Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Senate Passes Richard Ethics Bill

The Senate passed Floor Leader Ron Richard’s ethics bill by a wide margin: 32-2.  The two dissenters were Sen. Rob Schaaf (didn’t go far enough) and Sen. Mike Parson (went too far).


Nixon to Announce Progress on Rams Rescue

Governor Jay Nixon is headed to the riverfront in St. Louis to announce progress on the imagined stadium to keep the Rams football team from relocating.  Read it here.


Roads Funding

Governing Magazine reports on states looking at raising the gas tax for roads.  Read it here.

And Politico reports on Senator Roy Blunt writing President Barack Obama to use the idea of cash repatriation tax to pay for roadsRead the letter here.


Initiative Petition News

The Secretary of State’s office announced that initiative petition to legalize marijuana has been approved to circulation… “The official ballot title for the initiative petition, 2016-013, reads: Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to: legalize marijuana for personal, medical, and commercial purposes; release all persons who have non-violent, marijuana-related offenses from incarceration, probation, and parole, and expunge the records of their offense; and prohibit state funds and law enforcement from being used to enforce federal marijuana laws?

State government expects annual operating costs starting at $900,000 and an unknown increase in public health costs, possibly offset by unknown savings in the criminal justice system. Possible increased sales tax revenue is unknown. The fiscal impact to local governments is unknown.”


And several petitions were opened for public comment.  Stacy Shore, an anti-common core advocate, submitted petitions to limit the power of the state board of education.  Jill Carter, also an anti-common core advocate, submitted petitions concerning parental rights.  See them here.


Tipsters to Drebes: You’re Wrong

Tipster #1 says that John Wright is looking at treasurer, not LG. Look for an announcement in the summer.

Tipster #2 says that Nick Myers, running for MRP Chair, is not in the tank for Tom Schweich.

As always, when in doubt, repeat the refrain: We’ll see….


Gub Appts

James H. Chapman III, a Democrat, to the Elevator Safety Board

Susan Cole, an Independent, to the Missouri Charter Public School Commission

Michelle Crockett to the Children’s Trust Fund Board.

Deborah Curtis, an Independent, to the Missouri Charter Public School Commission.

Ve’Shawn Dixon as the student representative of the Northwest Missouri State University Board of Regents.

Christina M. Ferguson to the State Board of Pharmacy.

David E. Gurian to the Organ Donation Advisory Committee.

Frank James Logan Sr., a Democrat, to the Lincoln University Board of Curators.

Paul M. Maloney, a Republican, to the Saint Louis City Board of Election Commissioners.

David W. Murphy, a Democrat, to the Conservation Commission.

Thomas Rodenberg, a Democrat, to the Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Fund Board of Trustees.

Christie L. Rodriguez to the Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners.

Leland M. Shurin, a Democrat, to Missouri Gaming Commission.



Politico’s Influence reports on lobbyists’ terminations that the Gephardt Group Government Affairs is no longer registered to represent Visa.


St. Louis Business Journal reports on alumni of St. Louis University who are upset about a proposed public art piece commemorating the Ferguson protests and say they will stop giving their dollars to the school.  Read it here.


Washington Post article floats the question whether winning the moderates will be the key to 2016.



A new state politics satirical blog, The Buck…  See it here.


New Committees

Dean Hodge started a campaign committee to run as a Libertarian in House 103.

Center for Competitive Elections (a PAC) was formed.  Its treasurer is Stuart KeatingThis might be that Stuart Keating.

Citizens for a Better Clayton (a PAC) was formed.  Its treasurer is Firmin Puricelli. Puricelli is an attorney and artist.


Lobbyist Registrations

Kyle Kamrath added Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated.

Mary Schantz added Kansas City Regional Home Care Assn.

Gail Parson added Natural Resources Defense Council.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to Rep. Tom Hurst (49), and Dentons’ Brian Grace (34).