Friday, November 18, 2011

McNary for Treasurer?

Rep. Cole McNary has been making calls to party leaders to explore a possible state treasurer bid.  If he pulls the trigger – a decision might not come until after the Thanksgiving break – he’d be the only Republican in the race so far.


The political case for McNary rests on his last name which would resonate with Republicans in St. Louis County, and his fiscal conservatism in an expected Republican year.  However incumbent Clint Zweifel has been working hard for four years across the state and will not be easily beaten.


McNary’s other challenge would be fundraising.  His October quarter showed $4K raised, and $28K on-hand.


Zweifel, on the other hand, has been digging out solid quarter after solid quarter.  His October report showed $217K raised with $720K on-hand.



Tilley PAC?

One person who’s spoken to Speaker Steve Tilley about his future plans says that Tilley will remain a player in the Missouri political scene.  Tilley, according to this source, is working through his list of significant contributors and touching base to see how they’d like to handle their donations.


While some may want their money back, the expectation is that many will tell Tilley to use the money as he sees fit.  The guess is that he will refund some contributions but that his campaign account will still probably have around $1 million at the end of the day.


The current thinking is to use that money over the course of two or three cycles to invest strategically in candidates.



Woody to Supporters: Thank You

Excerpts from House 15 Democratic candidate Paul Woody’s thank you email…


Dear Friends, Family and Supporters,


Thank you…


As most of you have heard by now, as of this moment, I am losing my bid for 15th District seat in the Missouri House of Representatives by 38 votes—less than 1% of the vote.  That may change as we explore the laws relating to recounts, but the fact remains, this race was decided by an incredibly close margin…


Two emotions have dominated me over the last several days.  One is a deep frustration and disappointment with those whose support could have literally made the difference and won this seat back for the Democrats.  Such a victory would have sent a powerful message to the legislature that this party can still compete in swing districts.


Some people recommended that I not make this run—that I keep my powder dry rather than risk losing this election.


But what I heard from voters convinced me that this race had to be run, and that our message was one that would resonate with the people of St. Charles...


Because of my volunteers, and the help of one underpaid but diligent campaign worker, we found enough supporters to win this race.  In short, because of you, we exceeded many expectations, and made a huge impact on the political landscape in St. Charles County.  And perhaps even more importantly, in the face of a well funded opponent, we proved that hard work still means something in politics.


For that I say Thank You…




The cigarette tax coalition filed a revised version of their ballot initiative.  Read it Here.  73 cent/pack tax increase, and covers smaller tobacco producers also.



Lobbyist Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Frank H Plescia added Delaware North Companies Sportservice Inc.

William E Shoehigh added William E. Shoehigh.



$5K+ Contributions

MO Republican Party - $15,000 from Herzog Contracting Group.

Rupp for Missouri - $25,000 from August Busch III.