Tuesday, September 11, 2011

Akin TV Buys

Todd Akin TV buys continue to be anemic.  Compare his KSDK buy (see it here) this week.  Akin: 12 spots costing $11,625.  Claire McCaskill: 58 spots costing $40,275 (see it here).  And one assumes that McCaskill is holding back.



Akin Calendar

We still have two more weeks of Todd Akin saying he’s saying in, and that being the news of the article.  Read it here.


After that, he has the chance to move the dialogue to something else.  But there’s also an avalanche from Sen. Claire McCaskill waiting for him on September 26 – and my guess is he’s down five to six point at that point.



NYTimes on US Senate control.  Read it here.  Pull Quote: “Representative Todd Akin’s comments about “legitimate rape” may well have robbed Republicans of a Missouri Senate seat they had counted as theirs, and have improved the chances that Senator Claire McCaskill, the Democratic incumbent, will win re-election.”



Tilley Campaign Account Contributions

The Steve Tilley war-chest is slowly deploying to Republican candidates (plus Dems Jamilah Nasheed and Penny Hubbard).  Cash on-hand: $1.1 million.


From the 30 Day Report

Citizens to Elect Jamilah Nasheed - $5,000

Committee to Elect Dean Dohrman State Representative - $250

Citizens for Kevin Corlew - $250

Randy Pike for State Rep 126 - $250.

Citizens for Morris - $250

Fitzpatrick for House - $250

Missourians for Dokes - $250

Committee to Elect Becky Ruth - $250

Friend of Glen Kolkmeyer - $250

Missourians to Elect Love - $250

Friends of Robert Cornejo - $250

Friends of Nola Wood - $150

Friends of Elijah Haahr - $500

Beverly Steiniger Campaign 41 Committee - $150

Friends of Rekha Shama - $150

Committee to Elect Aziere - $150

Citizens for Sommer - $250


From 8 Day Report

Friends of Neal Boyd - $500

Friends of Donna Lichtenegger - $500

Citizens for Good - $500

Citizens for Donna Pfautsch - $500

Friends of Diehl - $5,000

Parson for State Senate - $5,000

Penny Hubbard for State Representative - $1,000

Friends of Jay Barnes - $1,000

Friends to Elect Cole McNary - $500

Citizens for Timothy W Jones - $5,000



American Conservative Union Ratings

Tomorrow ACU will recognize their favorite legislators.


Toppers are called “Defenders of Liberty” for voting 100% on the rated votes.  They are:  Sens. Jim Lembke and Brian Nieves.  Reps. Kurt Bahr, Cloria Brown, Eric Burlison, Kathie Conway, Stan Cox, Paul Curtman, Charlie Davis, Gary Fuhr, Andrew Koenig, Dave Schatz, and Jason Smith.


On the other end of the spectrum, ACU calls those scoring 0% “True Liberals of the Show-Me State.”


“Honorees” in this category are Sens. Maria Chappelle-Nadal and Robin Wright-Jones. Reps. Bert Atkins, Susan Carlson, Rory Ellinger, Chris Kelly, Jeanne Kirkton, Karla May, Tracy McCreery, Tom McDonald, Margo McNeil, Genise Montecillo, Judy Morgan, Stacey Newman,

Mary Nichols, Jeanette M Oxford, Sharon Pace, Tommie Pierson, Jill Schupp, Scott Sifton, Clem Smith, Churie Spreng, Mary Still, and Rochelle Walton Gray.




Skip Olsen, a former shady operative who helped unravel the political careers of Steve Brown and Jeff Smith, is expected to plead guilty this morning to a 2008 attempted bombing. Read it here.



Post-Dispatch editorial board dings Steve Tilley for the potential conflicts of interest. Read it here.



The mighty Jason Rosenbaum reports for Beacon on the Judge Jon Beetem upholding SOS Robin Carnahan’s ballot language on the court change plan.  Read it here.




Why Jay Nixon Targets Dems on Auto-Tax


“The reason Nixon targets an already diminished minority is simple: it's all about him.”



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Steven Glorioso added American Traffic Solutions.

John Loudon deleted National Home Services Contracts, Teradata, and Save the Confluence.

Ann Michael deleted Missouri Movers Association.




Jay Nixon for Missouri - $10,000 from Comprehensive Health Systems.

Spence for Governor - $50,000 from Steven Trulaske Sr.

MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PAC - $10,000 from Ozark Empire Grocers Association.




Happy birthday to House Republican candidate Eugene Dokes.