schupp

Violet Marcel will be joining Sen-elect Jill Schupp’s staff.  Marcel has been the ‎Legislative Coordinator for the Minority Caucus in the House.  Before that Marcel was a legislative assistant for Tracy McCreery.


Follow-Up on Sinquefield’s $1 Million to Randles

There was significant chatter following Rex Sinquefield’s million-dollar donation to his lieutenant governor candidate, Bev Randles.

Rexageddon in 2016?

One Republican politico sees 2016 as the coming battle which will determine the future of whether the GOP cedes control of picking candidates to Team Sinquefield… “It is great having Daddy Rex just shower money, but at some point we have to realize that one man cannot totally pick all statewide leadership in the state.  It is like he is watching House of Cards on Netflix for ideas!  Don't we want to at least pretend we have some free will on these primaries?”

Kinder’s Danger

One Republican lobbyist insists that the danger to Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder’s political career is not Randles… “There’s no path for her to win.”  Instead the danger is that she spends millions attacking Kinder, and he depletes his campaign account in the primary.  Then a Democrat, maybe a self-funder who put $50K into his campaign account yesterday (see $5K Contributions below), comes along and finally knocks Kinder off.

Sinquefield as Limit-Bringer?

Are Sinquefield’s super-sized checks setting the stage for the resumption of campaign contribution limits in Missouri?  The answer, when I asked around yesterday, was a unanimous: No.  That table is already set.  If the Dems can get it to the voters, it will pass.  It’s a slam-dunk issue.

However one observer thinks that with the early voting issue Missouri Republicans have tipped their playbook against such killer proposals: pass their own version through the legislature.  At the very least it confuses voters and could send conflicting versions into litigation…

Speaking of which, in addition to his “army of lobbyists,” look for an army of lawyers joining the ranks of Team Sinquefield to find legal challenges to derail any campaign limits proposal before it gets to the ballot…

What Money Can’t Buy

Would a Randles defeat help Team Sinquefield consider whether shock-and-awe money is always the best tool for every situation?  Could a gentle nudge to Kinder have persuaded him against running for re-election and now the two-years out money nuke has disrespected him enough for one more tour?



Ann Wagner ‏@RepAnnWagner: Huge news for our national and economic security in #STL. Just found out the budget includes 15 Growlers, 3 more than what was requested!


Sam Brownback details how to pay for tax cuts… here.


Help Wanted

Springfield News-Leader seeks Politics Reporter.  “A mix of work from Springfield and at the capital, the reporter follows the legislature, governor’s office and other state agencies for the effects on life in southwest Missouri. From live tweeting an appearance from the governor to in-depth stories on the state budget or video explainers of what’s on the legislative agenda, this reporter takes dense material and helps readers understand the impact on their lives. The MO Politics reporter will grow readership and interest in the beat by leveraging multiple platforms and story forms to engage with readers…”  See the ad here.


Events Calendar

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Sen-elect. Paul Wieland Luncheon – Jefferson City Country Club, Jefferson City – 11:30-1 p.m.


Lobbyist Registrations

Kimberly Tuttle, Ericka Leonard and Jacqueline Bardgett added Anheuser-Busch.

Jason Klindt added Kansas City Power & Light.

Harry Hill deleted Missouri Rural Area Health Education Centers, Truman State University Development Foundation, and Organization For Clinical Laboratory Science.

William Bryant McNally deleted Missouri Hospital Association.


$5K+ Contributions

Hanaway for Governor - $10,000 from Rex Sinquefield.

Bradshaw Exploratory Committee - $50,000 from Brad Bradshaw.