Thursday, August 15, 2013

Parade of Bits this morning…

Sexting Scandal Comes to KC

KMCO has a big investigative piece…  a woman claiming that Kansas City Councilman Michael Brooks befriended her over Facebook, and the online relationship grew to where he sent her some naughty picture of himself.  He’s married of course, and pastor of a church etc.  It’s all very Weiner. 

Except that there’s the accusation that $15K in public money was used as hush money.  So it’s a lot worse.  See it here.  (Watch until the end of part two when the cameraman puts his camera down so the interviewee thinks he’s no longer being recorded.)

Missouri Delegation Reiterates SMR Support

Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt and all the Missouri congressmen sent a letter to Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz reiterating their strong support for the Westinghouse application for the small modular reactor (SMR) grant.  See the letter here.

If Westinghouse can get the grant, and Missouri can get some of the manufacturing or training facilities it’d be a big ecodevo win.

Jones Trying to Draw Koster out on HB 253

The press release: “Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones has asked Attorney General Chris Koster to provide his legal opinion on claims made by Governor Nixon that the legislature’s tax cut bill would allow Missourians to retroactively benefit from a tax reduction.

“Jones released a memorandum today from the General Assembly’s Legislative Research Department that refutes the governor’s claims. Jones also submitted a letter to Koster formally requesting a legal opinion on the provision in HB 253 dealing with the Federal Marketplace Fairness Act and what the governor claims would be a retroactive tax cut.

“‘It is time to shine the light of truth on the governor’s deceptive claims.  I urge Attorney General Koster to issue an opinion on this matter quickly as the people of Missouri deserve for this media circus generated by the governor to come to an end.  Our focus should not be on combatting the governor’s fear-mongering tactics, but instead on providing Missourians with substantive tax relief that will grow our economy and move our state in a positive direction,’ said Jones.”

They Want a Vote

Right-wing blog makes the case that Speaker Tim Jones should bring HB 253 to a vote regardless of whip count.  Read it here.

Dem Talker: Aycock In

Dem tipster says, “Barry Aycock has the resources to go the distance, and is committed to running whether Zweifel runs or not.”

We’ll see… but my guess if that if Clint Zweifel wants lieutenant governor, Aycock and every other Democrat will yield…


The rumor of the morning… “Claire (McCaskill) brought the Democratic ‘powers to be’ together yesterday at her Lake Ozark’s home.”  Presumably to talk about who was going to run for Auditor…

Butler on Sagging Panel

Tonight (6 – 7:30pm) at Harrison Community College there’ll be a “Community Discussion on Sagging.”

Moderator - Dr. Christi M. Griffin.

Panelists: State Rep. Michael Butler; Dr. Norman White – SLU; Ald. Marlene Davis; Yung Ro - Hip Hop Artist.

 Caleb Jones Working Southwest

Republican tipster in Southwest Missouri says he been seeing A LOT of Rep. Caleb Jones in his part of Missouri.  There’s no shortage of House Republicans in that corner of Missouri, and Jones is working it hard.

This source says his sense is that the speaker’s race is tightening…

Labor Lobbying Legislature on HB 650?

It’s said that some House Dems have been hearing from Jeff Aboussie asking them to support the override of HB 650 (Doe Run). 

It may be a difficult whip count because of cross-currents.  Republican attorneys may be inclined to sustain the governor’s veto, while Jeff Co Dems – (and with this rumor maybe some other labor Dems) – could go against their governor and vote for the override.

My gut remains that there’s still no override here, but it is apparently on the radar of House leadership, so – what for it – we’ll see…. 

Override on HB 301?

Another bill on the override radar is HB 301 which would allow for juvenile sex offenders to have their name taken off a public database if they avoid recidivism for five years.

This is another on where I felt confident an override was unlikely because the vote could be used in future campaigns as being soft on sex offenders.  However I am told that détente across the aisle is working on a “gentlemen’s agreement” where neither side uses it against each other in campaigns. 

Smith’s Pemiscot Fundraising

Congressman Jason Smith’s day-long trip through Pemiscot to meet business leaders the other day is said to have netted around $7K in fresh campaign contributions.  Perhaps more important though on that front, is a planned February fundraiser in which Smith is expected “to raise more money in Pemiscot County than any Republican has ever raised ever.”

Meanwhile, all’s quiet on the Jason Crowell primary rumor-mill, and no Dem names have emerged...

Democrats Snark on Roorda

Some House Dems are getting weary of Rep. Jeff Roorda’s panting push to the middle ahead of his 2014 senate race.

First, one points to his Missouri Times guest column from a week or two ago (see it here), writing: “Let 's see if he keeps that attitude when he’s begging all us ‘I-70 liberal elites’ for money next year.  Way to alienate all your base organizations and not reach a single undecided constituent.”

Another thought his email to the Dem caucus about shopping at Wal-Mart was designed to curry favor with special interests as he seeks campaign contributions.

And a third is tired of his constant game of footsie on the overrides, acting as if he might override the governor on bills (like HB 253 for example).

Ah politics…

Tweet of the Day

Tom Dempsey ‏@senatordempsey:  “1st race: Nixon campaigns on expanding Medicaid and does nada. On re-elect says nada re: Medicaid then pushes for expansion. #saywhat”

Hostess Help Wanted

“Digital/Social Media Manager – Contract Position with Hostess Brands (Posted August 15) You’ve seen The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever. You love Twinkies. Now you have the opportunity to join Hostess Brands. We are looking to immediately add to our marketing team, and need someone to help manage our digital and social media work. This position is a contract position for now until November 30. Reporting to the VP Marketing, this position will be primarily responsible for the oversight of our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, and more…  As this is a contract position, we are only looking for local, Kansas City area candidates. All resumes must be submitted by 5pm Sunday, August 18, 2013.” See ad here.


Slay for Mayor - $15,000 from Gregory Wendt.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Rodney Boyd, Brian Grace, and Kelvin Simmons added LMK Technologies.


Happy birthday to former state Rep. Pat Yaeger (71).