Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 Day Reports


Nixon: $1.4 million raised; $1.6 million on-hand.

Spence: $2.5 million raised; $285K on-hand.


Lieutenant Governor

Montee: $275K on-hand; $46K on-hand.

Kinder: $300K raised; $115K on-hand.


Secretary of State

Kander: $293K raised; $723K on-hand.

Schoeller: $263K raised; $126K on-hand.



Zweifel: $303K raised; $737K on-hand.

McNary: $224K raised; $348K on-hand.


Attorney General

Koster: $343K raised; $1.3 million on-hand.

Martin: $315K raised; $23K on-hand.


Senate 1

Sifton: $74K raised; $10K on-hand.

Lembke: $122K raised; $136K on-hand.


Senate 3

Fallert: $39K raised; $17K on-hand.

Romine: $174K raised; $203K on-hand.


Senate 19

Still: $41K raised; $27K on-hand.

Schaefer: $112K raised; $22K on-hand.


Senate 25

Swinger: $54K raised; $95K on-hand.

Libla: $95K raised; $42K on-hand.


House Republican Campaign Committee: $716K raised; $489K on-hand.

House Democratic Campaign Committee: $140K raised; $64K on-hand.


Senate Republican Campaign Committee: $208K raised; $120K on-hand.

Senate Democratic Campaign Committee: $42K raised; $17K on-hand.



House Battlegrounds

Here’s where House campaign committees are spending money…


House 3 – HRCC - $30K to Rep. Lindell Shumake running against Rep. Tom Shively.

House 8 – HRCC - $20K to Jim Neely running again Jim Crenshaw.

House 48 – HRCC - $9K to Dave Muntzel running against Ron Monnig.

House 51 – HRCC - $13K to Dean Dohrman running against Gary Grisby.

House 132 – HDCC - $6K to Charlie Norr running against Rep. Melissa Leach.

House 150 – HRCC - $38K to Rep. Kent Hampton running against Tom Todd.



Condolences to McCaskill

On the passing of her mom, Betty.


McCaskill’s Statement

"I am very sad to announce today the passing of my mother, Betty Anne McCaskill. For some time, mom's health has not been good, and our family takes comfort that she is now at rest. People all over the state have asked about her, and their prayers and concern have been greatly appreciated. Mom never met a stranger and lived life with enthusiasm that none of us could match. We were incredibly lucky to have a mother like her, a woman of great intellect and strength, who loved and nurtured, challenged and pushed, and was always there with wise counsel and great humor. While we know she's finally at peace, our family and her friends will all miss her so very much. Her death creates a hole in my life that will never be filled."



Jones Against Tobacco Tax Increase

From Speaker Tim Jones’ Latest Email Blast

“Proposition B would raise the tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products – the amount would be 3.65 cents and 25% of the invoice price on cigarettes and 15% on other tobacco products, a drastic increase over current prices.


“This proposition is nothing more than an interest-group backed effort to use taxation to dictate personal behavior, and I do not support it. Government should not use such tactics to interfere in personal choices. I do not smoke, but that is my individual choice so I will not use taxes to impose my beliefs on others or penalize them for making a different choice.”



New Kander Commercial

Jason Kander attacks Shane Schoeller for his bill last session which Kander claims would have made it impossible for some overseas servicemen and women to vote.  It highlights Kander’s service in Afghanistan while drawing a policy difference.  See it here.



New MO Dem Bumper-sticker? No New Taxes

Democrat Mike Frame in House 111 is trying to win back his old seat.  He’s running on Nixon coattails… “He’ll work with Governor Nixon to balance the budget without raising taxes…”   See it here.



Schaefer Admonished for Nazi Reference

From the MO Dem Party’s press release

*Columbia, MO.--* In an interview published in the Columbia Daily Tribune on Oct. 26, Republican Sen. Kurt Schaefer compared former Gov. Bob Holden’s former Communications Director Mary Still, to Adolph Hitler's Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels. (Columbia Daily Tribune, 10/26/2012).

* *

Schaefer, who is running against Mary Still for State Senate, said Still can't hide from the Holden record. "I'm not buying that — the Joseph Goebbels, 'Look, I was just following orders' " defense, Schaefer said.


Rabbi Emeritus of St. Louis’ Congregation Shaare Emeth, Jeffrey Stiffman joined Gov. Holden in condemning Schaefer’s comparison, "It is simply outrageous that an elected official would be so callous to make a comparison of the evil of the Holocaust to disparage an opponent's character,” Rabbi Stiffman said. “When someone casually throws around these statements, it diminishes gravity of the Holocaust. I call on Sen. Schaefer to retract his statement and apologize."



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Michael David Grote added Oxford Health Care; and deleted Dunn Construction.

Jewell D. H. Patek added Olsson Associates and Lefleur Administrative Services.



$5K+ Contributions

Committee to Elect Bill Burris 43rd Circuit Judge - $10,000 from Gordon Burris.

Greater KC Bldg & Construction Trades PEC - $6,000 from Our Childrens Future.

Missouri’s Future - $6,450 from Strong Garner Bauer P.C.

Missouri’s Future - $10,000 from Carey & Danis LLC.

Shumake for State Representative Committee - $30,038 from House Republican Campaign Committee Inc.

Citizens to Elect Charlie Norr 2012 - $5,708 from Missouri House Democratic Campaign Committee.

Citizens for Neely - $20,593 from House Republican Campaign Committee.

Paul Vescovo for Sheriff Committee - $15,000 from Paul Vescovo.

Committee to Elect Kent Hampton - $37,936 from House Republican House Committee Inc.

Mary Nichols for State Rep - $5,074 from Missouri Democratic State Committee.

Committee to Elect Dean Dohrman State Representative - $13,080 from House Republican House Committee.

Friend for Muntzel - $9,094 from House Republican Campaign Committee.




Happy birthdays to Rep. Mark Parkinson (40), lobbyist Kyna Iman (49), and former St. Louis mayor Vince Schoemehl (66).