Monday, December 17, 2012

Gun Fall-Out?

Blogger Randy Turner notes that Sen. Dan Brown pre-filed a bill – days before the Newton tragedy – which will now likely find itself in the middle of any gun debate in Missouri.  See it here.


It “establishes the Active Shooter and Intruder Response Training for Schools Program (ASIRT). By July 1, 2014, each school district and charter school must train teachers and school employees on how to respond to students with information about a threatening situation and how to address a potentially dangerous or armed intruder or active shooter in the school or on school property. Training must be conducted on an annual basis. Initial training must be eight hours in length and continuing training must be four hours in length. All school personnel must annually participate in a simulated active shooter and intruder response drill conducted by law enforcement professionals, as described in the act…


“Each school district and charter school must annually teach the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program to first grade students, or use a substantially similar or successor program of the same qualifications. The purpose of the program will be to promote safety and protection of children and emphasize how students should respond if they encounter a firearm. School personnel and program instructors must not make value judgments about firearms. Firearms are prohibited from the teaching of the program….”


Obviously we have a cultural divide in Missouri – and probably throughout the land.


In rural communities, guns are viewed as part of a way of life.  Teaching one’s child to use a gun is a rite of passage, a mark of maturity, not unlike gaining a driver’s license.


In urban areas, there are a lot of us who only see guns when they’re part of absurd violence and/or child-like macho stupidity with tragic results.  We would be fine to live in a world without guns.


I know I am viewing this too simplistically, but it doesn’t seem like a hard proposition to respect these two views – crafting laws which protect rural farmers, hunters, sportsmen ability to own and use guns, while regulating (including the outlaw of military-type weapons) guns in other spheres.



Dr. Gina Loudon Offers Advice

The press release:  “Dr. Gina Loudon, noted national expert (,,, Rusty Humphries Show, America’s Radio News, The Dr. Gina Show) on psychological and other issues said in a statement on Friday, “As we grapple with this tragedy, people are asking two questions:  1) How did this happen?  2) How can we prevent this from

happening again?”


“She advised people to avoid acting in haste, rather than gaining perspective that only time can give, as data is gathered and facts are made known…”



Thompson to Nixon Administration

Kelsey Thompson, recently executive director of Missouri Democratic Party, will become Governor Jay Nixon’s scheduler.  It amounts to something of a swap as former Nixon field director Joe Duffy is slated to be the new party head.


One Democrat notes that the job of scheduler for the governor can be a smart career move because it places you in contact with a lot of movers and shakers in the state.  For example, Angela Elsbury who was Holden’s scheduler, is now on staff for Senator Claire McCaskill.  And Blunt’s scheduler, Jessica Winschel, landed at the Missouri Biotechnology Association handling government affairs;




Sources say that Sam Murphy, Nixon’s communications director, will be exiting the administration.  Look for him to show up on the private side, ala Jac Cardetti.



Emerson May Step Down Earlier

Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson released a statement that she will resign from congress so that her replacement can be elected in an April 2 special election.


“My foremost priority is to be sure that the Eighth Congressional District is well-represented in Congress.  April 2 is the most likely date for the Governor to set a special election, so I want to minimize the cost and inconvenience involved in this process as much as I can – as well as assuring the people’s seat is vacant for as brief a period of time as possible.  At the same time, I am working for our district until the day I leave elected office.  I will have to make the best decision I can, knowing what votes may be scheduled and with the consultation of the Speaker of the House, to time my departure.  But I have every intention of making sure the Governor has the ability to restore representation to the people of the Eighth District by holding a special election on April 2 if he chooses.”



LG Buys Big

St. Louis Business Journal this morning has a headline on Laclede Gas making a big buy.  Read it here.


Pull Quote: “The Laclede Group Inc. plans to acquire the assets of Southern Union's Missouri Gas Energy (MGE) and New England Gas Co. (NEG) divisions for nearly $1.04 billion. ‘MGE and NEG will effectively double our size by increasing our utility customer base from approximately 630,000 to nearly 1.2 million in an industry and a state in which we have over 150 years' experience,’ said Suzanne Sitherwood, president and CEO of Laclede, in a statement.”



Rumorville: On Brownlee’s Exit from Polsinelli

It’s said that veteran lobbyist Richard Brownlee’s departure from Polsinelli Shughart was driven by a long-time relationship he has representing Traveler’s Insurance.  The firm has an irreconcilable conflict of interest with that client.



Renew Missouri Gets Nominal Fine

The Missouri Ethics Commission handed Renew Missouri a $100 fine for failing to put a “paid for” disclaimer on a flyer.  See it here.  It appears the flyer did have their organization’s name but not the words “paid for.”  Gotcha!



E-tailers Continue to Eat Sales

Last Monday was third heavy day of online sales up 13.3% from a year earlier.  Read it here.




The Columbia Chamber of Commerce has named Matt McCormick as its new President replacing Don Laird, who will retire on January 15, 2013. McCormick has been the President/CEO of the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce in Lewisville, Texas since 2007.



Glenn Burleigh is Lewis Reed’s new field director.  Burleigh has lefty activist ties and helped Robin Wright-Jones in her 2008 state senate upset victory over Rodney Hubbard.



Rolla Missouri-based Waynesville Daily Guide is looking for an editor. See ad here.



eMailbag: On Brad Lager’s Bill to Create a Wait Period for Legislators Before They Can Lobby

“Shouldn’t Lager also file something precluding sitting legislators from working as lobbyist as he does now?”



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Steven R Carroll added Medical Solutions Supplier, and Soluble Systems.

Gina Sparacino added Laclede Gas Company.

Joseph A. Santoro, and Chris G. Cronk deleted Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.



$5K+ Contributions

Stand Up Missouri - $23,410 from Stand Up Missouri.

Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts Committee - $241,939 from Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts Committee.




Happy birthdays to former Reps. Talib El-Amin (42), Barney Fisher (65), and Sam Komo (43).