Friday, September 6, 2013

Just bits…

Gun Bill Woes

HB 436 is “taking on water” as normally conservative law enforcement officials are publicly asking the legislature to let the veto stand.  One rumor has the bill getting shelved without a vote.  The rumor is fueled by the changing perception of the bill, and that it would be a political liability for Speaker Tim Jones’ 2016 attorney general bid.

We’ll see…

Koster the Killer

The way the gun bill is getting deep-sixed has to make Republicans nervous when they think about the 2016 gubernatorial race.  It was remarkable knock-out punch crafted from the bully pulpit of the attorney general’s office.  But the timing is the thing.  The remarkable timing.  Chris Koster has political instincts on a higher plane than the Republican wannabe-statewides.  He hit them with the letter, others have piled on, and the momentum has shifted at just the right moment seeming to leave supporters of the bill no time to recover.

Pro-Gun Bill Ads On Internet

It’s not the NRA, it’s the National Association of Gun Rights.  They’re running internetads urging a veto override on HB 436.  The click-thru takes you to this page.

As Gun Bill Sinks, Doe Run Rises?

One observer sees some Black Caucus votes aiding the override effort…

Case-netting Dean

Republican primary hopeful in House 108 Nina Dean shows up in the Casenet database being sued by Discover Bank.  See the judgment from last year here.  It would appear that Dean is paying Discover $200 a month for a longgg time.

Her attorney was Rep. Robert Cornejo.

Kraske, Show-Me Institute Slap Fight

Hat-tip to the unabashed Tony’s KC for this bit… After KC Star columnist Steve Kraske took a late jab at Show-Me for hosting the “Time to Leave KC?” forum, Show-Me’s Patrick Tuohey responded on their blog… “Kraske himself lives in Kansas. I don’t know if Kraske ever lived in Missouri. But if he did, at some point he asked himself, ‘Is it time to leave Kansas City?’ and answered that it was.”  See it here.

Barnes Watch

Rumor, rumor… Rep. Jay Barnes will be hosting a meeting at his home Tuesday night (veto session eve) of bipartisan players interested in education reform to start to sketch a strategy for next session…

Tax Credit Redemptions Down

The recent report from the Department of Revenue shows that the two largest tax credit programs continue to see declining redemptions.  See it here.

Historic Preservation declined from $134 million to $79 million, and Low Income Housing fell from $164 million to $144 million.

And with tax credit issuance also falling $71 million from $105 million for Historics and $112 million from $164 million for Low Income, next year may see the trend continue.

Another More Regional Growth Consultants Fall-Out

Paul Woody, Democratic candidate for House in 2010, fined $5,000 in connection with Regional Growth Consultants.  I previously wrote about their $40K+ fine for doing lots of things really wrong.  On page 9 of the consent order (see it here) Woody explains how he got into trouble.

Rowden Watch

Rep. Caleb Rowden reiterated an undecided position on HB 253 (tax cut) last night at a forum.  But this bit is so far down here because the drama and suspense is gone on this override.  Over-riders haven’t made any progress in trying to pick off Democrats or shore up Republicans.

Help Wanted

Missouri Health Care for All seeks a full-time Statewide Grassroots Organizer. “The Grassroots Organizer will work with Missouri Health Care for All’s Executive Director to build and engage a broad base of Missourians in support of increased access to health care.”  See the ad here.


Committee To Elect Shalonn “Kiki” Curls - $5,001 from Barry Aycock.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc. - $6,514 from Patrons For Lyle Rowland.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Zach Pollock added Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives.

George L Oestreich added MOEMSAC.

Mary Winter deleted The Winter Group PC.


Happy birthday to Sarah Wood Martin (Mazel Tov!).

Saturday: former Rep. Kathlyn Fares (71).