Monday, April 30, 2012

Crowell as The Rock

Reporter David Lieb dismembers the notion of fiscal hawks in the Senate in his AP article.  Read it Here.


“The budget plan, which entered Senate debate with a projected $16 million balance in the general revenue fund, now has a $4 million shortfall. So much for fiscal conservatism.”


But the hawks still found some grounds for victory:  “‘It’s the first time in my 12 years (in the House and Senate) that we’ve ever had an appropriations chair that has - in the vernacular of `The Rock' in WWE wrestling - been smacked down,’ said Sen. Jason Crowell, R-Cape Girardeau, a leader of the nine budget-blockers.”



Most Popular Govs

Washington Post’s list of ten most popular governors doesn’t include Jay NixonSee it Here.


One observer: “I will take the contrarian opinion I have had for the last year. Despite this aura of inevitability from some of the insiders here in both parties it isn't clear at all to me that Jay gets reelected. His numbers are mid 50's to low 60 are good but certainly not great. His support is doesn't have a lot of strong approval mostly weak. The flip side is that to his benefit he doesn't have a lot of hard disapproval.  But there is an opening there for Spence -- although not clear to me he is ready for prime time.”



This Missouri Lives

NPR’s This American Life features the now oft-repeated story of the falls of former best buddies, former state senate Jeff Smith and former state representative Steve BrownListen to it Here.


The segment is compelling as the two principals offer variations of apologies to each other for the first time through the medium of the interviewer.


Pull Quotes:

Steve Brown: “If Jeff were sitting across me right now, I’d apologize to him for doing it, but it was clearly what was going to happen.  I had lost my life for Jeff.  I lost my political career; I lost my law license; I lost a reputation; and I lost all that in an attempt to help Jeff, and that was as far as I was prepared to go to be honest.  ‘Sorry Jeff, you’re a good guy, I had hoped and planned to do great things with you, but I’m not risking, I’m not taking away, from my two children and my wife for you or anybody else.’ And so thinking about them is what really got me thinking like what I needed to do to keep myself out of jail.”


Jeff Smith: “You feel like you’re a hunted prey when the feds come knocking on your door at 6:30 in the morning.  And you’re right.  Of course I should have been like ‘Steve you do what you need to do.’ But I felt sort of like we had made this agreement long ago and for any one of us to go soft now was to you know to get us all in trouble.   I mean the way we talk about it, it’s like there’s six dead bodies in vacant houses somewhere. I mean it’s just so silly.”



Candidate Withdrawals

Richard La Violette withdrew from House 99.  He was filed as a Republican.  His withdrawal means that incumbent Rep. Andrew Koenig is now without a primary.  He does have a Democratic opponent, but the district is solidly Republican.



City Dems Trivia Night Bits

The only people sitting at Sen. Robin Wright Jones’ table at the Democratic Central Committee Trivia Night on Saturday table were the senator and her campaign strategist, and son, Damon Jones. There were 10 spots to a table.  “A Senate campaign that can’t find 8 people to sit at a table and eat free food and drink free beer might have problems finding people to knock on doors....”


And awkwardly, they “auctioned off Congressman Lacy Clay.”  He went for $200.  Says one participant, “The wording could have been better, I think he was supposed to sit at someone’s table and help them out.”


And congratulations to Young Democrats of St. Louis president Jason Growe who was married last weekend to Rebecca Wittie.



Sight’ems at Safe Connections

Safe Connections – a not-for-profit working against domestic abuse – held their annual fundraiser bunch last weekend.  It was attended by all women (excepting the guy from Black Tie who takes the pictures); “it's not political but for some reason there never are any Republican legislators there.”


LG candidate Susan Montee was one of the featured speakers.  LG candidates Judy Baker and Rep. Sara Lampe were in the audience.  Montee spoke about her father and her grandmother inspiring her to go to law school.


Others in the audience Reps. Susan Carlson and Stacy Newman; Sue Shear’s Dayna Stock; former Sen. Joan Bray; Reps. Jeanne Kirkton, Margo McNeill, Jill Schupp and Tracy McCreery; politicos Monica Combest, Linda Rallo, and Lori Rasmussen.




Illinois judge throws out that internet sales tax.  Read it Here.



Senate goes to third-read House bill today.  Thirteen days… left in session.




On Money and Campaigns

“In ‘92 the Internet barely existed – there certainly weren’t any political ads – and Rush Limbaugh was only beginning to breathe new life into radio. Cable news was just getting going, too. There were different campaign finance laws and the Citizens United case hadn’t been decided. Still, the need for mountains of money hasn’t changed.”


True Legacy of the 1992 Elections

“That was a gateway election.  State Senator Jay Nixon was first elected Attorney General, and State Senator Roger Wilson was first elected Lieutenant Governor.  State Rep. Jim Talent, the House Minority Leader, was first elected to the U.S. Congress (2nd District).  Former State Rep. Bob Holden was first elected State Treasurer, and former State Rep. Claire McCaskill was first elected Prosecuting Attorney in Jackson County.


“As you mentioned, Secretary of State Roy Blunt lost his bid for the GOP nomination for Governor, but his credible showing set him up for later service in the U.S. Congress (7th District), and his son’s election as Secretary of State and Governor, and Roy’s current post in the U.S. Senate.  And Mel Carnahan served two terms as Governor and was elected to the U.S. Senate but did not live to serve there.  And certainly that led to his daughter’s election as Secretary of State and his son’s election to the U.S. Congress (3rd District).”



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Samuel G Licklider added Glazer’s Family of Companies.



Interesting Contribution

Spence for Governor - $1,000 from Mike DeCola.




Happy birthdays to Andy Blunt (36), Julie Murphy Finn, and Dave Evans.