Thursday, September 6, 2012

30-Day Reports

30-Day Reports are due today.  I’ll try to have a run-down on the critical races tomorrow morning.


As is his habit, Sen. Jim Lembke filed his quarter well before the deadline.  He raised $40,575; spent $16,616 and has $332,584.  While that’s not chump change, it’s not the kind of powerhouse report that should demoralize his Democratic challenger, Rep. Scott Sifton.


Sifton had a primary and needs to reload, so it’ll be interesting to see his quarter.



American Conservative Union to Rate MO Legislators

ACU “Meet & Greet” on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 in Jefferson City, to honor the award winners of our inaugural conservative ratings of the Missouri General Assembly.


“The ACU Ratings of the Missouri General Assembly will include scores for each individual member in both the State Senate and House of Representatives, a description of the votes scored and lists of members receiving special recognition as ‘Defenders of Liberty,’ ‘ACU Conservatives’ or ‘True Liberals of the Show-Me State.’”



Train Wreck Coming?

The peerless John Combest links today to a Riverfront Times article saying that St. Louis County has a 1,000 poll-worker shortage looming (see it here).


Republicans point to the recent “quiet ousting” of  Joseph Goeke from the County’s Board of Election Commissioners (see St. Louis Beacon article here).


In fact some Republicans wonder if the Nixon-appointee, John Siscel, is really a Republican. Siscel sat on his hands while Goeke, a fellow Republican was ousted.


The question of Siscel’s allegiance could return next session (if Nixon wins).



TV Buys

Pro-life PAC Susan B. Anthony, which juiced some publicity out of Politico a week ago saying it was coming in on the heels of Akin’s abortion comments, is only showing meager buys. $14,850 on KMBC (contract here), and  $14,000 on KCTV (contract here).



The cigarette tax proponents (Missourians for Health and Education) have a nice buy in rotation.  It looks like about $100K in Kansas City (see a contract here), and $160K in St. Louis (see a contract here).



And Young Guns PAC does a fat buy through September, $177K on KSDK alone (see the contract here).



Clown, Thug and Miss Grammar

Sadly the Senate will never see these two debate…  From last night’s twitterfeed:


Sen. Jason Crowell ‏@senjasoncrowell: Bill Clinton is racist - Barack Obama …


Jamilah Nasheed ‏@JamNasheed: @senjasoncrowell stop playing the dozens


Sen. Jason Crowell: @JamNasheed you going to catch me in stl and threaten me again Thug


Jamilah Nasheed: @senjasoncrowell U R the biggest THUG in the STATE of Missouri-CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!


Sen. Jason Crowell: @JamNasheed you going to cut me sell out. What do I owe you for you selling your votes to Tilley again Thug I'm principle you're not


Jamilah Nasheed: @senjasoncrowell I will not engage you anymore clown,get a life!!!!


Sen. Jason Crowell: @JamNasheed go ahead and deny the threats you made. Look in the mirror. Votes for sell. No principle.


Sarah Martin ‏@SarahWMartin: @senjasoncrowell it should be votes for "sale" #notpickingsides #loathemisspellings


Sen. Jason Crowell: @SarahWMartin good point. I stand corrected. Virtual key boards have never been my strong suit




Senate Floor leader Tom Dempsey announced that there would be no attempt at an override on SB837.  This was the bill – Dempsey was sponsor – that attempted to redefine “franchise” for alcohol distributors in the aftermath of court cases.  It had passed the Senate 28-5 during session, but then became a sticky issue while being debated in the House.



See the attorney and peer reviews of judges here.    They say Judge Dale Hood should be retired.  See his evaluation here.



Missouri’s Libertarian Nominee for US Senate shows off his bench pressing prowess.  See it here.



Auditor Tom Schweich released his audit of governor’s office.  See it here.  He rated the office “fair,” below both “excellent” and “good,” but above “poor.”



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Christopher Beal added Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc.

Zachary Brunnert and Larry Rohrbach added Coventry Health Care.

Mark J Bruns added Saint Louis Police Officers Association.

Michael R Gibbons and Tricia Workman added MO Whitetail Breeders and Hunting Ranch Association, and deleted POI LLC.

Stuart P Keating added Environment Missouri.

Earl Kraus added Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration, Division of Profession Registration.

Connie Clarkston deleted Division of Professional Registration.



$5K+ Contributions

MO Democratic State Committee - $5,400 from Missouri House Democratic Campaign Committee.

Missouri for Better Courts - $80,000 from Missourians for Open an Accountable Judicial Selection d/b/a Better Courts for Missouri.

Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts - $10,000 from Bartimus, Frickleton, Robertson & Gorny.

Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts - $10,000 from Dollar, Burns & Becker L.C.

Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts - $20,000 from Davis, Bethun & Jones LLC.

Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts - $10,000 from Walters, Bender Strohbehn & Vaughan.

Missouri’s Future - $11,00 from Stueve Siegel Hanson LLP.

United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action Fund - $6,445 from United Food & Commerical Workers Local #655.

Missourians for Mike Cierpiot - $20,000 from Davis, Ketchmark McCreight.

Missourians for Koster - $10,000 from Richard Sullivan.




Happy birthday to Sarah Wood Martin.