Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MSBA to Hire Penman-Winton?

Rumor has it that the Missouri School Board Association is thisclose to landing Penman & Winton Consulting. 

It would be a bit of a coup as lobbyists Scott Penman and David Winton just last year lobbied for StudentsFirst.  StudentsFirst and the School Board Association have been on opposite sides of the education battles in the building.

Filing Day…

Today opens candidate filing for this cycle.  There’ll likely be a crush on candidates today; filing is open for a month; then we’ll have our races…

Senate 24

Sen. John Lamping spoke to Post-Dispatch’s Virginia Young, saying that there were several possibilities and that he “reserved the right” to run himself.  See it here.

But the talk last night was that Republicans have settled on their candidate finally… Jack Spooner.  He’s an attorney.  See his bio here.

Senate 26

Although the talk about Sen. Brian Nieves possibly not running again was making the rounds, he went on Facebook and was empathic about his future… four more years.

Hard to believe it's been TWELVE Years since I said "I'm going to the secretary of state office to file to run for office" but it sure has! TWELVE Years of fighting for Liberty, TWELVE Years of Battling to keep government out of your Pockets, your Lives, and your Privacy! Twelve years of hearing reports, via a phone call or email, about what my kids are doing at school. TWELVE Years of helping Julie coordinate things like furnace repairs over the phone because furnaces and plumbing simply can not break when I'm at home!! ..... It's been TWELVE Years and tomorrow I'll go and do it again! I'll sign me and my family up for four more years! Four More Years and then I'm checking OUT! I am proud to say I've served a total, so far, of 22yrs in Public Service (10yrs Active Duty Navy, and 12yrs in the Legislature) and I'm actually glad this will be my last election! Please pray for my family and me because this is, and has always been, a HUGE decision for us! I think I'll stop for gas today and buy a Power Ball ticket even though I actually don't even know how!


Thank you for an amazing TWELVE Years and to those who believe I should serve another four - Thank you for sticking with us! Stay tuned as we get closer to election day... This is gonna be a WILD Ride!!

Copeland Nesselrodt in House 149

Making the rounds last night was the Dems’ candidate to replace Steve Hodges in House 149.  Her name is Morgan Nesselrodt, though she may go by Morgan Copeland Nesselrodt – an important distinction I’m told as her maiden name Copeland is well-known in those parts.  Her grandfather was a state representative years before.

And – it’s said that businessman Barry Aycock has stepped up in a huge way to help Dems in southeast Missouri.  He’s providing critical support in recruiting.

The Team Effort

House Dems are cheered that there seems to be a new spirit of cooperation among the statewide.  Governor Jay Nixon is helping by making recruiting calls.  And word is that US Senator Claire McCaskill and Attorney General Chris Koster – in addition to their financial support of the state party – have offered to make calls in sticky situations where Dems are trying to avoid a primary.

House 112

One such primary is in House 112 (Rep. Paul Wieland running for Senate) where Dems have two candidates in town to file today.  It’s a slight Dem district so it could be a pick-up especially if a primary is avoided.  Last night, the two candidates – Robert Butler and Larry Steinkamp – spent a fair amount of time at a local water hole chatting amicably…

House 18

Kevin Garner, a Committeeman on the Clay County Democratic Central Committee, started a campaign committee to run for House 18.  That’s Rep. Jay Swearingen’s district.  Two other Dems have already started campaign committees…

MO Chamber Day

2014 Missouri Chamber Day Conference being held at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 25, 2014.  After Chamber topper Dan Mehan’s welcome, former Senator Kit Bond is slated for a 45 minute speech on “Medicaid Reform Pays Off – Here’s How”

Yesterday’s Legislative Action

Sen. Brian Munzlinger’s SB 543 ran into a lot of opposition.  This would put a cap on how much agricultural land assessments could rise.  In the past 18 years they’ve gone up 0% because the legislature keeps disapproving the Tax Commission’s assessments.  Now with agricultural land so radically undervalued, Munzlinger’s bill would make sure that it never rises more than 5% in any two-year period, and no more than 15% over any ten year period.  Questions about the prudence of this were raised across the ideological and geographic spectrum – Sens. Brad Lager, Scott Sifton, Eric Schmitt, Joe Keaveny, Rob Schaaf, John Lamping, and Ed Emery all speaking on the matter.  It was laid over after much debate.  Interestingly, Munzlinger says he doesn’t expect the resolution from the House disapproving this year’s Tax Commission assessment to “make it over to the Senate in time.”  We’ll see…

Sen. Eric Schmitt’s Satan bill – SB 666 – was perfected.  It’s a one-time tax credit for homeowners to the tune of about $400 million…  The fear is that it will “get loaded up” with all the other tax credit favorites in the House and die accordingly.

And House Republicans held a press conference to announce their plan to pay for the new Fulton State Hospital.  Read it here.

Pull Quote: Their plan is similar to the one made in December by Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat.  Both plans would use revenue bonds to pay for construction, but while the governor's proposal would pay back the bonds in 25 years, the House GOP proposal would repay the bonds in five years… "This will save the taxpayers $120 million (in interest) over the life of the project," Rick Stream told reporters Monday at the State Capitol.

Pfautsch’s Husband Hospitalized

From Rep. Donna Pfautsch’s Facebook: “I had to leave Jeff City late yesterday afternoon after receiving a call from Larry that he was at the hospital and needed to have an emergency appendectomy. The doctor worked late into the night, but Larry is on the road to recovery! I ask for your prayers and positive thoughts for Larry and the medical staff that has gone above and beyond to help make him comfortable.”


Senate won’t convene until 4 p.m. today.  And Thursday is the last day to introduce bills into the Senate…

Rep. Elijah Haahr was added to the General Laws Committee.

Rep. Jay Swearingen was added to the Local Government Committee.

Sen. Gina Walsh to the Missouri Lead Industry Employment, Economic Development and Environmental Remediation Task Force.

Fundraising Calendar

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Candidate filing begins – Secretary of State – 8 a.m.

Rep. Jeanie Riddle Reception – The Cork, Jefferson City – 6-7 p.m.

Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger Reception – Burton-Liese Office, Jefferson City – 5-6:30 p.m.

Reps. Randy Pike, Glen Kolkmeyer, Dean Dohrman Reception – 223 Madison, Jefferson City – 6:30-7:30 p.m.

$5K+ Contributions

Robert Butler Campaign Fund - $5,001 from JoePAC.

MO Republican Party - $10,000 from Drury Development Corporation.

Citizens for Bradbury - $5,001 from Glacier Park Investments LLC.

MO Beverage PAC - $7,173 from Coca-Cola Refreshments.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

David Cleveland added UAW Local 249.

Matthew McCormick added Columbia Chamber of Commerce.

Brian Shank added Novo Nordisk Inc.

J Scott Marrs added Lakeland Behavioral Health; and deleted PHC Inc.


Happy birthday to Judge Rob Mayer (57).