Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Final Filing Day

Today’s the final day of filing.  No surprises that I know of, but we’ll see…

Yesterday there was a rumor floating around that Susan Montee would make the 3+ hour drive from St. Joe and file for auditor.  And I wouldn’t doubt that she had been the subject of much cajoling by Dems who want a top tier auditor candidate.  But there will be no road trip to Jeff City for Montee today.

And that appears to be cool to the Party leadership – AG Chris Koster and Chair Roy Temple – has apparently determined that Dems helped by promoting incumbent Tom Schweich as a legitimate gubernatorial candidate.  They’re hoping a pesky three-year primary between Schweich and Catherine Hanaway on the Republican side is worth leaving that statewide office uncontested. 

The dissenting view from Dems is that the strategery is too cute, and apt to backfire.  Making plans this far heightens the risk that an unknown factor will derail the grand design, and any hopeful advantage in 2016 will be lost by the time that cycle rolls around. Meanwhile the auditor’s spot is down the drains.

Ashcroft for Senate?

Problems for Republicans in Senate 24.  Post-Dispatch’s Alex Stuckey reports that Sen. John Lamping says that Jay Ashcroft, the son of John Ashcroft, is planning to file today.  Read it here.

In case you don’t know Jay Ashcroft, he’s the son of John Ashcroft.  Beyond that little is known, except that he’s the son of John Ashcroft…

To be clear: this is not good news for Republicans.  Ashcroft can win the Republican primary through the power of his last name alone.  It’s a trusted conservative name.  And in that district, Ashcroft can lose the general election by the power of his last name alone.  Not many Dems or Independents will be voting for an “Ashcroft” in Senate 24.  And there aren’t any turn-out models in that district to bring enough Republicans to the polls to win without some crossover votes.

Nieves for Recorder

Sen. Brian Nieves filed for Franklin County Recorder of Deeds.  It’s a four-way Republican primary. 

From Nieves’ Facebook announcement: “Our current Recorder is retiring after 24 years of dedicated service and we should all thank Sharon Birkman for all her many years of service and dedication to our county! It will not be easy to try to fill her shoes and she will be missed but just like when an executive retires in the private sector - someone must step up and fill the vacancy. I'm asking you to join in the effort to allow the unique skill sets and qualifications I can bring to this office possible.”

eMailbag: on Nieves for Recorder of Deeds

“Franklin County desperately needs a PIT BULL Conservative in the Recorder of Deeds office!”

Schatz Gains Steam

Rep. Dave Schatz recorded $5K from MO Trucking PAC today.  What’s the significance of $5K?  It’s the first lobbyist money I’ve seen, the first indication that his Senate bid is a fait accompli.  There’s no more fear of upsetting a potential competitor in a sitting speaker; it’s now about investing in the future.  The expectation now is that Jane Cunningham won’t file to run in Senate 26 today.

All Quiet on RTW Front

One source had expected the House to debate right to work later this week. However it’s said that the topic wasn’t brought up in yesterday’s House Republican Caucus.  So that appears to no longer be the case.  And the delay could be due to a much tighter than expected vote count in that chamber.  With every passing week – eight of them left, by the way – it gets harder to imagine a controversial issue like right to work making it across the finish line…

Filing Bits

Sherbaz Khan withdrew as a Democrat in House 27, and then re-filed as a Republican in House 36.  Just because I’ve reported it doesn’t mean I understand it….

In Senate 4, Bonnie Lynn Green filed as a Democrat.  She will challenge incumbent Sen. Joe Keaveny.  It appears that Green is Executive Director at Exodus COGIC Ministries.

In Senate 6, Mollie Kristen Freebairn filed to run as a Democrat in Senate 6.  Republican incumbent Mike Kehoe.  She’s an environmental scientist, and renewable energy activist.

In House 2, Mike Waltemath filed to run as a Democrat. This is the Casey Guernsey district.  Walthemath ran for state rep in 2010 (then-House 5, Klippenstein) losing the primary by 14 votes.

In House 22, Daniel Edwards filed to run as a Democrat.  He’ll be challenging Brandon Ellington in a primary there.

In House 29, Winston Apple filed to run as a Democrat.  He’s the third Democrat to file.  This is Noel Torpey’s district.  Apple is a singer-songwriter, recording artist, and performer.  He’s also the author of “Edutopia: A Manifesto for the Reform of Public Education.”

In House 49, Larry Brown filed to run as a Democrat.  This is the Jeanie Riddle seat. You can order Brown’s “Original Stories & Songs from the Midwest & around the world” hereTravis Fitzwater is the Republican.

In House 66, John Saxton filed to run as a Republican.  Rep. Tommie Pierson is the Democratic incumbent.

In House 78, John Hubb filed to run as a Republican.  Rep. Penny Hubbard is the Democratic incumbent.

In House 86, a fourth Democrat filed, Mary Ann Merz.  This is the Rory Ellinger seat. According to her LinkedIn profile, Merz is an adjunct professor at SLU (Public Health), and worked for Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal in 2012.  I don’t think she is “Maria’s candidate” though.

In House 89, Al Gerber filed to run as a Democrat.  He’s a former Town and Country alderman.  Speaker-designate John Diehl is the Republican incumbent.

In House 99, Bill Pinkston filed to run as a Democrat.  Rep. Andrew Koenig is the Republican incumbent.

In House 108, Marlon Williams filed to run as a Democrat.  His the lone Democrat filed in this Republican district (Gatschenberger).  Three Republicans are filed for a primary.

In House 130, Loren Hunt filed to run as a Republican.  He’ll be challenging Rep. Jeff Messenger in a primary.  Hunt’s twitter says he’s running for “130th District Congress.”  Dude will be disappointed if he wins and finds out he’s only going to Jeff City…   Hunt ran cycle losing the three-way primary with 16%.

In House 137, Sandy Grogan filed to run as a Democrat.  Rep. Lyndall Fraker is the Republican incumbent.

In House 144, Ron Bohn filed to run as a Republican.  He’ll challenge incumbent Rep. Paul Fitzwater. Bohn ran against Fitzwater in the 2010 primary losing 74%-26%.

In House 149, Diedra Ashley Freeman filed to run as a Democrat.  She’s the third Dem in this district (Hodges).  It should be a competitive general election, but Dems proably would rather not have a primary.

In House 155, Jason Frodge filed to run as a Republican.  That’s now a three-way primary.  Rep. Lyle Rowland is the incumbent.

Fundraising Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

LeadingAge Missouri Legislative Reception – DoubleTree Hotel, Jefferson City – upon adjournment.

Rep. Gail McCann Beatty Reception – Capitol City Cork – JC – 5:30-7 p.m.

Reps. Kurt Bahr & Rick Brattin Reception – 223 Madison, Jefferson City – 6-8 p.m.

Reps. Caleb Rowden & Caleb Jones Reception – 106 E. High, Jefferson City – 6-8 p.m.

Reps. Brandon Ellington, Kim Gardner, Clem Smith & Tommie Pierson Reception – J Pfenny’s, Jefferson City – 6-8:30 p.m.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

Rodney R Hubbard added Amikids, and Burton & Liese.

Michael H Morris added Missouri Association of Barbers and Cosmetologists.

Kimberly Tuttle added Jackson County Legislature.

Jewell D. H. Patek deleted Medimmune Inc.

$5K+ Contributions

Friends of the 8th Congressional District - $10,000 from Friends of Tilley.

Missourians for Tim Jones - $7,000 from Missouri Care Inc.

Citizens for Schatz - $5,001 from MO Trucking PAC.


Happy birthdays to Sens. Doug Libla and Jason Holsman (38), and Rep. Robert Cornejo (31).

And Congratulations

To Robert Cornejo on the birth of his daughter Nora Gene Cornejo.  And for those who are keeping score at home…. 8 lbs 3 oz and 20 in.