Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Zimmerman for AG

This isn’t a great surprise as he’s been telling donors that he’s in for the race for a few months now.   But here’s the press release…

Pledging to fight for fairness and equal treatment for all Missourians, Jake Zimmerman today announced that he will officially enter the race for Missouri Attorney General. As Missouri’s top law enforcement official, Zimmerman said he would draw on his experience as a former prosecutor, lawmaker, and the current St. Louis County Assessor to advocate for crime victims, consumers and taxpayers…

Zimmerman is the first elected St. Louis County Assessor since 1960. As Assessor for the largest county in Missouri, Jake fought back when powerful corporations tried to avoid paying their fair share of taxes by shifting the burden to small businesses and homeowners. He successfully challenged casinos that sought windfall tax cuts that would have slashed local school budgets and cracked down on wealthy developers who tried to dodge taxes by pretending that parking lots were “farms.” And when a luxury senior center attempted to claim it was a “charity,” Zimmerman fought until the owners agreed to pay their fair share…


Rumorville: Ashcroft for AG

Folks say that Jay Ashcroft, who recently started a campaign committee for 2016, is leaning toward an attorney general bid.  If true, that squeezes out the potential insurgent campaign of Josh Hawley.  And it would press Sen. Kurt Schaefer to make the case that he’s a stronger general election candidate – which he is.  But primary voters don’t always go for that argument.  Team Schaefer yawns at the suggestion that Ashcroft might hop onto their turf.  We’ll see…


Greitens Talk Starts Up Again

A tipster says that Danny Laub and Victory Enterprises’ Steve Michael are in communication with Eric Greitens about his possible gubernatorial candidacy.  We’ll see…


Bradshaw for LG

In the $5K+ Contributions (below) see that Brad Bradshaw anted up $100K into his exploratory committee.  Word is that Bradshaw would be a Democratic candidate for LG.  Dems imagine that Bev Randles backed by Rex Sinquefield would exhaust incumbent Peter Kinder’s war-chest making Kinder vulnerable to a self-funder like Bradshaw in the general election.  We’ll see…


English: I am Michael Brown?

From a few sources, the Democratic Caucus got hot when Rep. Keith English asked that he be put on committees.  Minority Leader Jake Hummel has refused to place English on any committees because he violated a caucus rule by accepting a third-floor office from the majority party.

English claimed he hadn’t been aware of the rule.  Rep. Karla May reportedly chastised English for ignoring the rule when English responded by comparing it to Michael Brown ignoring the law by walking in the middle of the street. The caucus erupted at the comparison…


How This Ends: The talk is that English will be going Independent or maybe even to the Republican side. If so, when the history is written and the question is asked, “Who Lost English?” The answer from Democrats today sounds like: “Who cares?”  We’ll see….


Zweifel Eyes Tobacco Tax?

State Treasurer Clint Zweifel is said to be working on a plan to give any Missouri high school student who gets good grades a scholarship to pay for tuition at Missouri colleges.  There are a few ways to pay for this plan, one of which could be raising tobacco taxes. Zweifel is a first generation college graduate who believes education is the best way to build our middle class and grow Missouri's economy.

But there’s stiff competition for the proceeds of a tobacco tax that voters have been reluctant to raise.  Raise Your Hand for Kids has been talking about a tobacco tax, as did Attorney General Chris Koster last year.


Kelly Registers

Rudi Keller has the story that former Rep. Chris Kelly has registered to lobby.  The first client of the Chris Kelly Consulting LLC is Ameren.  Read it here.

Pull Quote: Kelly, who served nine terms in the Missouri House and has held office as Boone County clerk and associate circuit judge, also is keeping his political options open by maintaining a campaign committee that lists the 2018 contest for state auditor as his next race. Kelly, 68, said he will be helping Ameren pass a bill determining how costs are allocated for electrical infrastructure.


One observer: Chris loses some respect for his immediate (not even waiting one month) creation of a lobby firm and contract with Ameren Missouri. The nuke plant owning utility is unpopular with many of the Columbia liberals Chris counted on for years as part of his campaign coalitions. If he wants to run to be a watchdog as a 2018 state auditor candidate, why take interim work with big dollar corporate clients that he'll later have to explain. Chris is an interesting, smart and mature guy who nonetheless has never been a statewide candidate. If he's serving as his own 2018 campaign consultant, he's failing his client, Chris, by taking on the paid corporate lobbyist label…


Lobbyist: Does this mean that Chris’ wife will have to recuse herself from any case involving Ameren/energy?


Wedel to MHA

Ted Wedel has joined the Missouri Hospital Association as vice-president of policy development.  Wedel has held several positions in state government.  He was chief of staff to multiple Democratic House leaders, and most recently spent a year as the General Counsel of the House.



Jordan Overstreet – who helped run Dem House legislative races last cycle – is said to be headed to the exit.  More soon…


Blunt vulnerable?  Eli Yokley saw some polling that says that US Senator Roy Blunt is vulnerable in a Republican primary.  Read it here.


Missourinet and others ding House GOP for their propensity to like a nice (lobbyist paid) meal with their public service.  Read it here.  But the true twist in the story comes again from Eli Yokley… Speaker John Diehl sticks up for the country club hearing.  Huh?


eMailbag on Goodman’s Contribution

“When I imagine Walter Sobchak handing over the $25K campaign contribution I would like to think he said something like: ‘When we make the handoff, I double back, grab one of ‘em and beat it out of him.’”


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Sen. Kurt Schaefer Reception – Jefferson City County Club – 6-7 p.m.

Missouri Democratic Party Birthday Celebration – Doubletree Hotel, Jefferson City – 5:30-7:30 p.m.


Lobbyists Registration Changes

Richard AuBuchon and Richard Brownlee III added American National General Insurance Company, and American National Property and Casualty Company.

Brian Bunten added Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Whitney O’Daniel added National Shooting Sports Foundation, and National Rifle Association – Institute for Legislative Action.

Linda Rallo added Raise Your Hand For Kids.

Jason Hayden added Sheet Metal, Air, Rail And Transportation (Smart Transportation Division).

Richard McIntosh added Brooks Bawden, LLC.

Chris Kelly added Union Electric dba Ameren MO.

Charles Simino deleted Missouri Cable Telecommunications Association, and MO Cable PAC.


$5K+ Contributions

Bradshaw Exploratory Committee - $100,000 from Brad Bradshaw.



Happy birthdays to Sen. Jill Schupp (60) and Mary Scruggs.