Update to Emerson Rumor

BOOM!  It’s True.

Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson will be releasing a statement today.


In that statement I expect she will announce her retirement from Congress to be effective February 2013.  She will be taking a job thereafter as the new CEO for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.  See organization’s website here.


I am told that the process is that the 8th Congressional District Committees will choose the nominees for their respective parties.  This is a Republican district, so the Republican nominee should win the election.


However, whoever wins in 2013 might face a primary the next year in 2014 if there are others with aspirations.


Lloyd Smith, former Emerson chief of staff, is considered a possible front-runner – if he’s interested.  In addition to Kinder and Crowell, other names mentioned are: Todd Richardson, Sarah Steelman, and Kevin Engler.


Here is the 8th Congressional Committee according to the MO Republican Party website.


More to come I’m sure….