Friday, August 16, 2013

Guernsey Antes Into Senate 12 Race

Rep. Casey Guernsey dropped $100K into his campaign committee (see $5K+ contributions).    This infusion of cash will give Guernsey the early lead in money against potential rivals Rep. Mike Thomson and former Rep. Bob Nance.

Last quarter Guernsey showed $2,537 cash on-hand; Thomson had $49,923; and Nance had $18,861.

Guernsey’s biography says he had a stint with Congressman Sam Graves.  Not sure if that officially puts him in the Jeff Roe camp or not.  But even with his national interests, Roe likely will matter in this primary.


For those who like to keep track, it would appear that Guernsey’s family is loaded.  His personal financial disclosure form (thanks Progress Missouri) can be found here.  Note the income from a trust as well as income from three separate family farms.  And probably at this very minute some opp research kid is looking to see if they got farm subsidies…

Quinn to AFT- Missouri

From the press release: “AFT-Missouri today announced it has retained Bob Quinn as Executive Director… Quinn has been involved in state public policy for three decades.  In the last several years he helped establish the Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance, of which he served as Vice Chair, and the Fair Energy Rate Action Fund, where he was board secretary.  He advocated in the State Capitol on issues of tax fairness, workers’ rights, voting rights, and social justice.

“Quinn was Executive Director of the Public Service Commission during the administration of Governor Bob Holden.  Prior to that, he served seven years as chief lobbyist for the Missouri National Education Association.

“Originally from the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, where he served on the City Council in the mid-1980’s, Quinn represented part of North St. Louis County in the Missouri House of Representatives from 1987 to 1992.  He has a master’s degree in political science from the University of Missouri – St. Louis…

“AFT-Missouri, a union of professionals, is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers and the AFL-CIO.  AFT-Missouri represents educational and public employees and supports its members and leaders by providing professional leadership, organizing, legislative/political involvement, contractual support, and member servicing. AFT-Missouri is governed by an elected member governing body.”

Starting the Draft Zweifel Movement

It’s an idea that has been floated nowhere… but it makes sense to me… Clint Zweifel for St. Louis County Executive.

It has several benefits.  It would help Dems out, as they’re stuck with a floundering Charlie Dooley beset by another lingering scandal.   Zweifel could win, in both a primary and a general election.  He has roots in North St. Louis County, and his serious, all business approach would play well in South St. Louis County.

It might help defuse any over-crowding on the state-wide ticket in 2016.

And finally, Zweifel’s a totally competent administrator who would do a good a job for St. Louis County.

Follow-Up Friday….

Follow-Up on HB 301

It’s said that the governor’s office is “prepared to get nasty” to sustain his veto on this bill. What does that mean?  Perhaps highlighting some cases of sex offenders who could have their name removed from the public website if this bill passes and frighten people?  We’ll see…

Follow-Up on Dem 2016 Ticket

A source saying he knows the brain of Team Aycock says that those who know do not speak, and those who speak do not know!  Barry is not “all in” for LG or anything else right now, and anyone saying so wrong.

Follow-Up on Student Transfers

No CEAM Suit

CEAM announced last night that they would not be filing a lawsuit.  The families named in the draft lawsuit has all found acceptable school options.

Nicastro to Propose Fix?

Next week the State Board of Education will meet and according to the agenda (see it here) Commissioner Chris Nicastro will lead a discussion on the “transfer process and overview.”  And later in the agenda under “Items for Action” Nicastro will present “Recommendation for State Board of Education Action in Unaccredited Districts” and “Long-term Plan for Unaccredited Districts.”

 There is speculation about what Nicastro will recommend as “action” for the unaccredited districts.  With the Normandy and Riverview Garden Districts depleting their cash reserves, one observer thinks anything could be on the table – like dissolving the districts or moving to appoint a special board to take them over.

The meeting is Monday and Tuesday of next week, so we’ll see…


One reader pointed out that the school-choice crowd is not to blame for the current student transfer situation.  That law was passed before the birth of the modern Missouri school choice movement (aka Rex Sinquefield).  Yes, they have supported it and rallied around it as a solution for trapped children, but you can’t blame the current situation on them.

Breakfast Bits

Sighted at the Ham Breakfast, besides the expected politicians and statewide potentials, was Russ Carnahan.  I imagined he might retire from public service, but maybe he has another act in him…

Not sighted: the only statewide who I don’t think made an appearance was AG Chris Koster.


Citizens for Guernsey - $100,000 from Casey Guernsey.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $15,000 from QC Holdings Inc.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Nike L. Thompson deleted Association of Retired Missouri State Employees, and Missouri Juvenile Justice Association.


Happy birthday to Rep. Sue Meredith.

Sunday: Former Rep. Charlie Denison (78) and Pat Thomas, staffer to Sen. Munzlinger.