Friday, February 17, 2012


Norma Hearts Ryan

Rep. Ryan Silvey’s senate campaign chugs along – even in the absence of a map.  Last night in Springfield, at the condo of Reggie McElhannon, former state senator Norma Champion (McElhannon’s old boss) was the special guest of honor.  The fundy netted Silvey about $20K.



Fallert Announces for State Senate

Rep. Joe Fallert sent out a press release last night, announcing his run “for what is now Missouri’s Third District Senate seat as questions about its ultimate boundaries--as defined by the state redistricting map--were still under review.”


Although the announcement isn’t a big surprise, its timing is.  And one imagines that the recent bubbling talk that Rep. Linda Black was being floated as a potential candidate (depending on the map) may have hastened his announcement.


Incumbent Sen. Kevin Engler is termed.  There are wide variances between the current district, and the invalidated appellate map.




In advance of this weekend’s Lincoln Days, Republican statewide candidates were unveiling their endorsements:


Spence for Governor – Sens. Dan Brown, Jane Cunningham, Mike Kehoe, John Lamping,  Ron Richard, Scott Rupp, Kurt Schaefer, Eric Schmitt, and Jay Wasson.


Kinder for LG – Over 50 House Republicans.  See the list Here.


McNary for Treasurer – Sens. Kevin Engler, Mike Kehoe, John Lamping, Jim Lembke, Mike Parson, Brian Nieves, Ron Richard, Luann Ridgeway and Rob Schaaf.



StudentsFirst to Address House GOP Caucus

StudentsFirst’s Tim Melton (former Michigan state rep) will be in Jefferson City on Monday as the advocacy group speaks to the House Republican Caucus.  It’s said that House leadership has been meeting with smaller groups of reps to feel out where enthusiasm and resistance lies to the various education reform proposals.



Rumorville: Counting Votes on a Compromise

One Dem trying to determine which of their commissioners Governor Jay Nixon could influence as his office negotiates for a compromise senate map thinks the best bet is St. Louis attorney Nicole Colbert-Botchway.  But seven votes are needed to pass the map, so assuming Republicans can deliver their five, where’s the seventh vote?



Jones – Sauer Slapfight

Fred Sauer’s latest Missouri Roundtable for Life press release launches again at Floor Leader Tim Jones


“In an extraordinary outburst, House Majority Leader Tim Jones blamed Missouri Roundtable For Life for the passage of the pro-cloning Amendment 2. In a written communication, as reported by on February 13 2012, Jones stated ‘[Missouri Roundtable For Life] failed to defeat Amendment 2... It is their fault that cloning issues now exist on our Constitution.’


“The same cloning interests that foisted Amendment 2 on the voters have been relentlessly trying to get their hands on taxpayer dollars for their experiments. This is the purpose of MOSIRA, which is a scheme to funnel taxpayer dollars to science special interests... Tim Jones accepted thousands of dollars from the cloners, and they got what they wanted. We need leaders who will stand up against anti-life special interests rather than accept their money.”



$5k+ Contributions

Ryan Dillon for Missouri - $5,200 from Ryan Dillon.

Spence for Governor - $5,000 from Jack Smith.

Spence for Governor - $10,000 from James Theiss.

Spence for Governor - $31,726 from Ballas Office Partners LP.

KCS Rail-PAC - $10,000 from Kansas City Southern.

Friends of Robert Sawyer - $6,000 from Robert Sawyer.




Happy birthday to Pat Jakopchek (29)


Tomorrow: Mrs. Carissa Rupp.


Sunday: Rep. Rodney Schad (58), MOBio’s Alex Eaton, lobbyist Lynn Schlosser, and Jay Kanzler (51).