Wednesday February 26, 2014

Filing Day…

See the complete list of fist day filers here.   Filing is open for the next month.


No Democrat filed for Auditor, leaving Republican incumbent Tom Schweich uncontested for the day at least.

But… one observer says to watch… Rep. John Wright did not file yesterday.  He currently represents House 47.  See his House bio here.  Folks say he’s some kind of gazillionaire (“Romney type money”) from his investment banking days, and couls self-fund against Schweich – if that’s what’s on his mind.  A few days before the end of the year he put a cool $100K into his campaign account.

Senate 26

Sen. Brian Nieves filed to run for re-election just as promised the day before on Facebook.    It’s always hard to tell if I’m in some sort of echo chamber, but there are still persistent rumblings of Nieves having a non-elected job opportunity which would see him not actually run for office.

If Nieves was the only one to file and he withdrew after filing closed, the Republican nominee would be determined by the legislative committee.  Instead the talk was that Rep. Dave Hinson would file.  He didn’t.

But Rep. Dave Schatz did.  Schatz has had a “residency problem.”  He had a residence in his current district, but wasn’t – by some accounts – living there.  So Schatz is apparently following the Nieves rumor, filing for Senate 26, and Hinson is staying put.  Also, Schatz is said to have enough wealth (though presumably not “Romney money”) to be able to self-fund a state senate campaign.

In the background of this is Speaker Tim Jones who also lives in that Senate district.  So we’ll see how it all plays out.


Filing in Schatz’ old House seat – House 61 – is Justin Alferman.  Alferman is the aide of Assistant Floor Leader Mike Cierpoit.

Other Senate Filings

Senate 2 – Bob Onder drew 80 as his number and got the top spot on the ballot, followed by Vicki Schneider and Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger.  No Cynthia Davis yet here.  We’ll see if she jumps in…

Senate 10 – As expected Rep. Jeanie Riddle filed for the Republicans and Rep. Ed Schieffer for the Democrats.

Senate 12 – Dan Hegeman was the only person to file to replace Sen. Brad Lager.

Senate 16 – Sen. Dan Brown drew a primary: Bernie Mowinski.  Perhaps you remember Mowinski from his 2012 primary race against Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler where he grabbed 16% of the vote?  Perhaps not….

Senate 22 – As expected Reps. Jeff Roorda and Paul Wieland filed to replace Ryan McKenna.

Senate 24 – Rep. Jill Schupp filed for the Dems.  No surprise.  And as rumored yesterday – Jack Spooner filed for Republican.  But… not expected… Spooner got a primary opponent, a life coach no less...  Dr. Robb HicksSee his bio here.  Senate Republicans say that they’ll be sending $100K into the Spooner race very soon.

Senate 34 – Sen. Rob Schaaf drew a Democratic opponent.  Another doctor Dr. Robert Studer.  

Uncontested  (For Now ) Senators – Joe Keaveny, Mike Kehoe, Will Kraus, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Brian Munzlinger, Jay Wasson,  Mike Parson, Bob Dixon, and Ron Richard.

Filing Day House

Republicans had a strong showing, 148 candidates filing for House seats on opening day.  Dems only had 75 candidates file yesterday, but they say that they’ll have more filers as the month proceeds – including perhaps a surprise or two.

House 1 – There’s a four-way race already to succeed Rep. Mike ThomsonStan Sportman, a farmer, got the top spot.  But Roger Parshall looks tough considering he’s already put $50K into his campaign.

House 14 – Rep Ron Schieber didn’t file for re-election.  This is a swing district with a primary between two Republicans.  Stephanie Isaacson filed for the Democrats.  See here website here.

House 15 – Rep. Jon Carpenter drew a primary challenger.

House 17 – As rumored months ago (see it here) Rep. Myron Neth didn’t file for re-election.  Dems have a good candidate, Mark Ellebracht; and Republican Nick King filed.  See his Linkedin profile here.

House 18 – Democratic primary here where Rep. Jay Swearingen didn’t file.  He did show his preference though as his campaign account did put some cash into Lauren Arthur’s bank account (see below).

House 29 – Rep. Noel Torpey has a Democratic opponent.

House 34 – Two Republicans – so far – in a primary to succeed term-limited Rep. Jeff Grisamore.

House 35 – Attorney Ken Duvall is a Dem opponent for Rep. Gary Cross.

House 41 – Rep. Ed Schieffer is termed.  Two Republicans filed.  The preferred candidate appears to be James Pietzman.  Expect a Democrat to file here.

House 44 – Rep. Caleb Rowden got a Democratic opponent, Tom Pauley, a financial advisor with Mutual of Omaha.

House 45 – Kip Kendrick to take Rep. Chris Kelly’s spot.

House 49 – Travis Fitzwater so far unopposed to take Rep. Jeanie Riddle’s spot.

House 51 – Gary Grigsby filed for Dems against incumbent Republican Dean Dohrman.  This is a Democratic leaning district.

House 52 – Nathan Beard filed for termed Rep. Stanley Cox’s seat.

House 53 – Rep. Glenn Kolkmeyer had a Democratic opponent file, but he looks safe

House 56 – Jack Bondon filed for termed Rep. Chris Molendorp.

House 67 – For Steve Webb’s old seat, former Rep. Sylvester Taylor filed as did Alan Green, Director Office of Equal Opportunity for the State of Missouri.

House 69 – Rep. Margo McNeil got both a primary and a general election opponent, but should be fine.

House 70 – Rep. Bill Otto drew a Republican challenger.  It’s a tight district, but he should be safe.

House 76 – Chris Carter Sr. drew the low number and will top of the ballot against Rep. Josh Peters in this Democratic primary.

House 77 – Bill Haas filed against Kim Gardner.  She’s totally safe.

House 88 – Former Rep. Tracy McCreery has Republican opponent in this Schupp district, but she’ll win.

House 90 – As I wrote about a few days ago, Republicans are putting up Gina Jaksetic against Democrat Deb Lavender.  This will be a hard fought race.

House 94 – The anticipated rematch between Rep. Vicki Englund and former Rep. Cloraa Brown.

House 98 – Rep. Dwight Scharnhorst’s wife didn’t file on the first day.  Two other Republicans did though, in what could end up being a free-for-all.

House 103 – A three-way to succeed Rep. Doug FunderburkKyle Schlereth drew the top spot.

House 106 – Rep. Chrissy Sommer has a Democratic opponent, Ken Tucker, a “small business owner.”

House 108 – A three-way Republican primary to succeed Rep. Chuck GatschenbergerJustin Hill is the one who will win.  And I know it’s early, but possibly an impact player in years to come.

House 110 – Dennis Broadbooks is the only Republican to file for Speaker Tim Jones’ seat.  He’s put his own money into this race already.

House 111 – 115 – Lots of candidates in the battleground Jefferson County area of the state.  I’ll detail this later this week.

House 125 – Rep. Warren Love gets a Republican primary, but should be okay.

House 132 – There’s a Republican primary to decide who takes on Rep. Charlie Norr in Springfield.

House 139 – With Rep. Kevin Elmer running for judge, two Republicans filed for his seat.

House 140 – Rep. Lynn Morris drew a Democratic opponent.  It’s a safe Republican seat.

House 149 – Bill Burlison filed to run, that creates a Dmeocratic primary between him and the preferred candidate Morgan Nesselrodt.  This is the Steve Hodges’ seat.

House 150 – Rep. Kent Hampton didn’t file for re-election.  This will be a race to watch.  The Democrat is Walter Dearing and the Republican is Andrew McDaniel.

House 151 – A three-race way to replace Rep. Dennis FolwerTina Hulbrecht appears to be the favorite here.

House 156 – Rep. Jeff Justus has a legitimate primary opponent, Ron Herschend, a former county commissioner.

House 157 - Julie Ruzicka filed as a primary opponent to Rep. Mike Moon.  Ruzicka is the wife of former state representative Don Ruzicka.  Democrats showed a little glee that the representative who filed impeachment articles against the governor will now have a fight for re-election.


Town and Country Mayor Jon Dalton gets a consent order from the Missouri Ethics Commission, for failing to put contributors employment information on filings.  No fine from MEC.  See it here.

NPR story on ballot placement.  Hear it here.

Fundraising Calendar

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Reps. Holly Rehder & Todd Richardson Reception – 106 E. High, Jefferson City – 5-7 p.m.

Missouri Podiatric Medical Assn. Legislative Reception – Bone’s, Jefferson City – 5:30-7 p.m.

Reps. Lynn Morris, Jeff Messenger & Donna Pfautsch Reception – 223 Madison, Jefferson City – 6-7:30 p.m.

$5K+ Contributions

Citizens for Tila Rowland Hubrecht - $10,000 from Tila Hubrecht.

Committee to Elect Lauren Arthur - $5,100 from Swearingen for Missouri.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

Matthew L. Roney added Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mike Palmer deleted Empire District Electric Company.


Happy birthdays to Dempsey’s Brad Green (26), and Tom Shrout.