Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rules Committee in 8th Congressional

The Republican 8th Congressional District Committee is already preparing for their nominating meeting in advance of Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson’s resignation.  A five-person Rules Committee has been appointed to organize the process.


They are: David Courtway (Festus), Wayne Bowen (Cape Girardeau), Jeffrey Shawan (Poplar Bluff),             Robert Green (Licking), and Mary Stubblefield (Cuba).


Some of the basic guidelines can be found in Missouri statutes – Chapter 115.  For example, “a majority vote of the members present shall be sufficient to nominate a candidate.”   But the Rules Committee will determine many of the nuts and bolts of the process.


It’s said that Chair Eddy Justice favors secret ballot voting as the best method to ensure that the committee members are voting their conscience.



Moore to CenturyLink

Rumors say that Richard Moore is leaving his post at Missouri Chamber and will join the government relations team at CenturyLink.


Moore would join Doug Galloway and Claudia Sands there.  No word, as of yet, who is taking Moore’s spot at MOChamber.



Murphey to Monsanto

Following on my “rumorville” bit yesterday, PolticMO’s Eli Yokely reported that Sam Murphey would be headed to Monsanto.  (And Yokely says Channing Ansley will take Murphey’s position as communications director.  Ansley did research for the Nixon’s campaign.)


Murphey lands at Corporate Affairs at Monsanto – specifically, on the Public Affairs’ executive communication team.  In his new role, Murphey will help members of the Monsanto executive team prepare for events worldwide. It’s a heavy effort, as the company’s leaders are in high demand at symposiums like World Economic Forum and countless U.S. events.


Murphey’s move solidifies the Creve Coeur office as one of the town’s liveliest water coolers – he becomes Public Affairs bedfellows with the peerless John Combest.  And the Corporate Marketing team boasts Jessica Simmons (former Deputy Director of Policy and Governmental Affairs for Robin Carnahan) and Glynn Young (former Director of Communications for St. Louis Public Schools during the tumultuous 2003-04 restructuring). Also under the Corporate Affairs big tent is Duane Simpson, Director of State and Local Government Affairs for Missouri and several other states in the region.



Ameren and SMR

In the last week, two independent observers have told me that they are confident that the Ameren-Westinghouse partnership is well-positioned to win the second round of Department of Energy grants for small modular reactors.


January 30 is the date folks are using for the deadline on that decision, though as we saw last fall those deadlines are not set in stone.


One of those sources cautions however that there are outside risks – budget cuts in DC for example.  You never can predict where the axe will fall.  But if the second round does happen, Ameren is expected to take home the goods.



Gun Talk

In the continuing groping aftermath of the Newtown mass murder, various Missouri officials are starting to weigh in on the future of gun control laws.  Read it here.


Governor Jay Nixon stays vague:  “The gruesome efficiency with which this horrific crime occurred gives pause to all of us as to the lethality of weapons out there.”


Rep. Stan Cox says making schools gun-free was a mistake: “I think there is a correlation between these horrible acts of violence and the gun-free zones that have come about by the law.”


St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch wants to arm school officials (read it here): “I’m not saying we should hand out a gun at the door when you come to work, but in the absence of an armed police officer, we need to consider arming school officials with the proper training.”



Willard for GOP ED?

The first name to surface for Republican Party executive director is Aaron Willard.  But there may be others, as this name game is just starting.


Willard was previously Steve Tilley’s top staffer before running Congresswoman-elect Ann Wagner’s campaign.  He has both campaign and policy experience.  Furthermore he isn’t seen as too closely aligned with any of various “consultant factions” (i.e. Jeff Roe, David Barklage et al) to cause consternation among those who worry about excessive influence.



House Budget Committees

AP reports that Speaker Tim Jones named the chairs of the Appropriations Committees.  Read it here.


Rep. Sue Allen – Appropriations - Health, Mental Health, and Social Services.

Rep. Marsha Haefner – Appropriations - Public Safety and Corrections.

Rep. Denny Hoskins – Appropriations - Transportation and Economic Development.

Rep. Mike Lair – Appropriations – Education.

Rep. Mark Parkinson – Appropriations - General Administration.

Rep. Craig Redmon – Appropriations - Agriculture and Natural Resources.




Moving Allen up to chair of Health Approps, perhaps presages Rep. Tom Flanigan going to Fiscal Review, and being in line for Budget Chair in January 2015.


And Haefner landing an Approps Chair keeps her on track as possible (long-term extrapolation here) Budget Chair in 2017.



Senator Claire McCaskill on Mississippi Barge Traffic

Senator Claire McCaskill issued a statement on the news that the U.S Army Corps of Engineers would begin the expedited removal of rock formations along the Mississippi River to ensure continued commercial navigation.


“The expedited timeline for rock removal is a step in the right direction, and I’m pleased that the Corps is responding to my concerns.  But success won’t come with the completion of the project—it will come with the continued ability to commercially navigate the Mississippi River, and I’ll continue to fight for the actions necessary to keep our barge traffic moving.”



Fiscal Cliff and MO

As President Barack Obama and Speaker John Boehner continue their negotiations dance, the Campaign to Fix the Debt (see website here) pushes for a deal with these estimates on how much going over the “fiscal cliff” will impact Missouri.


Missouri will lose up to 51,000 jobs due to the federal spending reductions.


In Missouri, because of how the state’s tax rates interact with the federal tax code, Missouri’s tax revenue will decrease. And because Missourians will see less after-tax money in their pockets, local businesses will suffer.


The value of the federal grants that will be curtailed by the fiscal cliff’s “sequestration” of federal funds represent 7.2 percent of all revenue Missouri receives on an annual basis. This is money Missouri has already allocated for spending.



Senate Looking for Research Staff

Missouri Senate, Division of Research seeks “an analyst in a nonpartisan, fast-paced, multi-faceted legislative environment. The successful applicant will draft legislation, staff committees of the Senate, prepare legal opinions, analyze legislative proposals, and develop policy alternatives.”  See ad here.



E-tailers Break Record

E-tailers have recorded 11  billion-dollar days so far this year, breaking the old record of ten similar sales days.  Read it here.



Look Out Twitter World

Former Jim Lembke aide Jamey Murphy, who made national blogs last year with a redistricting twitterant (Relive it here), tweeted yesterday that he’s coming back:


‏@jameymurphy Look out twitter world, a organization has put me in charge of their twitter account.



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


James R Moody and Chris Moody deleted SCI and Coalition for Missouri’s Future.

Chris Moody deleted Kindred Healthcare Inc.

Randy Scherr deleted Meda Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Shannon Cooper, Nancy L. Giddens, Jessica L Land deleted Fresenius Medical Care.



$5K+ Contributions

MO Democratic State Committee - $10,000 from Operating Engineers Local 101 PAC.

Slay for Mayor - $10,000 from Sam Fox.




Happy birthday to Kevin Elmer (42).




Congratulation to lobbyist Fred Dreiling on the birth of Fred Jr.