Monday, February 9, 2015

McManus for Council Person

Rep. Kevin McManus has amended his campaign committee to seek the Kansas City Council seat.  His kick-off is February 19.  The election is April 7.  See his website here.


Wright for LG?

Inside Dem circles, there is mention of former Rep. John Wright jumping into the 2016 mix with an LG bid.  The expectation is that Springfield lawyer/doctor Brad Bradshaw is also planning on an LG run.  Both these Dems could self-fund, but having primary would negate the potential advantage of Republicans also having a primary (incumbent Peter Kinder vs Bev Randles).


Poll Cross Tabs

See the cross tabs from this week’s MOScout poll here in the Special Reports.

By far, the piece of the poll that generated the most interest was Sen. Ryan Silvey’s bill to extend Medicaid to veterans and their families.

eMailbag from a House Republican: “Re: the poll to expand Medicaid for vets...there are two problems. The first being it’s unconstitutional to do so. The second being that there is no chance in the world the Feds would expand Medicaid for one group of people. Not because they wouldn't want to, but because they would assume Missouri would just settle for Vets and not work to expand for the remainder of the population, which would not be good for their long term goal of full expansion. Regardless of what he intended to do, Silvey has further alienated himself from Republicans in the building and proved he either doesn't know the basics of Medicaid or he does and is just using it for theatrical value. Either scenario is terrible for him and not good for anyone who actually wants to expand Medicaid.”


MRP Chair Race

As the race to succeed Ed Martin as MRP Chair heats up, one wonders if the Tom Schweich camp is miscalculating.

The word is that Nick Myers was on John Hancock’s team until he decided to run himself.  Furthermore, it’s said that Myers is considered Schweich’s candidate in the scrum.  Hancock is said to be Catherine Hanaway’s favorite (with Eddy Justice playing Switzerland at this point).

But consider: Hancock has a regular gig on the mighty KMOX.  That, not the pulpit of the Party Chair, is the bigger microphone.

As chair of the party, Hancock would presumably be bound to some measure of neutrality – at least publicly.  But if he loses this bid, he might just let loose on the airwaves.  As LBJ famously mused sometimes its better it’s better to have someone in the tent pissing out, rather than the other way around.  We’ll see….


Critics: Telsa Not Free Market

While Telsa has been pushing a free market narrative to prevent the auto dealers from passing new laws, its critics growl that Telsa is anything but an exemplar of the free market citing their generous government subsidies.  For example recently on KTRS’ McGraw Milhaven show, Phil Kerpen proclaimed “It costs you $30k every time Tesla sells a car.”  Listen to it here.


Foundation Formula Funding Shortfall

Post-Dispatch’s Alex Stuckey reports that the foundation formula which has been on the verge of falling apart for some years due to a lack of funding, may have reached its breaking point as a result of two sentences inserted last year by Sen. Eric SchmittRead it here.

Does the legislature have the stomach, skills and capacity for the necessary major rewrite?  As my son’s magic 8-ball says: All Signs Point to NO.


Hearings of Interest This Week


House Emerging Issues in Education Committee – 12 Noon in House Hearing Room 6 – will hear Rep. David Wood’s student transfer bill.

House Select Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations – 5 PM in House Hearing Room 7 – will hear more right to work legislation.



House Energy and the Environment Committee – 8AM in House Hearing Room 7 – Freshman Rep. Dan Shaul presents his bill to prevent a plastic or paper bag ban or tax.  See the national trend on it here.

Senate Rules Committee – 9AM in the Senate Lounge – will hear bills proposing campaign contribution limits.  One sponsored by Republican Sen. David Pearce, and the other is sponsored by Democrat Sen. Paul LeVota.



Employment Security Committee – 8AM in House Hearing Room 7 – has a pair of bills from Rep. Kurt Bahr dealing with employers classifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees.

House Civil and Criminal Proceedings Committee will – 12 Noon in House Hearing Room 1 – will hear Rep. Brandon Ellington’s proposed constitutional amendment repealing the authorization for convening of grand juries.

Senate Education Committee – 3PM in the Senate Lounge – will hear Sen. Kurt Schaefer’s bill to prohibit University of Missouri curators from hiring the governor – if he was responsible for their appointments.  The committee may also vote out the student transfer bills similar to the ones it passed last year.


New Committees

Ryan Euliss started a campaign committee for Council Person Ward 6 City of Columbia. It is non-partisan.


The 7th Ward Regular Democrats was formed.  The treasurer is Brian Wahby.  There’s a contested aldermanic election currently heating up.  The 7th Ward Independent Democrats, associated with Committeewoman Marie Ceselski, recently endorsed Chelsea Merta.  This “regular Dems” committee will likely endorse Wahby’s protégé, candidate Jack Coatar.


Michael Finley started a campaign committee to run for House 100 as a Republican.  The current incumbent, Rep. Sue Allen, is termed.  Finley is an alderman in Ballwin.


Lobbyist Registrations

Irl Scissors added Missouri for Compassionate Care.

Noah Reandeau added Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Harry Gallagher, Kimberly Akin, Heath Clarkston added Kum & Go.

Jeff Grisamore added VVG Investments LLC.

Patrick Lynn deleted Clean Air Missouri

Kyna Iman added Renew Missouri.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to Rep. Jered Taylor (31), Ryann Summerford, and Larry Davis Jr.



To David Willis on his engagement to Stephanie Boeth.