Friday, December 14, 2012

Doing a quick Friday update because inquiring minds want to know… who got what office!


Senate Office Shuffle

Here are the office assignments for next session with the office’s previous occupant in parenthesis for mnemonic purposes.



Tom Dempsey takes Pro Tem Office – Room 326 (Rob Mayer)

Ron Richard – Room 321 (Jane Cunningham)

Jolie Justus – Room 333 (Victor Callahan)


Staying Put

Brad Lager – Room 422

David Pearce – Room 227


Better Digs

Dan Brown – Room 419 (Jim Lembke)

Maria Chappelle-Nadal – Room 330 (Jolie Justus)

Kiki Curls – Room 434 (Dan Brown)

Will Kraus – Room 418 (Scott Rupp)

Brian Nieves – Room 423 (Jason Crowell)

Scott Rupp – Room 416 (Chuck Purgason)

Rob Schaaf – Room 319 (Kevin Engler)

Eric Schmitt – Room 320 (Bill Stouffer)

Jay Wasson – Room 322 (Eric Schmitt)


Moving On Up

Bob Dixon – Room 332 (Tom Dempsey)

Joe Keaveny – Room 428 (Jay Wasson)

John Lamping – Room 426 (Brian Munzlinger)

Mike Parson – Room 420 (Kurt Schaefer)


Downward Mobility

Mike Kehoe from 4th floor to Room 220 (Will Kraus)

Ryan McKenna from 4th floor to 219 (Tim Green)

Brian Munzlinger from 4th floor to 331A (Jack Goodman)

Kurt Schaefer from 4th floor to Room 221 (LuAnn Ridgeway)



Mike Cunningham – Room 331 (Rob Schaaf)

Ed Emery – Room 431 (Ron Richard)

Jason Holsman – Room 329 (Joe Keaveny)

Paul LeVota – Room 421 (Maria Chappelle-Nadal)

Doug Libla – Room 226 (John Lamping)

Jamilah Nasheed – Room 331 (Robin Wright Jones)

Gary Romine – Room 334 (Mike Parson)

David Sater – Room 433 (Brian Nieves)

Scott Sifton – Room 425 (Kiki Curls)

Ryan Silvey – Room 429 (Mike Kehoe)

Wayne Wallingford – Room 225 (Bob Dixon)

Gina Walsh – Room 427 (Ryan McKenna)




Jason Kander will become youngest statewide elected official in the country.  Read it here.



Rep. Jay Barnes declares victory in his effort to have the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education implement software designed to check test-cheating among districts.  Read it here.



Robin Carnahan estimates that the special election to replace Jo Ann Emerson will cost about a million dallahs.  Read SEMissourian’s article here.



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


J Scott Marrs added Missouri national Guard Foundation.

Kenneth J Rothman added One McKnight Place and Delmar Gardens.

Doris Anne Clouse, Scott Penman, and David Winton deleted Parents As Teachers National Center.