Monday, December 12, 2011

Judges Redraw Senate Map

In an apparently unprecedented move, the appellate commission took a second whack at their senate map.  It was billed as an attempt to placate critics who charged that their division of some counties was unconstitutional.  However there were still similar problems in the new map.


And – if my conversations are any indication – the disgruntled legislators were not pacified by the gesture, but rather seized on the reversal as proof that the commission had failed at their task.


Minority Leader Mike Talboy’s statement hit on this sentiment: “The Appellate Apportionment Commission did the right thing by acknowledging its blatant constitutional violations in drawing new Missouri Senate districts and taking prompt corrective action. The commission now should take the next step by also revising its redistricting plan for the House of Representatives. Although the House plan doesn’t suffer from the same constitutional infirmities as the original

Senate plan, the commission ignored natural geographic boundaries and divided communities in ways that produced House districts that, on the whole, make little sense. Missourians should not be stuck for the next decade with district boundaries that undermine representative democracy, and the commission should develop a workable House redistricting plan while it still has time.”



The Changes

Lines shifted between Senate 21 and Senate 31 so that all of Johnson County is now in the new 21.  That’s a slight benefit to Sen. David Pearce as he embarks on a long introductory tour to meet his new constituents.  The kinder gift to Pearce is the removal of possible primary opponent, Rep. Mike McGhee, who was jettisoned to Senate 8.


Part of Lee’s Summit (and Sen. Will Kraus with it) was moved from Senate 8 to Senate 10.  Sen. Jolie Justus’s Senate 10 is still a solid Dem district, but Kraus will now have to move in order to reside in his current district.  And his base has been severed from Senate 8.  If 2010’s contest took place with this district, Bryan Pratt would have been the victor.  But Kraus has more time than say Pearce, to work the new lines.


Senate 17 (where Rep. Ryan Silvey is the presumed Republican nominee) dips farther into Kansas City, but I am told it only shaved about .5% off the Republican voting index.


And in the domino county effect, Senate 22 lost its new Reynolds County to Senate 33 which lost Ozark County to Senate 20 which traded its Greene County portion with Senate 28 for Dallas County.

Political consultant James Harris – a longtime agitator for systemic judiciary changes in Missouri – released a statement that read in part: “Incompetent is the word that comes to mind when thinking of the Appellate Apportionment Commission’s actions.”


That prompted snark from others, saying that Harris is something of an expert on the subject of incompetence after wasting over a million dollars and failing to get the adequate number of signatures for his judicial referendum.



More Map Bits

In new House 129, Rep. Sandy Crawford will have a primary challenge from former state representative Randy Angst.  He’s from Lebanon, at the eastern edge of the new district.


And Rep. Sheila Solon will get a primary opponent as well, Blue Springs City Council member Chris Lievsay says he’ll run in House 31.  Read it Here.


John Sellars will run for Republicans in the new House 134 (akin to the old House 138) where Democratic Rep. Sara Lampe is termed.  This is one which probably slides to the R column.


And one pol says that Steve Hobbs – who two years stepped aside for Rep. Brian Munzlinger to run for Senate 18 – might feel like he has dibs on the new Senate 7, complicating Rep. Jeanie Riddle’s plans at the seat.


It looks as if there may be battle of incumbents in House 87 between Reps. Susan Carlson and Stacey Newman.  Newman sent an email blast on Friday… “I will be running for re-election in 2012 in my district which has been configured as district #87.  The newly drawn district includes all of Clayton and the northern part of Richmond Heights - the majority of my current seat which I have represented since first elected in 2009…”


Another source though says that Newman’s longer term plan is to seek the Senate 14 (Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal) seat in 2014.


With Rep. Denny Hoskins moving to House 54, Dean Dohrman is stepping up to run as the Republican in House 51.  Dohrman is the Pettis County assessor right now.  That new House 51 is a Democratic district, so that’s an uphill race for Dohrman.


As for wishful thinking on the part of Rep. Ward Franz’ supporters, I’m told definitively that businessman Doug Libla is “nailed” down in the new 33rd. He will not move. A primary base in

Butler County; an endless supply of cash; and an easy general. Why would he?


Washington Missourian editor Bill Miller tweets that “Rep. Scott Dieckhaus of Washington announced late Friday that he will not be a candidate for reelection in 2012.”


By vacating the new House 61, Dieckhaus has aided a workout between incumbent Reps. Dave Hinson and Dave Schatz.  Hinson will stay in House 119, and Schatz will move to House 61.



Non-Map Bits

Sen. Joe Keaveny has joined Weiss and Associates.  See the Website Here.


Emily Wright, former legislative assistant to Rep. Mark Parkinson has joined Stinson Morrison Hecker as governmental specialist.  She joins Chuck Hatfield, Mike Gibbons, and Tricia Workman on Stinson’s JC lobbying team.



Lobbyists’ Principal Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Gary Burton, Andy Foley, Chris Liese added Stand Up Missouri.

Thomas J Campbell added IOC-Cape Girardeau LLC, IOC-Caruthersville LLC, and The Paradies Shops, and deleted IOC-St. Louis County.

Sammy Panettiere added Independent Colleges and Universities of Missouri, Missouri Workforce Housing Association, American Traffic Solutions Inc, Gamble & Schlemeier, LKQ Corporation, Missouri Railroad Association, and Missouri Beverage Association.

Keith Thornburg added Missouri Bankers Association, and deleted MODOT and Patrol Employees’ Retirement System.

Jared Paul Vessell added Vessell Investments LLC.

Jason Zamkus added Missouri Department of Economic Development.

LeRoy Grant, Jr. deleted Pinnacle Entertainment.

Kathryn Ann Harness added Missouri Amusement Machine Operators Association, and deleted Humana Inc., and Harness & Associates LLC.

Khristine Heisinger deleted Nextera Energy Resources LLC, Wind Capital Group LLC, and RCGA.

Steve Jackson deleted Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri, and St. James Winery.

Ronald J Leone deleted American Cleaners & Laundry Companying, and Downtown Columbia Community Improvement District.

Paul LeVota deleted Midwest Mediation and Consulting.

Jim Moody and Chris Moody deleted American Society for the Prevention of the Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Scott Penman, David Winston, and Anne Clouse deleted Missouri Impact.

Tricia Workman deleted Associated Industries of Missouri.

Michael A Dallmeyer added TIAA-CREF.

Brian Treece added Kick International.

J Marty Robinson deleted Missouri State Public Defenders System.



$5K+ Contributions

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $15,000 from Skilled Healthcare LLC.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $7,500 from International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Political Action Together Legislative Educational.

Doug Libla - $25,000 from Rex Sinquefield.

Spence for Governor - $10,000 from Kevin Maher.

MO Democratic State Committee - $5,800 from Missouri House Democratic Campaign Committee.

Jefferson City Transformation Campaign - $15,000 from Civic Progress.

Citizens for Porter - $20,000 from Craig Porter.

Callahan for Missouri - $10,000 from Noranda Aluminum Inc.

Jay Nixon for Missouri - $5,250 from AMECPAC.

Kander for Missouri - $10,000 from Kenneth McClain.

Your Vote Counts - $38,381 from The Humane Society of the United States.




Rep. Noel Torpey hits the big 4-0.