Special Update... Rumor: Kinder for LG

In yet another stunning twist in the 2012 election cycle, strong, credible rumors are circulating that this afternoon Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder will announce that he will seek re-election for lieutenant governor.


Kinder had been the presumptive gubernatorial until months ago when a photograph of him with a bartender led to questions about his personal life.  Kinder eventually answered the questions, but not until the damage was done:  some donors and members of his own party opening calling for Kinder to abandon his bid for the governor’s mansion.


His campaign limped along for months afterward, through a “listening tour” and a lackluster fundraising quarter.


Things changed dramatically when Kinder’s heir apparent Speaker Steve Tilley withdrew from the LG race, citing a desire to spend time with his family.  That brought others - Brad Lager, Chris McKee, Luann Ridgeway, Eric Schmitt - expressing an interest in a newly open LG’s race


Meanwhile, Dave Spence, a St. Louis businessman officially declared that he enter the governor’s race.


Now with Kinder returning to the LG’s race, the Republican world is cast into chaos.  Does Kinder get a pass at LG?  Does Lager back off to a state treasurer’s campaign?  Does he take on Spence for governor?


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