Friday, July 15, 2011

Carnahan for Secretary of State

One strong Democratic source says that the wait is over… Robin Carnahan will declare she is indeed running for re-election.  Look for something soon…


What It Means

First, means that Rep. Russ Carnahan is certainly not running state-wide.  No serious observer believes that a brother – sister team of candidates is a good idea.


Second, it shunts every other name that’s been floated for a statewide race into the Lieutenant Governor’s slot.  Those would be former state senator Wes Shoemyer, Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders, and Rep. Jason Kander


Sanders raiser $184,600 last quarter and now has $259,139 on-hand.  Kander raised $22,450, and now has $170,669 on-hand.


The rumor, however, is that Sanders had a dispiriting trip to St. Louis and is not considering a LG bid.



Meanwhile word is that Sen. Scott Rupp’s campaign for secretary of state will kick-off at the end of the month.



Kinder Does a Million

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder preannounced a number just a tad shy of $1 million last quarter.  Read it Here. It shows that he’s finally getting serious on the money side of the campaign.  And by leaking the numbers first to Politico, Kinder continues his effort to raise the race’s national profile in order to bring in national Republican money.



Clayton for Judge

On the heels of the Public Service Commission’s 5-0 decision in the Ameren’s rate case, one rumor is that Commissioner Robert Clayton will be appointed to the Missouri Court of Appeals.  One source says, “Nixon has to make a decision by Monday and people are already making phone calls attempting to line up support to get Nixon’s nod to replace Clayton.”



Jones Quarters

Rep. Caleb Jones is rumored to be posting about $18k raised when he files.  If so, that’ll put him near the top among the freshmen for money raised this quarter.


And the eyes of reporters and critics will be on Sen. Robin Wright Jones’ report to see if she filed on time and whether the previous reporting mess has been straighten out.



Lobbyist Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


James B Gwinner added CHPA.

David C. Hale and Daniel Landon added Healthcare Services Group.

Dawn Heidbreder added WT Dawson. 



$5k+ Contributions

MO Democratic State Committee - $7,200 from Jay Nixon for Missouri.

Friends of Tilley - $10,000 from Missouri Healthcare Association.

Friends of Tilley - $10,000 from August Busch III.

Emerson’s Missouri Responsible Government Fund - $28,000 from Emerson Electric.




Tomorrow (Saturday) ATT Prez John Sondag turns 58.