Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Humphreys: Actually….

Big-time GOP donor David Humphreys who last week swore on an affidavit about a meeting with John Hancock apparently had his memory jogged a bit and realized he mis-remembered when the meeting took place.  See the story here.

His new memory conforms to the story that Hancock has been telling this whole time.  And fortifying the narrative that there was more at work than the Hancock-Roe-Hanaway axis driving Tom Schweich to his demise, the Clayton Police declared that after reviewing Schweich’s papers and affairs, there was no evidence of bullying, blackmail or the “whisper campaign.”


All this helps the Hancock allies in their campaign to clear his name, but does it help the party mend itself?

If a clutch of big donors won’t fund the party with Hancock as chair, can he be effective?  In other words, to put it crassly, don’t a few guys who have lots of money get veto power over the chair?

That might not be a popular reality with the rank-and-file or with the state committee, but it also might be the reality of current day Missouri politics.

We’ll see…


Cleaver A Force

Politico delves into the internal jockeying of the DC House Dems.  Rep. Emanuel Cleaver gets a paragraph as a “potential force.”  See it here.

Pull Quote: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver has also emerged as a potential force. He helped whip early support for Rep. Frank Pallone in the New Jersey Democrat’s ranking-member race against California Rep. Anna Eshoo on the Energy and Commerce Committee, and he was a driving force behind the CBC’s aggressive response to a caucuswide discussion of term limits for ranking members that flared up earlier this year. The Missouri Democrat is also a senior whip.


What Up With Joyce?

A few people murmured about the $100,000 check that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce put into his campaign account over the weekend.

For starters, it’s likely she’s just seeding her re-election (Summer, 2016) with an early infusion.  The check is an early sign to any would-be challengers that she won’t walk up to the starting line with an empty war-chest.

But, one observer says she’s “getting tired” of her job and looking for a new challenge.  So, where would that take her?  One path could be into the Democratic primary for attorney general.  As the woman running against two men (Sen. Scott Sifton and Jake Zimmerman), she’d become the favorite based on demographics.  But would having three candidates from the St. Louis region be an invitation to a western side candidate to enter based on geography?

We’ll see…



Business Insider talks about the love-it or hate-it phenomenon known as Telsa.  See it here.


St. Louis Business Journal reports on the jury’s decision on the Kaplan estate.  See it here.  No cameo in this article by Attorney General Chris Koster.


Theresa Garza is the treasurer of a new PAC… ImPAC KC.  See the paperwork here.


eMailbag: Parson Legit

“Sen. Mike Parson can make a big dent in out-state Missouri and in a crowded gubernatorial primary field that can put him in a decided advantage.  He will be able to raise money and key endorsements.  I would consider him a legitimate contender that is looking to win.”


Help Wanted

Missouri Department of Insurance seeks Enforcement Counsel.  “Represents the Department at administrative hearings and in court proceedings. Prepares pleadings and documents related to assigned cases. Drafts orders, legal memoranda, and other documents necessary to the operation of the Department. Conducts administrative hearings and prepares proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law. Aids in the investigation of licensees and prosecutes licensing actions. Receives special assignments and projects within the Department’s regulatory areas. Drafts, edits, and/or summarizes proposed legislation and regulations related to insurance. Performs other duties as assigned… MINIMUM STARTING SALARY: $50,000”  See the ad here.


Lobbyist Registrations

Jonathan Dalton and Shanon Hawk added City of Hazelwood.

AustinWalker added St. Louis Regional Chamber.

Craig Felzien deleted AT&T Missouri.


$5K+ Contributions

MO Beverage PAC - $5,223 from Pepsi Beverages Company of St. Louis.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Mike Gibbons (56), Chris Liese, Tony Wyche, and Kelly Schultz.