Monday, March 23, 2015

The Tussle Over Hancock Continues

The John Hancock saga continues… After some heavy Republican donors weighed in Friday afternoon with a mass email, a few the rank-and-file committeepeople jabbed back at the big boys.

Rebecca Rooney, a committeewoman from Buchanan County, sent a “Dear Sirs” letter back to Sam Fox & Co.  – of course CC-ing the entire Republican community.  Here’s an excerpt…


I read your "Important Message" and would like to share my thoughts. The issue of John Hancock has nothing to do with your consideration towards Tom Schweich. It is about you and Mr. Hancock. I say this because saying Mr. Schweich being Jewish or not has not been given any context by anyone saying this was heard. This affidavit does not even outline conversation which led to the statement by John Hancock.

If this comment were made, I further would have expected something to have been done sooner. As this affidavit is now detailing a conversation three to four months old, it smells like "situational ethics"-I would have expected someone feeling righteous indignation to have made this conversation known prior to the State Committee meeting in which the Chairperson was selected.

This all sounds more like embittered people who lost the State Committee Chair position, and nothing more….


This was followed by another mass email.  This one from Catherine Hanaway support Maryann Manion.  Here’s an excerpt…


After I read the email  forwarded to me dated 3/20/15 from Sam Fox, Peter Herschend and Neal Ethridge, along with David Humphrey's affidavit I did some soul searching. Why are they doing this - Republicans against Republicans. The only winners here are the Democrats… Why such a nasty campaign against Hancock. People always say - follow the money. I did. The email points a finger but the money shows the story. 

#1.  Sam Fox's donations to Friends of Tom Schweich:

1/14/2014  $100,000

6/6/2013    $100,000

8/21/2013 $50,000


#2. Why is Sam Fox standing up for Danforth's record of integrity. Ladies - I was shocked at this! I spent the afternoon after my friend, Tom Schweich's funeral, feeling a sense of shock at Danforths' Homily.  I decided to google negative campaigns. The internet is an amazing tool. You can find all kinds of information including that Danforth acknowledged that he campaigned negatively against Harriette Woods in the 1980's. Why would Danforth wage a negative campaign against Harriette Woods and Anita Hill. Every female in Missouri should be outraged at what he did to Anita Hill. No integrity here.


#3.  What is David Humphrey's real intent in providing an affidavit. Why did Humphrey's send it out to you thru a third party. Why wait 3 weeks? What was he afraid of. Scrutiny?  Review his donations. He's spending a lot of money for something. What I do not know…

What's happening to the great state of Missouri and our Republican Party?


Maryann Manion

Clayton Township


What Is This?

Is this a reaction from the grassroots against the some big donors telling them what to do?  Or is that just the façade over the previous Schweich-Hanaway rift?  Probably some mixture, but it worries Republican state committee member who emailed me… “Will this lead to 1992 all over again? Blunt vs. Webster. Some feel the desire to win. A primary was so over whelming it led to events that caused a huge Republican divide that still bothers some….”

From a lobbyist: “I'm sure it will be a steady stream of stories unless Hancock walks away. He really risks ripping the party in half over this, he is damaged goods, fair or not, and he

needs to do the right thing and step down… the longer it goes on the more exposure Hanaway has on this issue.”


The strife surely helps an outsider candidate like Eric Greitens, a fresh change from business as usual.


Meanwhile Axiom Rolls

The press release: As Axiom Strategies approaches its tenth anniversary, it was recognized this year for winning the most Pollies of any Republican Mail firm in the country. Axiom won 13 Pollie Awards at this year’s banquet including five Gold awards, putting the finishing touches on a great year in which Axiom also became the largest federal campaign mail firm in the country.

The Pollie Awards (Pollies) are the most prestigious awards in the political campaign and public affairs industry. The American Association of Political Consultants, founded in 1969 as a nonpartisan organization of political professionals, judges the entries. “These awards are given to us by our peers and competitors, which make them all the more special to us,” said CEO Jeff Roe. “We are proud to have some of the best talent in the country call Axiom home.”


Jeff Roe’s presidential candidate Ted Cruz announces today… Read it here.


Parson Dips Toe in Gubernatorial Pool

Sen. Mike Parson acknowledged he’s considering a run for governor. Here’s the story from KSPR.

Parson says he’ll run on the Spike Lee platform… “What really matters to me is it’s about doing the right thing. I think everyday people want just that. Just someone to go up there and do the right thing. If I run, it won’t matter who’s in, it won’t matter who’s out, it won’t matter how much money anybody’s got. I’m going to run on basic principles.”



Rep. Andrew McDaniel tells his constituents on Facebook: For all my people in my area I can guarantee that the consolidating of school bill is dead dead dead. I can 100% guarantee its not going anywhere! So my teachers, family, friends and everyone else can not stress on this bill no more!!!!!


The MOScout Weekly Poll which showed Congressman Lacy Clay holding a solid grip on his seat.  Still there might just be a challenge regardless of Remington Research’s numbers because if Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal wants to run, she will.  The termed limited state senator has nothing to lose by running.


eMailbag: On the Ho-Hum Session

Former legislator: You are correct regarding the Schweich issue draining some of the passion out of the building and therefore the Session.  But you are also correct regarding your "dearth of grand personalities"...No more Crowell, Lager, Jane Cunningham, Brian Nieves, Tim Jones, Bryan Pratt, Trent Skaggs, Mike Talboy, Mike Frame, Jeff Roorda, Rachel Bringer, Margaret Donnelly, Cynthia Davis, Chuck Portwood, Victor Callahan, Brad Lager, John Lamping, Jolie Justus, etc.

Diehl prefers to work in the shadows, Dempsey is ever the quiet statesman, Richard is always chasing his own tail and everything but an orator, Richardson is still feeling his oats, Barnes cannot be up on everything...but you do not as yet have a new generation of powerful orators, on either side of the aisle, as you did between 2007-2012...perhaps it is cyclical and the oratorical gene pool will regenerate itself...we'll see...


Lobbyist Registrations

Connie Cunningham deleted Missouri Family Health Council.


$5K+ Contributions

MO Republican Party - $10,000 from David Spence c/o Argus Partner LLC.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,500 from Kathleen Harbaugh.

United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action Fund - $6,541 from UFCW Local 655.

Missourians for Koster - $25,000 from Missouri Drive Fund.

Missourians for Koster - $10,000 from Vehicle Protection Association Inc.

Citizens to Elect John Wright - $21,000 from John Wright.

Citizens to Elect Jennifer Joyce - $100,000 from Jennifer Joyce


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to former Rep. Tom Loehner (58).