Friday, March 7, 2014

Fair Trade MO Forms

Yesterday a new coalition, Fair Trade Missouri, announced that they were forming to address the loophole in the state’s implementation of the tobacco settlement.  The website (here) does not yet appear operational.

The coalition contains some unlikely partners…  Rex Sinquefield’s team is doing the staffing.  Gate Way Group’s (nee Pelopidas) Travis Brown, David Jackson, Deanna Hemphill and Dave Berry are doing the lobbying.  Anne Marie Moy who talks for various Rex crusades is the contact person.  And yet figuring prominently in the press release (below) is Missouri Association of Social Welfare’s Jeanette Mott Oxford.   Only permanent interests….

From the press release

Today, Fair Trade Missouri is announcing its formation as a 501c4, founded to advocate closing the Allocable Share Release loophole in Missouri.  Doing so will protect the state from losing well over $1 billion in funds derived from the Master Settlement Agreement, which would negatively impact important programs such as early childhood development, mental health and veterans services, to name a few.  To that end, the statewide coalition is working to advance efforts to pass the Allocable Share Amendment.


If passed, the Allocable Share Amendment will close the loophole, restore competitive balance by creating a level playing field that ensures all tobacco manufacturers and retailers are treated similarly - and most importantly, protect Missouri's annual Master Settlement Agreement payments. Missouri stands as the only state in the country that has not closed the Allocable Share Release loophole by passing an Allocable Share Amendment….


"Missouri is in danger of losing hundreds of millions of dollars - as much as $1 billion dollars over ten years," said Dave Overfelt, president, Missouri Retailers Association, and coalition member.  "Failure to pass the Allocable Share Amendment is already resulting in a $71 million dollar shortfall in 2014 alone."


"Our members are concerned about the negative impact on our state's budget caused by failing to close loopholes," said Jeanette Mott Oxford, executive director of Missouri Association for Social Welfare (MASW).  "Each day we talk with staff members at child care facilities, mental health centers, sites that provide meals to seniors, veterans' services programs, and homeless shelters, and we know that every dollar taken out of the Missouri budget has real-life consequences for the most vulnerable people in our state.  It's time to close the loophole now."

The Case for Jones in the Senate

Some have been scratching their heads about Speaker Tim Jones’ interest in Senate 26 (where Sen. Brian Nieves is thought to be ultimately a non-candidate).  Here’s the case for his heading to the Senate instead of taking a “speaker’s tour” around the state for two years ahead of his 2016 statewide run.

First, the conventional wisdom is that there’s something of a “speaker’s curse” when it comes to statewide races.  A speaker’s name ID is never as great as they imagine, and a lot of it is negative.  Catherine Hanaway ill-fated secretary of state race is the example.  On the other hand, Speaker Ron Richard made a successful transition to Sen. Ron Richard; and with his war-chest he may be a statewide candidate someday if he wishes.  Jones is opting for the Richard path.

Second, this course provides Jones with “optionality.”  If Hillary Clinton has Democratic forces mobilized in Missouri in 2016, Jones may look at the environment in 2016 and decide, from the perk of the Senate, that at 40-something, he’ll do another term and wait until 2020 to run statewide.  He could do six years in the Senate, bury his conservative speakership with bipartisan paint in the Senate, and emerge as a different persona in 2020.

The downside of course is that he could lose to Rep. Dave Schatz and then things look less rosy…

Schieffer Reception Tonight

Rep. Ed Schieffer is having a fundraiser tonight at the Hannibal Democratic Days.  He’s running for Senate against Rep. Jeanie Riddle.  Here’s excerpts from the invite with its huge host committee…

Now is the Time to Stand Up Democrats

Please Join Us in Honoring Representative Ed Schieffer


Hon. Jay Nixon ---- Hon. Clint Zweifel ----

Ernest W.  Angelbeck, Barry Aycock, Doug and Jennifer Bouldin, Hon. Robert Clayton, Steve Carroll, Hon. Joe Fallert, Joe Freese, Mark Fohey, Glaziers Local #513, Karla Gosney, Ed and Lucia Hamill, Hon. Wayne and Dorothy Henke, IBEW Local #1439, Marvin Kropp, Dave Lalumondier, Larry and Mary K. Laughlin,, Jack Magruder, William McIlroy, Mark Miles, Northeast Missouri Trades and Labor Council, Painters Union-District Council 2, Hon. Paul and Deana Quinn, Charlie & Betty Redecker, Hon. Jeff Roorda, Hon. Jill Schupp,  Sheet Metal Workers' #36, Hon. Tom and Rose Shivley, Hon. Phil Smith, Steve Spreck -CWA,  Teamsters Council #13, Teamsters Local #688, Morton Todd, Hon. Terry and Linda Witte, Paul Woody, John Yancey, and Hon. Jake Zimmerman.


Friday, March 7th

Hannibal Democrat Days

Hannibal Inn

4141 Market Street

Room 108

Hannibal, MO  6340


Filing News

House 7

Robert Harrington filed to run as a Democrat.  He’s the second Democrat to file this file.  The winner of the primary will face incumbent Republican Rep. Tim Remole.

According to Harrington’s LinkedIn page: “I have had several years of experience in the Business and Political field. I have served on many Regional Economic Development Boards, and many local not for profit boards as well. I have served on the Missouri Economic Development Board and was Public Policy Chair for this organization from 2009-2010. I have been involved in many political campaigns from serving as an advisor up to running for political office myself… My wife Kathryn Harrington and I have decided that I should run for the State House of Representative in Missouri. I believe that the citizens in Macon, Randolph, and Linn Counties should have a representative that will stand up for our rural schools, rural hospitals, and our rural values…”


House 32

Andrew Herman filed to run as a Democrat.  He is challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Jeanie Lauer.  Herman appears to be in the bail bond business.

House 104

Terry Lesinski filed to run as a Democrat.  The incumbent is Republican Rep. Kathie Conway.  Lesinski ran in 2012 and losing 56-43.

House 120

Zechariah Hockersmith became the second Democrat to file in House 120 which Congressman Jason Smith vacated. 

House 126

Sam Foursha, a Democrat, filed in this seat.  The incumbent Republican Rep. Randy Pike also has a primary.  See a story about “highly patriotic” Foursha here.

Rumor: More in House 86?

One source says that University City mayor Shelley Welsch is mulling an entry into the House 86 race, where Rory Ellinger recently withdrew.  Former UCity mayor Joseph Adams is already in, and more on the way?..

And – a hot primary in University is probably good for turnout in that area for County Executive Charlie Dooley

Aycock OK With Modest Ag Assessements

Barry Aycock, a Democratic businessman who has been putting his shoulder behind the wheel of the Dems’ 2014 election effort with recruiting and financial help, texts that Sen. Brian Munzlinger’s proposal to cap agricultural land assessments is a fine idea… “I would like to be on the record as a D that strongly supports Sen. Munzlinger’s SB 543.  It’s good and fair policy for farmers and landowners…”

Tweet of the Day

Mike Lodewegen (@mikelodewegen) : “@CDTCivilWar: 150 YRS AGO Kit Carson burns villages, kills livestock, force Navajoto reservation" Note: Not @Kcrancer as thought @ 1st”

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

Richard I. Martin added National Association of Professional Employer Organizations.

Mary Schantz added Kansas City Regional Home Care Association.

Michael T. White added David Brinkerhoff, Genesis10, Midway Auto Parts, James Evans Stowers III, Commerce Bank, City of Liberty, Town Topic Restaurants Inc, and Flaherty & Collins Properties; and deleted The Spanos Corporation.

Ben Simmons deleted Missouri National Education Association.

$5K+ Contributions

Citizens Keeping Our Commitment - $15,000 from Springfield Police Officers Association.

Missouri Early Voting Fund - $10,000 from Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund.


Happy birthdays to former senators Frank Barnitz (46) and Carl Vogel (59), and Jeff Layman.

Sunday: Ken Duvall (Dem candidate in House 35).