Monday, May 21, 2012

Talboy to Exit House

Minority leader Mike Talboy has begun to tell colleagues that he will be departing the minority caucus next year, according to multiple sources.  Look for him to drop from the House 24 race soon.  The file deadline for withdrawals is Tuesday.  It’s said that Talboy will serve out his term, and will be taking a government relations job in January.


Judy Morgan is the presumed favorite to take Talboy’s seat, as she won a special election last year and then was drawn into Talboy’s district.


But of greater interest is: who will take over for Talboy as minority leader?


Who’s Next

With Talboy going mobile, the jockeying to succeed him can now begin.  The early favorite appears to be Rep. Jake Hummel.  This is based on the theory that he would be able to win a substantial number of St. Louis votes, and – with the help of allies Reps. John Rizzo and Talboy – a fair number of Kansas City reps as well.


In these days of a dwindle Dem caucus, those two geographic areas comprise the lion’s share of votes. But – Hummel is pro-life.  That’s a big issue with a lot of Dems and it might give other interested parties an opening.


Who else?  One assumes that Rep. Jill Schupp would look at it, having floated herself against Talboy a while back.  There are 24 women in the Dem caucus right now.  (Obviously some will not be back, and some new women will win election.)  They are a substantial part of the caucus and if Schupp can capitalize on that she could be a formidable challenger.


Another name mentioned is Rep. Mike Colona.  Of course if you put three St. Louis names in the mix, it would seem to invite a Democrat from somewhere else to, at the very least, step in with a bloc of votes and become king(or queen)-maker.


That could potentially be the Black Caucus.


Lastly – to make sure the intrigue is thick enough – don’t forget that there may be legislators with previous experience who get elected in November and then quickly put their name forward.  Jeff Roorda and Ken Jacob come to mind as potential future legislators with resumes to make the case for a leadership position.


Okay, let’s all go gossip and meet back here tomorrow morning….



Rumorville: Koster to Pitch for Nasheed

One source thinks that Attorney General Chris Koster will likely weigh in on behalf of Rep. Jamilah Nasheed in her appeal to remain on the ballot in Senate 5.


According to this individual, Koster feels that the judge misunderstood the constitutional provision, and since it could have a wider impact, it’s important that his office advance their opinion.




Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 is expanding its north St. Louis County headquarters to include two new buildings comprised of 97,000 square feet of training and classroom space.  HBD Construction announced today that it’s been chosen to build the new $12 million training facility campus.



In Senate 7, Crystal Williams announced the endorsement of Jackson County legislator Scott Burnett.



Scott Rupp launches new website.  See it Here.



MO Budget Project sees withholds: “The budget that passed did not include any reserve funds or funding for supplemental budget bills.  As a result, mid-year budget cuts of more than $100 million are virtually guaranteed.”



Lobbyists’ Principals Changes

From the Pelopidas website:


Mary Schantz deleted KC Regional Home Care Assn.

Jane Dueker and Mike Gibbons deleted Patients First Health Care LLC and Patients First Community Hospital.



$5K+ Contributions

Missouri Club for Growth Political Action Committee - $500,005 from Rex Sinqufield.

Pearce for Senate - $5,500 from Dempsey for Senate.

Clean Water STL - $15,000 from Drury Development Corporation.

Schoemehl for State Senate - $10,000 from Thomas P. and Ruby H. O’Discoll Revocable Living Turst.

Putting Kids First in Boone County - $15,000 from Great Circle.

Fred Sauer Governor - $100,000 from Fred Sauer.

Schoeller for Missouri - $25,000 from Ethelmae Humphreys.

MO Senate Democratic Campaign Committee - $6,000 from U-Gas Inc.

Romine for Senate - $5,500 from Dempsey for Senate.



Contribution Exegesis

In the list above, lots of interesting tidbits:


Rex Sinquefield reloads one of his vehicles – the Missouri Club for Growth.  This most likely foreshadows MOCFG announcing endorsements with some cash awards to follow.  The amount – $500,005 – though almost seems like piece of satire; why the extra $5 again?



Republican Fred Sauer dumps $100K into his long-shot gubernatorial bid.  It probably won’t matter too much against the millions that Spence is investing, but it shows not every Republican is sold on their presumed nominee yet.



Humphreys money for Rep. Shane Schoeller in the secretary of state’s race.  $25K is about as large a check as we’ve seen in that race, but unless it’s followed with more money (see #1?) there’s no indication Schoeller – or the other Republican candidates – will be able to make it to the “break-out” point of $300-400 K for TV commercials in the final two weeks.



Pro tem-in-waiting Tom Dempsey gives some checks to Republicans in Senate primaries.  Sen. David Pearce is an incumbent colleague, but Gary Romine isn’t.  Romine’s challenger is tea party material which would make a general election victory impossible in that district.  But this all signifies that the Senate Republican’s campaign committee is not playing in primaries having been burned by doing so in the past.  Thus Dempsey’s taking the charge on himself.




Happy birthdays to Gidden Group’s Jessica Land (27) and MO McCullough.