Monday, March 10, 2014

Colona’s Car Crash

Rep. Mike Colona – with Rep. Michele Kratky – on their way to Jefferson City were smashed by a red light runner last week.   See the Post-Dispatch article here.  Colona and Kratky were unharmed and the Post calls it a “fender-bender,” but the video looks like a much more violent impact than a fender-bender.

See the red-light camera video here.

Rep. Dave Hinson’s HB 1557 to restrict the implementation of red light cameras (see summary here) is on the House calendar for perfection. 

Walmart Breaks with Noranda, Industrials?

AP reports that Walmart is seeking to intervene in Noranda’s complaint with the Public Service Commission.  See the article here

In the filing, Walmart says it is currently developing its position on the complaint.  However the implication - “The relief being requested in this proceeding, if adopted, could result in significant changes to Walmart's cost of electricity, directly and substantially affecting its business and operations…”  -  is that they would oppose Noranda’s request.


See the filing here.


The Post-Dispatch slaps both Ameren and Noranda – and the PSC – saying it should “save some pie for grandma…”  Read it here.

Koster for Tax Cuts, Medicaid Expansion

Attorney General Chris Koster in an email blast last week continued to chart his centrist course.  He wrote that for Missouri to become a top-tier business friendly state it needed to do two things: cut taxes and expand Medicaid.  See it here.

It sounded right out of MO Chamber’s platform.

Koster apparently repeated his support for these policies over the weekend at Democrat Days in Hannibal, drawing a rebuke from MO GOP spokesperson Matt Willis: "Over the weekend, Democrat Chris Koster made explicit his support of ObamaCare. Koster, who in the past tried to distance himself from the law, now embraces it and claims it as a good idea that his party "stole" from others.  Missourians are feeling the effects ObamaCare and they are now clear-eyed that Attorney General Chris Koster supports the flawed law. We knew when he failed to join others in court to fight for Missourians that he was a patsy for the President. Now, we know that not only does he support it but he wants to expand it!”

Twitter Fun

Dems met in Hannibal oeve the weekend for some rah-rah, and Republicans took to twitter using the hashtag #ThingsYouWontSeeAtDemoDays…

One that made the rounds in Dem circles as well was from Rep. Robert Cornejo… “@CornejoForMO: Nixon giving campaign contributions to other candidates #ThingsYouWontSeeAtDemoDays”

Senators Negotiating on Parson Revenue Bond Bill

The filibustering senators are negotiating on Sen. Mike Parson’s SB 723.  The bill would increase the cap on revenue bonds.  Sens. John Lamping and Rob Schaaf are said to be willing to “sit down” if the bill can be narrowed and whittled down to “simple” short-term bonding for the new Fulton State Hospital.  Parson’s bill is more expansive providing for more projects over a longer period of time.  A compromise would presumably be between these two positions…

Schatz Announces

Rep. Dave Schatz continued to press the gas petal on this Senate 26 bid.  In the large contributions (below), he recorded another $25,000 in donations.

And he sent out a press release formally “announcing” for state senate.  Is the “career politician” jab a swipe at Speaker Tim Jones?  Hard to say since they’d both be state reps seeking a state senate seat…

The press release: "If we are going to fix the problems that our state and our nation are facing, it is time we start electing leaders with real world experience to do the job, not more career politicians," Schatz said.  "We need leaders who are committed to creating jobs for the people, not politicians who are more worried about keeping their own taxpayer-funded jobs.  As your State Senator, I will continue to put my business experience to work to create an environment where our economy grows and jobs are created."   Schatz announced his grassroots co-chairs: former Senator Brian Nieves campaign manager Robbie Brouk and former Senator Jim Lembke. Schatz announced Zach Curtman will serve as his campaign treasurer. He also announced key agriculture, pro-life, and conservative leaders in support of his campaign…

Grisy for Alferman in House 61

Justin Alferman who is running for Schatz’ House seat (District 61) landed the endorsement of popular Presiding Commission and former state senator John Griesheimer.

Filing News: Bahr Gets Primary

Rep. Kurt Bahr drew a primary challenger on Friday.  Michael Swyers filed to run in House as a Republican.  Bahr should be safe.

But it shows again that the most likely factor in getting a primary opponent is the nature of the district – not “bad” votes that don’t follow one’s caucus.  Bahr’s heavy Republican district means it’s not hard for him to never be pure enough.  But those in more centrist “Flimsy 15” districts, don’t have the substantial hard-core constituencies.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

Trent Ford added Missouri Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association.

Mark J Bruns, Gary L. Burton, Jim Foley and Chris Liese added Healthcare Advantage LLC, and Health Systems Inc.

Gary L. Burton, Jim Foley, and Chris Liese added Cheyenne International LLC           

James M. Foley and Chris Liese added Healthline Homecare Agency LLC.

Krista Myer added Missouri State Employees’ Retirement System.

Ward Cook deleted Pelopidas.

Kimmie DuPrey deleted Fidelity Capital Markets.

 Scott Penman deleted Mentally Retarded Citizens of Missouri.

F. Chase Simmons and Korb Maxwell II deleted Mortgage Lenders of America.

$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Fair Taxation - $50,000 from Missouri Association of REALTORS.

Friends of Tom Schweich - $5,001 from George Walker III.

Citizens for Burlison - $30,000 from Bill Burlison.

Committee to Elect Gary Myers - $20,000 from Gary Myers.

Friends of Kim York - $30,000 from Kim York.

Friends of Jerry Fenstermaker - $10,000 from Custom Metalcraft.

Missouri Early Voting Fund - $35,000 from national UAW Community Action Program.

Citizens for Schatz - $5,000 from Jim Trenary.

Citizens for Schatz - $5,001 from John Hewkin.

Citizens for Schatz - $5,010 from Biermann & Turntine Properties.

Citizens for Schatz - $5,100 from Martz & Wilson LLP.

Citizens for Schatz - $5,000 from Midwest Petroleum.

Fundraising Calendar

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Missouri Credit Union Association. Legislative Dinner – Doubletree Hotel, Jefferson City, 6 - 8:30 p.m.


Happy birthdays to Eddy Justice (41), Matt Jessee, Treasurer Tishaura Jones, Jamey Murphy and Shawn Bell (28).