Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bryar to Hummel

Dan Bryar will join the House Democratic Caucus as legislative coordinator.  That’s the position that was held by Violet Marcel. Marcel is headed to Sen-elect Jill Schupp’s staff.  Bryar comes from Sen. Jason Holsman’s staff, and leaves there with Holsy’s blessings – “It’s good for the Party, and it’s good for labor.  Dan is a special talent.”

Taking Bryar’s place will be Zac Sweets. Sweets was Campaign Field Coordinator for Holsman’s 2012 Senate race.


Readers’ Poll: Legislators’ Results

Legislators who do their homework: Jay Barnes, 39% (runner up: Ryan Silvey, 31.52%).

Best on the Floor – House: Todd Richardson, 68% (runner up: Kevin Engler, 22%).  and humorous.”

Best on the Floor – Senate: Kurt Schaefer, 40% (runner up: Mike Parson, 30%).

Who Gets Things Done – Republican: Caleb Jones, 43% (runner up: Eric Schmitt, 24%).

Who Gets Things Done – Democrat: Jamilah Nasheed, 36% (runner up: Joe Keaveny, 32%).

Most Likely to Ascend to Leadership: Caleb Rowden, 40% (runner up: Elijah Haahr, 39%).

Freshman to Watch: Justin Alferman, 35% (runner up: Travis Fitzwater, 22%).


Readers’ Poll:

And now the final Readers Poll today focuses on the Jefferson City experience.  Vote here.


Waiting on the Agendas

Governor Jay Nixon announced that he will give his “State of the State” speech on Wednesday January 21.

Meanwhile it’s interesting that there’s been no explicit agenda from the Republican leadership in either the House or the Senate.

It’s said that Pro Tem Tom Dempsey prefers not to put a target on his wish list.  During session though his priorities usually become apparent, and he usually is able to get his items – Second Injury Fund, student transfer bill – across the finish line.

Speaker-elect John Diehl is said to be more comfortable operating behind closed doors, and is doesn’t have a history of articulating big agendas – ala the three Es or B.I.G. or the various acronyms which have previously marked the beginning of the session.


One observer thinks that the new committee structure will consolidate even more power in the speaker’s office.  The thinking: whereas before each of the committee chairs had “three slots,” which could come to the floor, now the “select” committees will act as a funnel to vet the smaller committees’ bills.  The speaker’s office now will really only have to manage the dozen or so oversight committees instead of the whole horde of committees.

The same observer believes that the prime motivation behind the realignment is to strengthen the House’s position against the Senate when the end-of-session crunch comes.  That’s because the House Republicans are in such a majority, their real opponent is not House Dems, but the Senate…


Lieberman Follow-Up

It was pointed out to me that Democratic fundraiser Matt Lieberman had more clients than I mentioned yesterday.  I apparently did an incomplete MEC search.  He was also on 2014 reports for Tishaura Jones, Vicki Englund, Gina Mitten, and Sean Fauss.


Follow-Up on Spence Cig Tax

I suggested that Missourians would balk at raising the cigarette tax to help the people of Ferguson.  But it was pointed out to me that Dave Spence’s proposal would apply to all students in Missouri – not simply Ferguson.



Sen. Jamilah Nasheed announced that she’s promoting Jason Groce from legislative director to be her new chief of staff. Eric Vickers is returning to private practice.


PoliticMO reported that Congresswoman Ann Wagner will head up the fundraising for the National Republican Congressional Committee.  See it here.


Former St. Louis Mayor Vince Schoemehl is retiring from his role as CEO of Grand Center.  Read it here.


An ethics initiative petition was approved for circulation.  It establishes campaign contribution limits as well as a waiting period before legislators can become lobbyists.  See it here.


New Committees

Joyce Hall filed a campaign committee to run as a Democrat for Alderman Ward 2 City of St Louis.


Lobbyist Registrations

Douglas S. Stone added JSC Development Company LLC, and St. Joe 47 Inc.

Kimberly Tuttle and John Parris added Associated General Contractors of Missouri; and deleted Associated General Contractors of St. Louis.

Steven Alan Ramsey added Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Luann Madsen deleted Glazer's Family of Companies.

Brian Daniels deleted National Association of Tobacco Outlets.


$5K+ Contributions

Friends of Tom Schweich - $5,100 from Shubert Design Inc.

Friends of Tom Schweich - $10,000 from Roger Miller.

Friends of Tom Schweich - $10,000 from John Danforth.

Friends of Tom Schweich - $10,000 from Jesse Bodine.

Coatar for St. Louis - $5,428 from Friends of Phyllis Young.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Mike Moon (56), former Rep. Kate Meiners (56)

Ashley Jost (23), Joshua Hawley, Carol Kemna (48), and Chris Krehmeyer (53).

Thursday: Rep. Bill Otto (59).


Happy New Years and Congratulations

To Alex Eaton who marries Katie Malle tonight.  The ceremony is at St. Gabriel the

Archangel (St. Louis), and the reception is at the Missouri Athletic Club downtown. Groomsmen include Guy Black, Rep. Caleb Jones, and Mike Hafner.


MOScout News

Off tomorrow, see you on Friday…