Tuesday, May 1, 2012

“A-Bomb Dropped By Enola Confirmed Bachelor”

Rep. Steve Cookson made Stephen Colbert’s Report last night.  See it Here.


He sat down with SEMO Times to explain the intent of his “don’t day gay” bill. Read it Here.


The media shower comes amid pushback, and one wonders if the overreach will adversely affect his future as expected chair of the Education Committee next year.  In a word: no.   We’re talking about the House after all.  They love red meat.



Jami Calls RWJ’s Lawsuit (and Candidacy) Frivolous

“Last week, Sen. Robin Wright-Jones (D-St. Louis) joined the countless hotels, restaurants and radio stations that have sued her when she filed legal paperwork in the Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri.  Unfortunately for Wright-Jones, her petition to remove one of her competitors from the August ballot seems to have significantly less merit than the multiple suits previously brought against her for unpaid bills.”  So starts Rep. Jamilah Nasheed’s press release ripping Wright-Jones’ law suit.


“This lawsuit is as frivolous as her campaign has been to this point,” she continued...




The House passed the budget bill dealing with public debt yesterday and then requested conferences on the other bills.  One source says there had been talk of Rep. Ryan Silvey and Sen. Kurt Schaefer “stringing out” the conference committee report to put maximum pressure on the dissidents.”  But it now appears that we’ll get a conference committee going tomorrow.

Workers Comp, No Second Injury?

From the twitter-feed of Senate spokesperson Ryan Nonnemaker: “Sen. Dempsey says the plan for the week is to continue on House Bills for 3rd reading, which includes HB 1403 – workers comp reforms. Dempsey says he received a letter today from the gov supporting measures on co-employee liability & occup disease staying in workers comp. Though as he reads it, letter says including SIF in the bill is hazardous.  While Dempsey would like to include SIF, absent the governor speaking clearly, it might have to be removed.  He adds co-employee liability has to be addressed even at the expense of SIF; it is costing MO businesses money.”



“Dempsey believes the biggest hang up in conference could be the passage of tax amnesty since the House budgeted for its passage.”



Rumorville: McGhee’s Heart Not Really in Senate 21?

Is Rep. Mike McGhee looking for an exit?


This, from a trusted senate source: “On a weekly basis, McGhee asks Sen. David Pearce to get him a job so they ‘don't have to bump heads’ all summer. Namely with Imagine Schools, which seems impossible at this point.”




Look who had their picture taken with Dr. Jill Biden yesterday… See it Here.  Metropolitan Community College – Kansas City’s Tom Vansaghi.



State Treasurer Clint Zwiefel is giving away an iPad, I mean a Kindle Fire.  See it Here.



In case you were worried the U.S. was losing its competitive edge in the industries of tomorrow, fear not.  A magnet high school in Florida will specialize kids looking to build their video game skills. Read it Here.



Dave Spence wins election!... to the National Association of Container Distributors Hall of Fame.  “The award is given to a leader in the container industry in recognition of outstanding contributions.  Spence was selected for his impact on the industry as the founder and former CEO of Alpha Packaging.”



Former Rep. Gina Walsh announced that she won the AFSCME endorsement in her Senate 13 bid.



On my drive the other day, I was informed – either right-wing Christian talk radio or just right-wing talk radio – that Mormons believe the Garden of Eden was in Missouri and that Jesus Christ will make his return at Independence Missouri.  Tourism impact from a Romney presidential campaign anyone?  Read Garden of Eden thing Here.



Missouri Association for Social Welfare holds its Annual Awards Dinner at the end of the month.  The Legislator award will be presented to Rep. Jill Schupp.  And the Lifetime Advocate award will be presented Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford.




Future of Non-Partisan Court Plan Battles

“The money guys (and they have plenty of it) want to be able to buy judges.  This, of course, is a two or three step process designed to (a) make money for well paid consultants for years, and (b) result in electing all judges when the proposed reform of the Non-Partisan Court Plan fails.”



Whose Equity?  Which Rationality?

“There are two major perspectives when it comes to equity that I think you should think about. These are basically, equity from the perspective of the student, and equity from the perspective of the taxpayer. In your piece, like the St. Louis Co. Senators, you’re clearly talking about the taxpayer perspective. But the formula is written to provide equity from the student’s perspective.


“The formula doesn’t care where the money comes from – just like a student doesn't – but does

care if $15,000 of local money is being spent on students in district x, and only $4,500 is being spent on students in district y. In that example, the state (the formula) is going to put more money into district y and little, if any, money into district x. Of course the local taxpayers in district x are pissed because their school is funded almost exclusively by local money and more state money is going to district y. The formula was written this way because the student-centric view of equity is demanded by the legal framework by which state funding schemes are judged. The word equity gets used interchangeably for two very different kinds of equity and any discussion of the issue needs to be aware of that distinction.”



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Polsinelli added Lockton Inc.

Gallagher and Associates added Computer & Communications Industry Association.



$5K+ Contributions

Civic Progress Action Committee - $7,400 from Nestle Purina PetCare Company.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $10,000 from Fredrick Palmer.




Happy birthdays to Nate Kennedy and Bob Levine (61).


Congratulations to Rep. Scott Sifton on the arrival of a new daughter.