Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Readers’ Poll: Lobbyists Results

Lobbying Firm on the Ascent: Gibbons Workman 47% (runner-up: Giddens Group 22%).

Most Underrated Lobbyist (Contract): Jorgen Schlemeier 35% (runner-up: David Jackson 32%).

Most Underrated Lobbyist (In-House): Shawn Furey 33% (runner-up: Tom Krewson 29%).

Best QB For Big Issue: John Bardgett 43% (runner-up: Brian Grace: 28%).

Give Lobbying a Good Name: TIE!!! Sam Licklider and Ryan Rowden (28.57%).

Best Team Player Lobbyist: Scott Swain 39% (runner-up: Catalyst Group 28%).


Readers’ Poll: Legislators

Today’s the poll turns to legislators.  Vote for them here.



After you vote, send me your nominations for tomorrow’s JeffCity Poll… Best Place to Be Seen, Best Place for a Clandestine Meeting, Finest Dining, Best Chicken Wings, Best Morning Coffee, Best Hotel, and… Hidden Gem.


McDonald to Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau announced their legislative team… “Ashley McDonald is our new Director of State Legislative Affairs (state lobbyist).  Ashley was raised on a farm near Norborne in Carroll County.  She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a B.S. in agriculture economics and minors in international agriculture and political science.  She received her law degree from the George Mason School of Law and has been admitted to the Missouri State Bar.  For the past four years, Ashley has worked as Environmental Counsel for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association in Washington, DC.  Prior to that, she was a Legislative Fellow at the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives and an Environmental Specialist with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources…. Leslie Holloway has accepted a new position at Missouri Farm Bureau as the Director of Regulatory Affairs.  In her new role, Leslie will be working full-time on state and federal regulations that impact agriculture.  Leslie has been employed at Missouri Farm Bureau for 20 years and formerly worked at the Missouri Department of Agriculture… Estil Fretwell, Missouri Farm Bureau’s Director of Public Affairs, will also be involved this year at the State Capitol.  Estil is a former state legislator, state lobbyist and 28 year employee of Missouri Farm Bureau…”


Koenig for Senate 15

Rep. Andrew Koenig announced that he will announce that he is running for Senate 15.  Sen. Eric Schmitt is termed. Here’s the invite: “On January 22, Representative Andrew Koenig will officially announce his intentions to run for the 15th Senatorial District… As a kick-off fundraiser, it is crucial that as many friends, family, and supporters as possible attend to show that Andrew has a large base behind him! This is the most important Fundraiser Andrew has ever had…. Host Committee: Committeewoman Rene Artman, Representative Kurt Bahr, Committeewoman Jennifer Bird, Mr. and Mrs. John Brunner, Representative Paul Curtman, State Director for CWA Bev Ehlen, Senator Jim Lembke, Representative & Mrs. Bill Linton, Committeeman Ken Newhouse, Barry & Lisa Pannett, Edward & Annette Read, Committeeman Jonathan Taylor, Committeeman John Winston…”

Former Rep. Rick Stream is considered the favorite, especially due to his higher name ID from the St. Louis County Executive race. However with Rep. Mike Leara and others also mentioned as throwing their hat in the ring, this could quickly become a free-for-all race.  Due to redistricting, this once swing district is now safely Republican.  The winner of the Republican primary will carry the general election.


Move Over Schweich, Hanaway?

Rep. Bart Korman amended his campaign committee to run for governor in 2016.  See the MEC filling here.


Spence’s Ferguson Agenda

Businessman, and former gubernatorial candidate, Dave Spence has turned his attention to sparking economic development in Ferguson with the creation of Ferguson 1000 Jobs.  See the website here.

What’s most intriguing is his “wish list” to help revitalize the area.  It’s so unpolitical.  Unlike Nixon’s commission on Ferguson, and Office of Engagement, which seem like the sorts of actions you take when you don’t know what actions to take, Spence has some absolutely potent ideas.  There are vague points for sure (create a plan…), and populist cries (ban all red light cameras), and some are politically unfeasible (rural Missouri would vote to increase taxes for Ferguson?).  Still the list offers a glimpse of the type of boldness Missourians might get if they ever elected a non-politician to the top executive office.

Spence Wish List for Ferguson

1. Passage and Gubernatorial signing of a school transfer bill. Give the families in failing districts a lifeline.

2. Create Show Me Scholars Program for Missouri High school graduates. Increase cigarette tax from .17/pack to .70/pack. It should also include taxation of generic cigarettes which is not taxed at the same rate presently. This will generate approximately $350mm of new revenue. Offer scholarship opportunities to every child that wishes to further their education in two year, four year or trade schools in the state of Missouri. There are 68,000 graduating seniors in Missouri. Give everyone the opportunity to graduate to something.

3. Raise the accreditation level of municipalities and their police departments. There should be minimum thresholds and performance standards. This will force some sorely needed consolidations.

4. Consolidate municipal courts into regions and set ceilings on court costs and fines.

5. Allow for a change in venue when it comes to police shootings.

6. Trade unions need to step up and do the right thing for our community, in regards to minority hiring. Presently there is less than 2% minority membership in the construction trades. Quit punishing the minorities and hire them. With present retirement rates there will be plenty of opportunities.

7. Ban all red light and speed cameras in the state. They are a money grab plain and simple.

8. Improve the efficiency of tax credits. At present, there is over $700mm allocated per year. The average flow through effectiveness is around .35 cents per $1.00 of tax credit. Cut down 10% per year for the next five years and challenge the system to be more efficient.

9. Encourage Missouri businesses to buy from each other. Create a sales tax relief program if we buy from each other.

10. Encourage start up capital to stay involved by waiving capital gains taxes on proceeds if it is used to fund another start up.

11. Recruit minorities for law enforcement.

12. Require body cameras for police officers

13. Facilitate all legitimate job-training efforts for the chronically unemployed and the unskilled.

14. Review the statute of limitations on felony convictions. Give the people that are really trying to turn their lives around a second chance.

15. Create a plan to rehab and rebuild housing through ownership as a means to revitalizing neighborhoods. Incorporating 1st Time Home Buyers incentives and education will help stabilize neighborhoods. This initiative should have minority contractors and developers as the lead.


Follow-Up on Onken

With Margaret Onken apparently out of the fundraising game for Democrats, one wonders who will step in and fill the void.

One possibility is Matt Lieberman.  Lieberman is the former fundraiser for Susan Montee, and St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay.  After time focusing on corporate clients, 2014 saw Lieberman tiptoeing back into politics.  In addition to his long-standing relationship with Rep. Mike Colona, he also fundraised for the City License Collector race.


Help Wanted

Missouri Department of Social Services seeks Staff Attorney.  “The Department of Social Services, Division of Legal Services has an opening in its Litigation Section, located in the Jefferson City, Missouri office. Salary range is between $38,544.00 - $47,628.00; depending on work experience. The position provides legal advice to the Department of Social Services and its divisions for the central region of the State of Missouri. Majority of caseload involves active representation of Children’s Division in child protection cases….”   See the ad here.


eMailbag: Grrrrr Quinn

Republican: “Steve Stenger is touting his appointments of Republicans to his administration. One is Greg Quinn who was on the County Council representing West County. Many of us kind of smelled that he had sold his soul for some personal benefit when he was the only Republican officeholder in West County who refused to endorse Rick Stream…”


New Committees

Justin Burnett started a campaign committee to run (Non-Partisan) for Council Person Zone 2 City Of Springfield.


Lobbyist Registrations

Denise Hasty and Anthony Lancia added Associated General Contractors of Missouri; and deleted Associated General Contractors of St. Louis.

Kathryn Reichard added Missouri Dental Association.

Courtney Niendick added University of Missouri.

Daniel Kleinsorge deleted Missouri Farmers Care.

Todd Smith deleted Missouri Municipal League.

Shannon Weber deleted Missouri AFLCIO.


$5K+ Contributions

Mike Klinghammer for Mayor - $10,000 from David Hannegan.

Hanaway for Governor - $15,000 from David Farr.
Citizens to Elect Robin Harris - $5,001 from Friends of Rick Stream.



Happy birthday to Irl Scissors (44), Jared Brown (41), and Martin Casas (34).



SSM lobbyist Jessica Pabst and husband Brandon are infanticipating…. June 2015…